#24 · Jul 24, 2007
Peter: You know what I'm waiting for? An Apple digital camera.
Peter: Where you can choose exactly what kind of picture you want ahead of time, and from a selection of pre-made photographs, it will copy it to your "Pictures you took Today" folder.
Peter: It won't have any lenses.
Peter: Just a giant dial.
Peter: And the entire back of the camera will be a 3-4-5" LCD.
Peter: Maybe it'll be a snow white camera, with just one giant transparent button that takes up the entire top of the camera.
Peter: And you can only copy your photos to your computer using iPhoto, and of course, in its own format, which Photoshop probably won't understand.
Peter: It'll have a 1TB built in Hard Drive.
Peter: Oh yeah, there will probably be a shuffle-size version. No LCD, just one button, a little lens and a USB connection.
Peter: Brave New iWorld.