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#869 · 1d
John: I don’t overthink things.
Miklos: No? You under think?
John: No, I just think.
#861 · Jan 19
Miklos: Do you think if we were listening to something like Joel Plaskett, we'd be driving differently?
John: Yeah
Miklos: So you're saying the type of music we listen to influences our driving? [Listening to dance music]
John: Definitely, given that you're doing 100 in a whiteout.
#859 · Nov 10, 2023
[Taking money out of an ATM]
John: Ooh! It's warm!
Miklos: Hmmm.. I wonder why it's warm. It's not like it was just made. *smiles* A bit concerning, isn't it?
Miklos: Feels good though!
John: Feeling good makes you concerned?
#857 · Oct 30, 2023
[driving around downtown]
Miklos: ok we still have a few minutes to kill before I have to drop you off at school. Wanna do donuts in the No Frills parking lot?
John: you can't do donuts in a front wheel drive car
Miklos: I'll find a way
John: let's not
[a few minutes later]
Miklos: Okay, I'll just turn around up there and we'll head to school
John: turn around where?
Miklos: I'll turn around a few times... up there in the No Frills parking lot.
John: dad...
#854 · Sep 23, 2023
John: [mimicking the compass] North, East, South, West.. Never Eat Soggy Waffles.
Miklos: [at the same time as John saying "soggy waffles"] Shredded Wheat...
John: What? What is shredded wheat?
Miklos: A cereal brand from the old days. Not as popular now I suppose.
John: Who'd name a cereal "shredded wheat"?
#853 · Jul 22, 2023
Miklos: John, can you turn the light off?
John: Sorry, my answers are limited. You have to ask the right question.
#849 · Jul 13, 2023
Charlotte: It's "National French Fry Day".
Miklos: How come they get a day? And it's Thursday...
Charlotte: Wait, what did you think I said?
#848 · Jul 10, 2023
[finding him huddled into a tree]
Miklos: Whatcha doin'?
John: Surviving on two bars of internet.
#843 · Jun 11, 2023
Miklos: I need to fix the horn. My anger has no voice.
#821 · Nov 18, 2022
Miklos: Brett and Curtis play this game called Civilization
John: I think everyone plays that
#820 · Nov 18, 2022
Miklos: [about a notification] It's just your grandma liking something on Instagram
John: Which grandma?
Miklos: Grand Mamó
John: Grandma Moe?!
#808 · Sep 20, 2022
Nikki: They mowed the ditch [across the street]. Poor butterflies and bees. I hope they were done doing whatever they were doing.
Miklos: Like, living?
#802 · Aug 24, 2022
John: You know what I call the outhouse in my head?
Miklos: What?
John: The s-h-badword shop.
Miklos: Ok but do you say s-h-badword in your head or do you actually say the bad word?
John: I say the bad word because who's going to stop me?
#801 · Aug 23, 2022
John: Hey dad, would you rather eat your own boogers for a week, or someone else’s for a day?
Miki: Umm, neither.
Pircsi: You have to pick one, it’s a would you rather question.
Miki: Ok, then my own for a week.
John: Good. Me too because that’s what I do.
#796 · Aug 5, 2022
Miklos: [going through a Python training course] "In this module here you will learn how to build a tic tac toe game to play with the computer. So it's pretty much an AI type game, a basic one. But I bet you cannot win in that one."
Brett: Sigh
Miklos: what a statement... am I not coding this?
Miklos: I can clearly code it to lose.
Brett: Nope
Brett: It's Python
Brett: You don't code anything
Miklos: oh
Brett: You keep importing until a result is achieved
#788 · Jul 1, 2022
Miklos: He had grey hair already back then??
Nikki: We all get old, Miki. Just because you're never gonna go grey doesn't mean you're not already bald.
#783 · May 23, 2022
Miklos: When I was little [in Hungary] our neighbour came over and I offered her some of my cream of wheat, but then she slowly kept eating it until she finished it all.
John: [patting Miklos' shoulder] That's OK dad, you have bigger problems now.
#779 · Mar 27, 2022
Miklos: [as he walked up behind John] Sorry, did I scare you?
John: Yeah, you walked up to me really loud. I was like "oh god, what's _he_ got?"
#777 · Mar 16, 2022
John: [moving closer to Miklos] I want to watch you do Wordle.
Miklos: Why?
John: Because it's satisfying to watch you lose.
#776 · Feb 27, 2022
Miklos: I use big words at work sometimes.
John: Why?
Miklos: I like to think it makes me sound smarter.
John: Well I am just flabbergasted.
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