#206 · Aug 20, 2008
miklos: i think i'm sick of the web
Orbit1: the web jumped the shark 3 yrs ago
miklos: osenoa is 3 years old on aug 30th
Orbit1: well, i'll just start calling you fonzie
#168 · Dec 10, 2007
Orbit1: dude that's how i think organic organisms *evolve*
Orbit1: eventually we all become machines
Orbit1: we're witnessing the early stages of that now
Orbit1: it will take thousands of years
Orbit1: and then we will manifest ourselves into a type of AI and evolve from there
Orbit1: populate the universe with machinery
Orbit1: we already immerse ourselves into electronica (text messaging, games etc)
Orbit1: eventually we'll upload ourselves into a network
Orbit1: our minds
Orbit1: silicon and carbon baby
Orbit1: there's actually a paradox there
Orbit1: if you upload your *mind* into a computer... who's the real you?
Orbit1: does that create another self aware cloned being of you?
#151 · Nov 5, 2007
Orbit1: i can see you're striving to make sense
#146 · Oct 25, 2007
Orbit1: it's like conspiracy shit man
Orbit1: i can't get enough... it's more entertaining than anything else on the web
Orbit1: some of it is very thought provoking and that's the most entertaining... but a lot is just crazy stuff... at the root of most of it are money making schemes
Orbit1: books, conferences, web sites with ads, guest speaking etc
Orbit1: it's like professional wrestling except more people think it's real
#130 · Sep 18, 2007
Orbit1: if you'd apply yourself you'd probably have vast deep knowledge of some important topic like say... physics OR you might speak like 12 languages
Orbit1: but instead you know how to build gimmicky web junk
Orbit1: i applaud you sir
Orbit1: /golfclap
miklos: up yours
#106 · Aug 23, 2007
miklos: what about all the permalinks out there that linked to orbit dailyphotos?
Orbit1: they won't work
Orbit1: thankfully
miklos: haha
Orbit1: yeah i got some emails recently asking me where they could find a bunch of stupid crap
miklos: are you mad at the world?
Orbit1: 'i was told to come to this site for blah blah blah, do you know how i can reach this info blah blah?'
Orbit1: no just foreign weirdos that are trying to find out how to make long exposures or homemade lenses
Orbit1: dude i used to have like 5-10 stupid emails a day asking me questions i've already answered to people
Orbit1: i have a [shitty point and shoot camera], when i go out and take pictures at night they're all grainy and don't turn out how do you keep your shutter open so long
Orbit1: my camera only goes to 30 seconds
Orbit1: how do you create those film borders in photoshop can you send me the action?
Orbit1: how do you make your grain look so real in photoshop?
Orbit1: i tried to use the grain filter but it doesn't look the same
Orbit1: what scanner do you use
Orbit1: how are you scanning your borders with the film
Orbit1: what tripod do you recommend
miklos: so you got annoyed with the world :)
Orbit1: i have an old [insert old 70s 35mm slr here] and i'd like to shoot film, what film is the best?
miklos: i asked you all those questions!
Orbit1: LOL
miklos: except the photoshop action to get film borders
miklos: can you send me them?
Orbit1: you wouldn't believe how many people think i add those in photoshop... i get emails about that a lot
Orbit1: people are stupid
Orbit1: i don't even respond