#580 · Aug 14, 2015
Brian: What's the date today? 13?
Alex: Thursday the 13th.
Brian: So tomorrow's Friday the 13th.
Alex: umm...
#572 · Jun 9, 2015
Brian: He does nothing on the computer apart from the few things he does
#546 · Nov 4, 2014
Brian: Well, I might as well make use of my steel toes and shitty clothes (As he walks towards the bathroom)
#541 · Oct 6, 2014
Brian: I'm not a big history buff so I don't know much beyond the basics of what I know
#511 · Apr 3, 2014
Brian: He's very cheap it seems.. BUT he's not afraid to spend money it seems
#472 · Jul 9, 2013
Brian: I've never had a stapler that works for more than 6 months! I know I've had this one for over 2 years but still!
#431 · Apr 11, 2012
Brian: The reason for my phone call today is I was wondering if I can discuss something with you for about a minute or two, if you can spare 5 minutes.
#429 · Feb 8, 2012
Alex: so, selling your sled for 4 grand, did you turn a profit on it?
Brian: well its tough to say, I would have to bring my folder to double check, but I'd imagine it would be a yes or no.
#417 · Aug 31, 2011
Alex: I got a huge problem (staying terribly calm)
Brian: What's up?
Alex: Umm. I got a nail clipping in my eye.
Brian: What?
Alex: Yeah.. Dude OUCH! It hurts.
Brian: Lemme See!!!! (Excited but ironic) HOLY SHIT!!!
Alex: yeah.. umm get it!
Brian: Okay. ahh.. there you go.
Alex: Ugh!! (Sigh) Much better. Man That sucked! Look how big it was!
Brian: Yeah... EW!!
#403 · Apr 21, 2011
Brian: I'm not concerned about money... I'm just concerned about not being able to pay for it when the time comes
#399 · Mar 11, 2011
Alex: Brian, you wanna go to Japan today?
Brian: Sure
Alex: We can just ride the waves!
Brian: hahah you're bad
Alex: Too soon?
Brian: You're probably going to hell for that!
Alex: Too Soon-ami?
#390 · Dec 20, 2010
Brian: It's almost like you have to watch that one with caps lock on.
Alex: You mean closed captioning?
#389 · Dec 20, 2010
Brian: (repeating a few times) You are the weakest link... goodbye
Brian: what was the name of that show anyway?
Alex: The Weakest Link
#374 · Sep 8, 2010
Alex: I was at marshville demonstrating shingle making over the weekend.
Brian: Oh yeah how did it go? Was it Pop-Lar?
Alex: Yes actually, Every Shingle Time!
#358 · Jun 18, 2010
[While Setting up a label format for a retail chain logo printed on scales]
Brian: Hey Bill. I'm sending you 4 different scaled versions. 1 to 4 is from largest to smallest. If you need any smaller, just let me know. Photoshop does wonders working with bitmaps. Thanks, Brian.
Developer: Hey Brian. try to get to 160 W x 116 H pixels - or close to it . I do mine in paint. Thanks, Bill.

#349 · May 24, 2010
Brian: We're here to work on tills
Boss: On tills what?
Alex: un-tillz we get them done!
#347 · May 19, 2010
Eric: how do you protect wireless though
Eric: 'snip' the antenna off
#343 · Apr 7, 2010
Brian: you ever program in SSH?
#319 · Dec 1, 2009
Brian: cool. so your down. p.s. dont say anything to eric!
Curtis: dont tell him about his surprise party? you're kidding!
Brian: wtf?
Brian: you didn't say anything did you?
Curtis: obviously not
Brian: good.
#314 · Nov 2, 2009
Brian: hey.. would you know..
Brian: if it's possible
Brian: to create a simple as can be webpage that lists all .avi's and .mp4's etc.. (anything i want to list) in a webpage and have that sit on the background of any pc. so all you have to do is double click and it launches the avi or mp4.. now it's gotta be able to refresh in case i add some movies....
Alex: why would you want a webapp for it?
Alex: why not just create a folder on the desktop with a bunch of shortcuts?
Brian: cause that's too much work. lol
Alex: and you think this wouldn't be?
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