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#235 1/06/09
curtis: > curtis: i have $100 from my grandparents
curtis: > curtis: what should i buy?
curtis: > brittany: 10 dime bags
curtis: i thought that was quotable till i realized she didn't mean dime rolls
curtis: it's not as funny now that it makes sense
#405 4/27/11
Curtis: do you really not know who sarah palin is?
Curtis: i assumed you were joking but you never know
Alex: i only know everyone referencing her
Alex: i mean it's an easy google research
Alex: i just never bothered to
Curtis: well
Curtis: she woulda been VP of US if the other guy won
Alex: oh
Alex: thats definitely not what i had in mind
Alex: all this time i thought it was some deaf actress
Alex: hahaha
Curtis: that's marlee matlin
baxo: i see that now
Curtis: you got the lin right
#498 2/07/14
(While discussing car license plate sticker renewals and hydro bills)
Curtis: when you get notified just treat it as a bill you gotta pay
Curtis: nevermind the deadline that's so far away
Curtis: and if even your hydro bill is that high, fuck im dreading getting mine
Alex: wlol easy there poet
Curtis: wlol didn't even notice
#171 1/14/08
Curtis: i pitched to the people in my 'people should do stuff' group the question about what if neo didn't take either pill
Curtis: the first response i got was brilliant
Curtis: "blue screen of death?"
#422 10/27/11
Lauren: hey curtis i have a question
Curtis: yes lauren
Lauren: nevermind
Lauren: i was emailing a resume
Lauren: it asked if i wanted to send them as online documents
Lauren: but then i thought what if their office doesn't have internet access
lauren: so i didn't haha
Curtis: ummmm
Lauren: you never know
Curtis: you know email is part of the internet right?
Lauren: hahaha omg
Lauren: i'm dumb
#533 8/28/14
[While Alex and Miklos are talking to each other, Curtis thinks he hears his name which didn't actually happen]
Curtis: Hmm? What are you talking about?
[They fill him in on the subject]
Curtis: Ah, so how am I involved in this?
Miklos: ......you interjected yourself into the conversation
#563 3/24/15
[After referencing a car on the side of the 406]
Pearl: I wonder if the owls are there
Curtis: In the car?
Pearl: By the hospital
[The hospital then appears beside the highway]
Curtis: Ahhh right (switches to left lane to pass a car)
Pearl: Are you gonna make the exit?
Curtis: What exit?
Pearl: Fourth Ave - to get to the hospital
Curtis: Ohhh you actually want to go there
Pearl: *facepalm*
#290 8/24/09
Brittany: i broke the internetsa
Curtis: how did you break the internetsa???
Brittany: i dont know but the technition dude came in and tried to fix it and he was like wtf and i was barfing so not paying much attention but he had to go all the way downtown cuz my modem wasnt broken that badly it was the ports
Brittany: i exploded the ports
Curtis: lol are you sure you did it
Curtis: i didn't even know ports can explode
Brittany: it was broken so i assume that i did it
Curtis: they're just things you plug the cable into isn't it?
Brittany: i dunno what a port looks like. i dont know how the internet works
Brittany: i just use it
Curtis: nothing you do on your computer's gunna trigger a shortage of hardware
Brittany: its more fun to assume that my epic surfing overheateded it
#306 10/22/09
MattV: remember that time someone threw a shoe at president bush?
Curtis: yeah
MattV: pretty funny eh?
Curtis: yeah
Curtis: was that it?
MattV: yep
#424 11/17/11
Alex: paul just sent me a photo
Alex: he's 2 hours north of toronto
Alex: in a snow storm
Curtis: ah that sucks
Curtis: so what's the photo of?
Alex: the aforementioned subject
Curtis: ahh
#355 6/09/10
<Curtis and Miklos discussing the dagh facebook app>
Miklos: haha it was a work in progress
Miklos: the idea was that you could submit a dagh quote right from facebook
Miklos: i just never got around to finishing it
Miklos: it's still very doable i think. wouldn't even need much! just an add page
Miklos: it would still email the admins for approval though
Miklos: maybe. or it can skip approval if it's from facebook, since it's a real facebook person adding the quote...
