#430 · Mar 20, 2012
[peter tells me he will be taking upper-intermediate english lessons]
miklos: soon you'll speak better english than a canadian-born person
peter: i'll be your next president
miklos: we have a prime minister, but even that's too much
miklos: but I wouldn't let you be either
peter: ok, i wouldn't wanna be anyway.. i wouldn't want to argue with the eskimos over how many polar bears they can eat per year
#307 · Oct 22, 2009
Miklos: it's just like Holden Caulfield.
Nikki: ... wait, Holden Caulfield? from Catcher in the Rye? How??
Miklos: you know, how they tried to keep kids from growing up to be adults because adulthood was bad and evil and so they grew up thinking life was a fairy tale
Nikki: that was Peter Pan
Miklos: wow, well then my English teacher was way off the mark
Nikki: I'd say so... unless she was really reaching for a metaphor there, but Holden Caulfield??
[moments later]
Nikki: I still don't get how your ex is like Peter Pan
#223 · Nov 18, 2008
Peter: Miki... I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but...
Peter: This guy said that he was all done with this project...
Peter: I've been looking at it for about 15 minutes, and I've already found 2 mistakes
Peter: and all I've done was some clicking
miklos: :)
miklos: fire him
Peter: done
miklos: haha
Peter: pretty soon it will be "fire at him" if I keep finding mistakes...
#214 · Oct 9, 2008
Peter: I had to go over to talk to someone and I forgot my coffee on his desk
Peter: So I went back to get it but by that time he'd already drank it!
Peter: I don't believe it...
Peter: "hmmm coffee... but I don't even drink coffee... oh well it doesn't matter, I'll drink it since it's already here..."
#202 · Jul 12, 2008
Peter: I was thinking today...
Peter: when you talk to me, your thoughts are in english, and then you translate them to hungarian
Peter: When I talk to you in english, my thoughts are in hungarian and I translate them to english
Peter: So I think it's best if you speak to me in english, and I respond in hungarian
Miklos: but my thoughts are in hungarian when I'm talking to you...
Miklos: otherwise that's not a bad idea
Peter: or the other option is that we say everything in hungarian, and then in english too
Peter: mert (because) igy mind a kettonknek (both of us) meg is kell erteni amit a masik mond (have to understand the other)
#195 · Jun 12, 2008
Peter: http://www.autoblog.com/2008/06/10/bmw-gina-light-visionary-model-revealed/
Peter: did you send me this link?
Miklos: yes
Peter: it's like something is moving under its skin
Peter: I don't think it looks good
Miklos: no
Miklos: and yes it moves
Miklos: the headrests...
Miklos: watch the video
Peter: I did
Peter: it opens its eyes
Peter: what's it made of?
Peter: "swim caps"!
Peter: Vorlons in Babylon 5 had a spaceship that was somewhat organic
Peter: this is like that
Peter: eventually cars will fully come to life, like they won't open their eyes all the way if they're tired...
Peter: they'll stretch when they wake up in the morning
Peter: then jump over the fence
Peter: and chase after cats on the street
#179 · Mar 7, 2008
Peter: I don't know how to do it, but I'll figure it out.
Peter: Programming is sort of like magic.
Peter: You always get that "I want to know [how to do] that trick" feeling...
#165 · Nov 28, 2007
Peter: I bought a newspaper this morning
Peter: I wanted to read something while I was on the bus
Peter: And there was an article in there about some Chinese explorer
Peter: there were some Chines ones too, just not as famous as for example Columbus or Magellan...
Peter: the one that is featured in the article is called Zeng He
Peter: http://www.semarang.nl/chinees-jpg/boot.gif
Peter: this photo is interesting
Peter: the black ship is Colombus' ship
Peter: the white one is the Chinese
Peter: 80 years before Colombus, he sailed around India and surroundings, all the way to Africa
Peter: http://www.semarang.nl/chinees-jpg/map-chengho.gif
Miklos: hmm
Miklos: it would've been awesome living in those days
Miklos: discovering all sorts of shit...
Peter: you can't even go 3 days without photoshop...
#136 · Oct 1, 2007
miklos: teletubbies
Peter: that's good
Peter: bbc's best program
miklos: "agaaaaiiiinnnn"
Peter: hm?
miklos: isn't that what they always say?
Peter: i don't know
miklos: doesn't matter
Peter: i've only seen it once
Peter: when a vacuum cleaner chased one of them around
Peter: and for me that was enough to not want to watch it anymore...
#113 · Sep 10, 2007
Peter: And you know what I'm going to make with your flash?
Miklos: Pictures?
Peter: A career.
#102 · Aug 10, 2007
Peter: A not so tiny spider, climbed up my table's leg
Peter: Then came me, and smashed the spider's head
Peter: The spider screamed, but I don't really care,
Peter: It's my room, so it shouldn't be there
#24 · Jul 24, 2007
Peter: You know what I'm waiting for? An Apple digital camera.
Peter: Where you can choose exactly what kind of picture you want ahead of time, and from a selection of pre-made photographs, it will copy it to your "Pictures you took Today" folder.
Peter: It won't have any lenses.
Peter: Just a giant dial.
Peter: And the entire back of the camera will be a 3-4-5" LCD.
Peter: Maybe it'll be a snow white camera, with just one giant transparent button that takes up the entire top of the camera.
Peter: And you can only copy your photos to your computer using iPhoto, and of course, in its own format, which Photoshop probably won't understand.
Peter: It'll have a 1TB built in Hard Drive.
Peter: Oh yeah, there will probably be a shuffle-size version. No LCD, just one button, a little lens and a USB connection.
Peter: Brave New iWorld.