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#405 4/27/11
Curtis: do you really not know who sarah palin is?
Curtis: i assumed you were joking but you never know
Alex: i only know everyone referencing her
Alex: i mean it's an easy google research
Alex: i just never bothered to
Curtis: well
Curtis: she woulda been VP of US if the other guy won
Alex: oh
Alex: thats definitely not what i had in mind
Alex: all this time i thought it was some deaf actress
Alex: hahaha
Curtis: that's marlee matlin
baxo: i see that now
Curtis: you got the lin right
#135 9/26/07
Alex: man the most amazing thing happened to me last night
Alex: the lighning crashed down like RIGHT BESIDE me
Miklos: right on
Alex: man not right on
Alex: this was like.. amazing
Alex: i felt like i was in that movie powder
Alex: white balding guy, playing with lightning
#313 10/31/09
Curtis: it's like raiaiiiiiiiiin on your wedding day!
Alex: a freeeeeeeeee riiiiide
Alex: but you're alllready late
Alex: a gooooddd adviceee,, that you just caan't take
Curtis: Who would've thought... it figurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrres
Alex: that's the lyrics?
Curtis: looks that way
Alex: hahaha damnit
Alex: I always thought it was "Two out of 4, it's the giiirrrls"
#217 10/17/08
alex: i told him like on tuesday
alex: or I think i told him
alex: i can't remember a response..
alex: maybe i just thought about telling him..
alex: i gotta stop making my thoughts into reality memories.
#526 7/31/14
[Jessica puts her arm around Alex, just after he rolled over in his sleep]
Alex: [complaining] Mm Mm
Jessica: What?
Alex: Mm Mm
Jessica: What's wrong?
Alex: You asked me if I ever jousted.
Jessica: Haha. Are you on drugs?
Alex: I guess you didn't.
#372 8/14/10
Alex: by the way .. Back to the future delorean is going to be at the seaway mall between 1 - 4 my brother saw it driving down niagara st haha
Mikkel: today?!
Alex: yers
Mikkel: fak off
Alex: as in 30 minutes from now i shit you not
Mikkel: god damnit
Alex: too bad i promised my buddy i'll meet him for lunch in the falls
Mikkel: hahaha i know eh
Alex: hes from brampton so i cant blow him off
Mikkel: yeah fair enough
Alex: maybe i can make it back in time to see it
Mikkel: hahahaha zing!
Alex: hahahahahah i didnt even realize what i said!
#48 8/01/07
Alex: wtf
Alex: why is mom and dad's phone busy
Alex: who could they possibly be on the phone with
Miklos: anyone
Alex: haha
Miklos: what a silly question
Alex: i guess it was wasn't it
#521 7/03/14
Alex: I got injured today.
Alex: I got hit in the head. You know, with that elastic rope thing you use to tie things down on the truck.
Jessica: Bungee cord.
Alex: *laughs* Yeah that one.
Alex: Maybe me getting hit in the head messed up my vision.
#542 10/14/14
Alex: I quit
Alex: i can't get a proper seating / monitor optimal viewing angle ratio.
Alex: so i can't work here.. work conditions aren't optimal
Alex: how awesome would it be if i quit literally because of that reason?
Curtis: haha especially if someone would have been willing to adjust things to be optimal but you already quit first
Alex: in that case i can literally say "i sit corrected"
Curtis: (changes subject with a funny subject line from a spam e-mail)
Alex: i hope that didn't make you overlook what i just wrote
Alex: cuz i'd like to think it was genius
Alex: so it needs to be acknowledged
Curtis: i didn't overlook it
Alex: sure looks that way.
Curtis: im sorry
Curtis: fine: yep!
Alex: oh. no humour reaction?
Alex: hmmm.
Alex: there's gotta be something!
Curtis: don't make this worse by dragging on the disappointment
Alex: :(
Alex: not even a sympathy "haha"?
Curtis: you'd allow such a context use?
Alex: well its not an OL reaction but you're acknowledging that there is a humour level.. so i'd allow it.
Alex: because that's what the ha lengths are for
Alex: and i think haha should be the shortest.. "ha" is just sarcastic
Alex: so at the very least that comment should warrant a "haha"
Curtis: but haha is like the shortest form of reaction to humour, not acknowledgement of the intended purpose
Alex: i'm just having a hard time believing it doesn't even deserve a "haha" at the very least.