Curtis: so approval is just a matter of non-spam?
Miklos: actually the approval was originally for non funny quotes
Miklos: or racist ones etc
Curtis: that's what i thought it still is
Miklos: yeah it still is
Curtis: heh, well alright then
Miklos: this is confusing
Miklos: nothing will change.
Curtis: you'll be ok
Miklos: life is wonderful
[few minutes later]
Nikki: This quote should've gone through the approval process
#542 10/14/14
Alex: I quit
Alex: i can't get a proper seating / monitor optimal viewing angle ratio.
Alex: so i can't work here.. work conditions aren't optimal
Alex: how awesome would it be if i quit literally because of that reason?
Curtis: haha especially if someone would have been willing to adjust things to be optimal but you already quit first
Alex: in that case i can literally say "i sit corrected"
Curtis: (changes subject with a funny subject line from a spam e-mail)
Alex: i hope that didn't make you overlook what i just wrote
Alex: cuz i'd like to think it was genius
Alex: so it needs to be acknowledged
Curtis: i didn't overlook it
Alex: sure looks that way.
Curtis: im sorry
Curtis: fine: yep!
Alex: oh. no humour reaction?
Alex: hmmm.
Alex: there's gotta be something!
Curtis: don't make this worse by dragging on the disappointment
Alex: :(
Alex: not even a sympathy "haha"?
Curtis: you'd allow such a context use?
Alex: well its not an OL reaction but you're acknowledging that there is a humour level.. so i'd allow it.
Alex: because that's what the ha lengths are for
Alex: and i think haha should be the shortest.. "ha" is just sarcastic
Alex: so at the very least that comment should warrant a "haha"
Curtis: but haha is like the shortest form of reaction to humour, not acknowledgement of the intended purpose
Alex: i'm just having a hard time believing it doesn't even deserve a "haha" at the very least.
Alex: because if someone fixes the seat, or optimal viewing angle i'd literally be sitting corrected.
Curtis: yeah, i get the joke
Curtis: and applaud your effort
Curtis: perhaps i feel like it's more clever than funny?
Alex: oh
Alex: then voice that!
Curtis: it was implied in my exclamation mark
Alex: oh
Alex: in that case: thanks!
Curtis: anytime :)
#524 7/13/14
Pearl: Look!! (points to bird on overhead wire)
Curtis: What is it?
Pearl: It's a HAWWWK!
Curtis: Ahhh (continues driving passed it)
Pearl: ............
Pearl: ............
Pearl: ............why aren't we turning around?
Curtis: Oh. Will it still be there?
Pearl: Well it won't be if we keep driving away from it.
#370 7/27/10
Curtis: so apparently jailbreaking was made legal today
Curtis: in the states at least
#376 9/15/10
LCBO cashier: Do you collect Air Miles?
Curtis: Nope
Old guy behind Curtis in line: They still haven't converted to kilometres yet eh?
#313 10/31/09
Curtis: it's like raiaiiiiiiiiin on your wedding day!
Alex: a freeeeeeeeee riiiiide
Alex: but you're alllready late
Alex: a gooooddd adviceee,, that you just caan't take
Curtis: Who would've thought... it figurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrres
Alex: that's the lyrics?
Curtis: looks that way
Alex: hahaha damnit
Alex: I always thought it was "Two out of 4, it's the giiirrrls"
#273 6/11/09
curtis: OMG i just got a ridiculous spam myspace msg
brittany: what is it?
curtis: the abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages, but that's not important right now
#576 7/08/15
Curtis: Come across any memorable humour recently in agents of shield?
Alex: Oh a lot
Curtis: Share 3 with me so I can reminisce
Alex: I'd have to remember
#536 9/11/14
Curtis: So my landlord decided that I needed a new fridge, so I just got an upgraded one tonight with a lot more space.
Pearl: Oh nice, so when do you move?
Curtis: ....what?
Pearl: Wait, what?
#596 5/31/16
Curtis: I kinda hate Cogeco's new beta website
Curtis: *Provides link*
Alex: Oh yeah, me too - there's a lot of work they'd still need to do
Alex: For example, a complete overhaul
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