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#199 7/04/08
<baxo> asterisks are not a pattern, they're an inner monologue
<curteye> asterisks represent an action, and since i used an action rather than monologue due to inability to generate an actual accusation, all you have to do is respond in the same fashion of inserting
<baxo> *jesus*
<curteye> wtf, that just threw everything out of whack
<baxo> that's how it goes in my world
<curteye> im usually accustomed to your world
<curteye> so i was just thrown for a loop when u randomly inserted jesus
<baxo> yeah god fucked things up too when he randomly inserted Jesus
<baxo> cuz now people are thinking "how the fuck can a virgin get pregnant? she had to have been a slut"
#131 9/20/07
miklos: you should order 2 sets of dumbbells - 2 x 60 and 2 x 70
baxo: umm
baxo: maybe when i have a job
miklos: there ya go
miklos: cherish that optimism, sanyi
#174 2/09/08
Aaron: did you buy me all that shit off my wishlist yet?
baxo: every single one
baxo: besides what did YOU get me for my birthday?
Aaron: finally
Aaron: someone cares about me
Aaron: a job you fucking hippie
#593 5/02/16
Alex: Don't you like that Baxo guy? He tells it like it is.
Well..he tells it like he'd like it to be.
#405 4/27/11
Curtis: do you really not know who sarah palin is?
Curtis: i assumed you were joking but you never know
Alex: i only know everyone referencing her
Alex: i mean it's an easy google research
Alex: i just never bothered to
Curtis: well
Curtis: she woulda been VP of US if the other guy won
Alex: oh
Alex: thats definitely not what i had in mind
Alex: all this time i thought it was some deaf actress
Alex: hahaha
Curtis: that's marlee matlin
baxo: i see that now
Curtis: you got the lin right