Alex: because if someone fixes the seat, or optimal viewing angle i'd literally be sitting corrected.
Curtis: yeah, i get the joke
Curtis: and applaud your effort
Curtis: perhaps i feel like it's more clever than funny?
Alex: oh
Alex: then voice that!
Curtis: it was implied in my exclamation mark
Alex: oh
Alex: in that case: thanks!
Curtis: anytime :)
#148 10/26/07
alex: and I tell [my dog] peanut my deepest secrets that I sometimes have to get off my chest..
alex: she's so attentive, always looks into my eyes when i'm talking to her
alex: i also KNOW she can't tell anyone.. it's great
#399 3/11/11
Alex: Brian, you wanna go to Japan today?
Brian: Sure
Alex: We can just ride the waves!
Brian: hahah you're bad
Alex: Too soon?
Brian: You're probably going to hell for that!
Alex: Too Soon-ami?
#417 8/31/11
Alex: I got a huge problem (staying terribly calm)
Brian: What's up?
Alex: Umm. I got a nail clipping in my eye.
Brian: What?
Alex: Yeah.. Dude OUCH! It hurts.
Brian: Lemme See!!!! (Excited but ironic) HOLY SHIT!!!
Alex: yeah.. umm get it!
Brian: Okay. ahh.. there you go.
Alex: Ugh!! (Sigh) Much better. Man That sucked! Look how big it was!
Brian: Yeah... EW!!
#424 11/17/11
Alex: paul just sent me a photo
Alex: he's 2 hours north of toronto
Alex: in a snow storm
Curtis: ah that sucks
Curtis: so what's the photo of?
Alex: the aforementioned subject
Curtis: ahh
#581 10/18/15
Alex: Justin Trudeau: you may think he's shifty but everything he says is "True-deau."
Jessica: Where do you come up with this stuff?
Alex: Out of my own head.
Alex: Do you use Pillbury when you bake?
Jessica: No..
Alex: Because that's the only true dough.
#359 6/18/10
[Boss's orders: Everyone in the store must wear name tags]
Alex: Could you hand out these name tags, I don't know who everyone is.
Head Cashier: Well, maybe you should find out then.
Alex: I'll know after they're wearing their name tags.
[Maybe she'll learn not to give Alex attitude again]
#425 11/23/11
Miklos: Very nice watch, wear it always!
Alex: It needs less links.
Miklos: Really? Fit me good, a bit loose but that's how it should be.
Alex: It needs like 1 link gone, it looks too gangster.
Miklos: How skinny is your wrist?
Alex: 0.95em
#103 8/16/07
Alex: miklos
Alex: grab me
Alex: Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix
Miklos: Oh, the enter key was a semicolon...
Miklos: and not a period
#184 4/03/08
miklos: I always like driving down by the falls, I mean it is one of the wonders of the world.
alex: I know how it happened.. no mystery.
alex: Water caused the erosion.
miklos: Yeah, 3 buckets of water, sheepskin, and an axe.
alex: No, that was mistyped, it was an ox.
#147 10/26/07
Guy on phone: Hi.. can i speak to a "Mikolosh Bashhco"?
Alex: He's actually at work.
Guy on phone: Then can i speak to a "Sandor Bashhco"?
Alex: Him you're speaking to...
Guy on phone: Oh hello, I was just calling to see if you would consider voting for the conservative party in the next federal election?
Alex: When is the next federal election?
Guy on phone: We are considering sometime in the springtime to have a federal election.
Alex: Okay I will consider it I just have to see what my schedule is like.
Guy on phone: Okay, do you think that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are on the right track?
Alex: I don't really follow politics so I couldn't tell you.
Guy on phone: So you still live at [insert address here]?
Alex: Yes.
Guy on phone: Thank you for your time, have a good day.
(Political mafia coming to get us!?)
#315 11/02/09
Miklos: Good news is that you get a free $60 bill from me today if you take me to a bank.
Alex: How's that gonna work out?
Miklos: Obviously there's no $60 bill...
Alex: No.. I'm thinking ahead here... $60, that's not divisible by 20.
Miklos: Umm, yes it is.. You're not thinking far enough ahead I guess!
Alex: Well I was thinking the machine will give you a 50 and that's in 20 increments.
Miklos: Umm, no it's not.
Alex: Oh shit, there's no winning here!
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