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#435 · May 4, 2012
Matt: he's great because he can think out of the box
Miklos: into the search box
#421 · Sep 9, 2011
Miklos: If you told me 10 years ago that we will have a 500GB hard drive, I wouldn't have believed you.
Matt: Imagine a 500TB hard drive?
Miklos: Give it 10 years! 500TB hard drive for $79..
#373 · Aug 17, 2010
Miklos: Pledge me for the MS Bike Tour!
Matt: Gimme 20 bucks and I will...
Miklos: How much will you pledge me then?
Matt: $10
#357 · Jun 14, 2010
[talking about UFC 115]
Matt: That guy should've finished off Crocop in the first round. It looked like he wanted to keep going with him though.
Miklos: Yeah.. and then they hug in the middle of the round..
Matt: I don't know what kind of mind frame you'd have to be in to be able to do that.. You'd have to be a psycho.
Miklos: Or fight enough times that it really becomes like a job.. Sort of like me and you coding.. And now we're talking.. then back to coding.
Matt: .....yeah. EXACTLY like that...
Miklos: Haha, less blood though...
Matt: So far, less blood...

[Miklos gets random nose bleed 5 minutes later]
#346 · May 6, 2010
Matt: Ah good old afternoon coffee..
Miklos: Yeah... nothing beats it.. well, maybe not being at work would.
Matt: Morning coffee beats it...
Miklos: Hah.. yeah, I guess most things would, really..
Matt: Yeah.. it's not that great.
#334 · Mar 2, 2010
Miklos: Then in the elevator, it was me, Carolyn from accounting, Bonnie, me... Costy, and me. No wait, Costy wasn't there.
Nikki: Well I'm glad you were there to retell the story...
#305 · Oct 19, 2009
Miklos: I like this fridge...
Miklos: Hrm... or I could just buy some paint...
Matt: And put ice in it? That's gonna work good...
Miklos: ...and paint my old fridge!
(can't pause for more than a second with Matt)
#284 · Jul 17, 2009
Tom: Jim, I need to see you [standing right beside him, meaning he has to talk to him about something]
Matt: Well here he is.
Miklos: Yeah, there you go, you saw him...
Jim: I guess you can cross that off your list.
#229 · Dec 11, 2008
matt: you know how our company gives us a $100 christmas bonus?
matt: well, I give my employees a $300 gift certificate to a restaurant
miklos: but you only have 2 employees
matt: yeeaaahhh
miklos: and one of them is your wife
matt: yeeeaaahhh
matt: we get to go to The Keg
#197 · Jun 13, 2008
Miklos: I don't feel like a pita. Does Pita Pit make salads?
Matt: Yeah, they put it in this thing called a pita. And then you eat it.
#196 · Jun 12, 2008
Error: Error Executing Database Query. [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]CREATE TABLE permission denied in database 'Automation'.
Scott: Matt, this might be one of those security errors you showed me regarding specific databases or tables. What do you think?
#187 · Apr 17, 2008
miklos: I don't think my mp3 player has a random function.
matt: yes it does. what mp3 player doesn't have it?
miklos: I don't know. you find it then.
[messing with the mp3 player, sarcastically]:
matt: yeah... you're right, there's no random... this stupid thing called it a _shuffle_.
#173 · Jan 28, 2008
Miklos: Man, I played violin with old people all weekend long.
Matt: Umm.. that's great.. heh
Matt: What do you say to that really?
#164 · Nov 28, 2007
Miklos: I'm going to make it a point to travel to a different country every year starting next year. Maybe I'll start with Africa.
[Fully aware that miklos needs paperwork in order to get into USA, sarcastically]:
Matt: Why don't you start with the States?
#153 · Nov 8, 2007
[In the elevator, Matt standing in one corner, Miklos in the other. Gord gets in on the 3rd floor]
Gord: Ok, who's driving?
Miklos (without hesitation): I AM!
[Matt, closer to the buttons, quietly presses it to close the door]
Miklos: Oh, I guess he took over...
#128 · Sep 17, 2007
Matt: Are you even looking for a job?
Alex: I have job. It's called being lazy. Doesn't pay well, but the benefits are great.
#118 · Sep 13, 2007
(Side note: accounting printer, water cooler and entrance to washrooms are all within about 5 feet of each other.)
Miklos: Check out what I found by the accounting printer
Matt: A pen?
Miklos: Yeah, it's nice.. Try it..
Matt: I don't want to.
Some time passes, I'd say about 10-15 minutes... Matt goes to the washroom, and after coming back:
Matt: Where did you find that pen?
Miklos: By the accounting printer.. why?
Matt: What were you doing there?
Miklos: I don't know.. oh! Refilling my water bottle. .. Hrm.. where IS my water bottle?
(Matt laughing)
Miklos: Shit! I left it there. Man, I didn't even use the washroom.
Matt: So you just went to get bottle refilled, got distracted by something shiny, put the bottle down on the cooler, forgot about it and came back?
Miklos: Yeah and I guess I just kept working...
#42 · Jul 30, 2007
Miklos: I helped Dave get his boat license... Do you want yours? I'm in the mood to give.
Matt: Alright, get out your credit card, let's do it, if you're really in the mood to give.
Miklos: Umm... Not that much.
Matt: So when you said you're in the mood to give you meant...
Miklos: Take.
#8 · Mar 31, 2007
Miklos: I blogged a little girl.
Matt: What does that MEAN!?!