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#275 6/12/09
Goran: there's a woman fellating a penis in my followers list
Nikki: yeah i had that woman too, i deleted her
Nikki: or blocked
Goran: as did i
Goran: yet hornysophie remains, due to her classy photo
#342 4/04/10
Nikki: i ate some horseradish a few weeks ago after a lifelong resistance to it as well
Goran: is it not delicious?
Nikki: i'd say it was "pretty good"
Goran: mmm. i can see endless possibilities of tastiness
Nikki: i wonder if a lot of people avoid it until they're nearly 26
Goran: :O it's like a right of passage
Nikki: rite. i think it's rite, though i could be rong
#230 12/14/08
[Nik sends video of guy whipping his shoes at George W. Bush]
Nikki: ahahahahaha
goran: omg, hahahahaha
Nikki: 2nd favourite thing to happen this year ^^^
goran: what's the first?
Nikki: obama and i made a mulatto child
Nikki: err, obama elected president
goran: hahaha, black people can't crossbreed with whites, silly.
Nikki: yeah, that'd be silly. that's for made up places, like heaven, and scarborough
#294 9/03/09
[discussing qualms with 'Texting While Driving' with Goran]
Nikki: but anyway
Nikki: how often are you driving with a car full of broads, none of them paying attention to anything but you
Nikki: wait, bad example ... that's your whole life
#350 5/27/10
Miklos: If Apple jumped off a bridge, would the world follow?
Goran: So long as the bridge is prettier, sleeker, but arguably less functional than comparable bridges.
Miles: And they had to pay a hefty premium toll to get onto the bridge.
Alex: And if it's a bigger bridge that has the same features as a smaller bridge and gets opened to Americans sooner than Canadians
#322 12/11/09
Goran: what movie shall i watch for the afternoon?
Nikki: haha
Nikki: i hate you and your job
Nikki: watch that movie.
#443 10/20/12
Nikki: Miklos later brought up the point that it's my fault dud was there, after all, I introduced him to this artist. I opted to instead blame my friends for introducing me to the artist in 2002... and then further opted to blame him for being born. Just horrible. I know nobody else who such weird things happen to. And it's BECAUSE I said "morning angel" to you yesterday!
Nikki: this isn't rape, you can't invite someone to this