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#560 2/05/15
[While talking about the Saved By The Bell reunion on The Tonight Show]
Alex: Of course they couldn't get Screech in there because he's in jail
Alex: Oh wait, apparently he's bailed out
Curtis: Saved by the bail
#500 3/18/14
Jessica: I had a nightmare.
Alex: :(
Jessica: I was preparing Bruce Willis for his funeral and he came back to life. And that's creepy no matter how much he obviously wasn't dead in the first place.
Alex: I guess he didn't die hard enough.
#466 5/15/13
(When the opening band walked on stage during a concert)
Curtis: What's this band called?
Lyndsey: The Virgins
(Alex notices the band's appearance)
Alex: Yep, story checks out!
#127 9/17/07
Miklos: AFTER washing dishes!
Alex: who's to say that's not already done?
Miklos: me
Alex: damn you good
#473 7/12/13
Alex: They're building a NASCAR racetrack in fort Erie.
Curtis: To replace the horse racetrack?
Alex: Yeah I guess that's the only place it could go. Well there's a lot of open land there too. I guess they could put it anywhere really.
#477 7/31/13
Alex: I almost googled "making money while being at work"
Alex: Cuz I figured - well if I'm just sitting here, I might as well think of a way to make money
#580 8/14/15
Brian: What's the date today? 13?
Alex: Thursday the 13th.
Brian: So tomorrow's Friday the 13th.
Alex: umm...
#371 7/30/10
Stacey: Thanks for making me laugh, its cheering me up a bit. Got any good jokes?
Alex: I dont need jokes to generate laughter! I'm just like a laughter vending machine. Just pop in a quarter!
Stacey: In that case here's 4 quarters, whatcha got?
Alex: A dollar!
#644 4/26/18
Alex: Everyone seems to be driving like an idiot today and it's just torture.
Jessica: To be fair, the speed limit is 40 here.
Alex: I don't care about speed limits. I care about MY limits.
#301 10/01/09
alex: so tell me if this ever happened to you..
alex: i had to piss.. and it's sometimes natural to fart during a piss, but this time i felt like it was gonna be shit.. so i was in a dillema.. i had to keep the piss going so it can finish but the pushing also was causing the shit to come out.. so i had to pinch to stop the pee.. turn around and sit down and do both at the same time.
miklos: nope.
#209 9/22/08
Alex: I would say it would be more like a "Navy Green" if that existed.
Miklos: They call that "Forest Green"...
Alex: La-de-da Crayola...
#247 2/16/09
[on the way to the autoshow]
miklos: so where is this thing anyway?
alex: rogers centre?
miklos: umm i need a more definite answer than that
alex: rogers centre.
#474 7/12/13
Bob: Who is this Courtney girl you speak of?
Alex: Oh someone we make fun of
Bob: Why do you make fun of her?
Alex: You should start
#508 3/29/14
Alex: A straw just went up my throat.
Pearl: I think things go down your throat, not up.
Alex: Shut up, Pearl! I just deep throated a straw!
#363 7/08/10
Ryan: My milkshake brings all the honey's to the yard
Cynthia: I don't know about honeys, but I heard a whole lot of boys were heading down...
Alex: Worker bees generally bring honey to my yard.
Ryan: well my milkshake took over shop!
Alex: Your milkshake sounds like another wal-mart screwing over local businesses!
#396 2/08/11
Mom: Alex, you're a pig!
Alex: What does that make you then?
Mom: .... Pig momma?
#181 3/13/08
alex: i was entering a test record into a database and came up with the best postal code.. checked to see if it actually is a real location but came inconclusive.
alex: L0L 0M6
miklos: not original
miklos: http://www.firehall.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13621
miklos: that is [seemingly] the only other reference of that postal code on the web
miklos: so you're still safe.
miklos: you should get in touch with that person and share your creative knowledge
#253 3/09/09
[talking about Maximum Overdrive (a 1986 Stephen King movie)]
alex: i can't believe the woman worked the title of the movie in at the oddest time
miklos: what a horrible movie
alex: "i was hicthin my way to hollywood, I was on my way to becoming a star.. that is until all the machines in the world went into Maximum Overdrive"
miklos: hahah
miklos: that's exactly what i would've said too
#297 9/14/09
Alex: curteye am so bored
Curtis: I'll be playing call of duty later if you want to join
Alex: deal
Curtis: alright. just know that we'll be doing this after I eat so I'll likely get a call of duty while playing call of duty
#432 4/20/12
miklos: lose all the way
alex: I believe the term is "epic fail"
miklos: lose all the way! it's the only logical opposite of win all the way
alex: you mean epic win?
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