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#445 10/27/12
[dad misreading things again]
Dad: It said something about it being tabletop or something like that
Miklos: counterfeit you mean?
Dad: yeah, that's it....
#414 7/16/11
[After a candle salesman tried to tell my dad how to use a homemade candle at the market]
Dad: come on... I light it, then I blow it out at the end of the night.
Dad: I give you money, you give me the candle.
Dad: Let me handle this candle...
#395 2/06/11
Miklos: is the pizza all done?
Dad: we're working on it. got a couple of hungry guys...
Dad: no belly bottoms...
#369 7/20/10
Mr Sikora: Augh. There's something in my eye. (rubbing it)
Dad: Stop doing that! Your face is so ugly!
(moments later)
Dad: What you got in there, a dinosaur??
#618 9/11/17
Johnny: Dad is this Toyota expensive?
Dad: Yeah it'd be expensive if you were to buy it on your own.
Johnny: Dad, you can buy it with me any time you want.
#339 3/20/10
[After Miklos almost pulled his dad under the car when he was still getting in the back door]
Miklos: Sorry Daddy.
Dad: It's okay junior, you just almost killed me that's all.
#616 9/06/17
Johnny: What's a king? Does a king have a crown?
Dad: Yes a king has a crown.
Johnny: What does a queen have?
Dad: A crown too but a smaller one.
Johnny: Isn't that called a tiara?
Dad: Yes, how do you know that word?
Johnny: I know EVERY word!
Dad: Is that right?
Johnny: Yes, a tiara.
#627 12/10/17
Johnny: Dad, what makes my fingers move?
Miklos: Your brain
Johnny: My brain???
Miklos: Yes, it controls everything!
Johnny: Even my toes? My hands? My mouth?
Miklos: Yes, everything.
Johnny: That’s funny. Dad?
Miklos: Yes?
Johnny: What’s a brain?
#365 7/20/10
Dad: (about a mean lady) That's why she's a broomhandle witch!
#368 7/20/10
Dad: (upon seeing mom rolling her shorts up while standing in the water, fishing) Look at that. She's getting a nudity soon.
#394 2/06/11
Dad: Steven Segal WASN'T a cop for 25 years?? Who can I trust anymore???
Alex: Not the SPIKE network!
#642 4/01/18
Johnny: Dad, when I'm eating Nutella and breadsticks and you hit a bump, the breadstick breaks. So one day, on our way home from Mamo's, you might want to try to go slower.
#367 7/20/10
Dad: (to the tune of "Pretty Woman") Paparucca, walking on the lake...
#471 6/29/13
Dad: I'm smelling my bacon because it smells good. I don't wanna eat it because I don't need it.
#415 8/28/11
Dad: "You know that guy, what the hell is his name? Johnny Workman?" (referring to Steve Jobs)
#379 9/23/10
Nikki: Remember when your dad found out how to queue YouTube videos in a playlist before we did, and then he was like... "What? I'm not STUPID!"
#366 7/20/10
Dad: (fishing on a foggy morning) I went out this morning, and I couldn't see anything! It was like a milk!
#623 11/18/17
Johnny: Can you make me a real motorcycle dad?
Miklos: How do I do that?
Johnny: Just use the tools in the shed. It’ll make it easier.
#246 2/12/09
Dr.Chewy: speaking of showering. I'm gonna get ready for work
Nikki: yeah, don't shower though. seeya.
Dr.Chewy: and fortunate for me, no one shags in the washroom
Nikki: your mom and dad do
Nikki: BYE
#611 8/03/17
[Turning onto Vimy Rd in Port Colborne]
Johnny: Dad, this is called wiggling woods because the trees are wiggling. Trees are wood. I want to call them whistling woods but the birds don't want to listen to me.
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