#168 · Dec 10, 2007
Orbit1: greedy dumbfucks
Orbit1: dude that's how i think organic organisms *evolve*
Orbit1: eventually we all become machines
Orbit1: we're witnessing the early stages of that now
Orbit1: it will take thousands of years
Orbit1: and then we will manifest ourselves into a type of AI and evolve from there
Orbit1: populate the universe with machinery
Orbit1: we already immerse ourselves into electronica (text messaging, games etc)
Orbit1: eventually we'll upload ourselves into a network
Orbit1: our minds
Orbit1: silicon and carbon baby
Orbit1: there's actually a paradox there
Orbit1: if you upload your *mind* into a computer... who's the real you?
Orbit1: does that create another self aware cloned being of you?