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#260 4/15/09
Nikki: ok so
Nikki: am I going to my convocation?
Nikki: i don't think i am
miklos: does that mean work?
Nikki: i have no pride in this school
Nikki: haha
miklos: oh
miklos: i like words.
Nikki: no that would be vocational
miklos: yeah i go on vacation every day when i come here.
Nikki: sigh
Nikki: talking to you is sometimes just like watching you try to do a crossword
Nikki: :)
miklos: hehe
miklos: like i said, i like words.
#299 9/18/09
Nikki: lol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_Joe
Nikki: i just remembered them
miklos: ahahah oh yeah, skidrow
Nikki: omg they had a platinum album
Nikki: and a gold
Nikki: that's hilarious
Nikki: what gas station do they work at now
miklos: yeah the only place they see bronze silver or gold is on the markings at the pump
Nikki: hahaha
Nikki: his mom was their manager
Nikki: how did they get dropped
#378 9/17/10
Nikki: i went to my purse to get a pen
Nikki: and instead i ended up swiffering and sweeping (still haven't swiffer wet-mopped)
Nikki: then makeupping
Nikki: then hairing
Nikki: then packing food and bathroom stuff
Nikki: (including towels and toothbrushes)
Miklos: hell of a detour
Nikki: and then finding my bag to pack my clothes in
Nikki: and now I'm back at the laptop realizing i haven't got that pen yet
#228 12/10/08
miklos: we're going to rock point tonight
Nikki: what
Nikki: why
miklos: lighthouse
Nikki: oh
Nikki: but
Nikki: it's night time
miklos: http://jui.cc/bP
Nikki: will there be light, for real?
miklos: the lighthouse is on an island
miklos: bring some floaties.
Nikki: ok um, that's a long ways away
Nikki: haha
miklos: just past dumbville
Nikki: ya i know
Nikki: we used to go camping there all the time
Nikki: invented stories about ghosts on the beach
miklos: it's by port maitland!
Nikki: saw a man drown there once too
Nikki: yeah
miklos: how the hell is that a long way away?
miklos: oh you're in st kitts
Nikki: mhmm
miklos: pft
miklos: extra 20 mins
miklos: 45 min drive
Nikki: did you skip the
Nikki: "saw a man drown there once too" part?
Nikki: because I find it remarkable that didn't even get a "oh"
miklos: i totally did
#239 1/13/09
Ellie: he brings home the bacon...hmm...
Nikki: sounds like a husband thing
Nikki: you think she married her brother?
Ellie: i thought she was a lesbo
Nikki: only temporarily
Ellie: oh!
Ellie: well now
Ellie: i didnt know sexual preferences expired
Nikki: they do
Nikki: even i know that
Ellie: now i know they do i might give it a try.
Nikki: yours isn't up yet
Ellie: ohh
Ellie: ok
Ellie: will i get a notification e-mail?
Nikki: yes. the whys of the world will email you notification when you are no longer hetero
Nikki: everything works by email now
#221 11/10/08
Nikki: i went to my mum's house today
Nikki: and my neighbour was outside in his hunting gear
Nikki: so I asked him what he was hunting today
Nikki: and he said deer in Fort Erie
Nikki: :'(
miklos: did you tell him to check out my flickr stream?
Nikki: but I was just like "Cool, have fun!"
Nikki: all the while grinding my teeth
miklos: hahah
Nikki: if it doesn't come out of a beer bottle, I doubt he'll know what it is
Nikki: nice guy, but likes his beer.
Nikki: deer rhymes with beer, so he probably knows what those are too
miklos: yeah that's pretty much it
miklos: it's really a simple language
miklos: the hunter's language
miklos: deer, beer, duck, fuck
miklos: done.
Nikki: queer yuck
Nikki: you're right, it works
Nikki: that's that whole mentality summed up
miklos: and loose, moose, goose.
miklos: wow
miklos: i wonder whoever made the language did this on purpose.
Nikki: you know we're right about this.
#449 11/09/12
Nikki: seems to repeat itself every 5 years or so
Nikki: victor divorces someone, goes missing, dies, comes back
Nikki: marries another person, divorces them, goes missing, marries someone while missing, goes missing from there and back to genoa city
Nikki: then marries someone, forgetting he never divorced someone
Nikki: usually the first person he had ever married
Nikki: alternate as needed
Curtis: hahahaha you're well in the loop eh?
Nikki: i know a thing or two
Nikki: and one of the wives was blind
Nikki: the one he met while missing. Grace. now everyone go to hell
Curtis: Hope
Nikki: same thing
#406 4/27/11
Nikki: i have a bone to pick. you have to stop responding to me when you're half asleep
miklos: half asleep?
miklos: i'm fully awake!
Nikki: last night I came to bed and said "hah, the washer played me a little song!" and you said "OK.." as if I had asked you to do a chore.
miklos: hahaha
Nikki: then I said "do you even know what I just said?"
Nikki: and you said "no"
Nik : and I said "well wake up for a minute and I'll repeat it." then I repeated it and you said "oh alright"
Nikki: clearly still not understanding
Nikki: anyway, pff!
miklos: i literally laughed out loud at this
miklos: cuz
miklos: i do not remember that conversation at all
miklos: i was asleep
Nikki: your eyes were open
miklos: brain was not.
Nikki: and you were half sitting up
miklos: hrm
miklos: weird
Nikki: that needs to change!
miklos: i can't change something i'm not aware of
Nikki: yes you can
Nikki: i have hope for you
#348 5/20/10
Nikki: mixi runs down the stairs, and i say "no treats, mixi!"
Nikki: "meow?"
Nikki: "no tuna!"
Nikki: "...nooo?"
Nikki: "nope"
Nikki: "aww"
Nikki: that is what her meows sounded like she was saying
#271 5/21/09
Nikki: i no i no
Nikki: that's how my cousin cam talks on msn
miklos: ?
Nikki: "i no"
miklos: haha i don't get it
Nikki: "i know"
Nikki: yeah, sometimes we're a little too smart to understand things like that.
miklos: yeah but it sounds the same and on cam, who would know the difference?
Nikki: his name is cam :|
miklos: WTF
Nikki: hahahha
miklos: i thought "cam talks" was something she did
miklos: SHE being the whore.
Nikki: HE
miklos: hahaha
miklos: pls to be capitalizing pronouns.
Nikki: *palm-face*
#248 2/20/09
Nikki: two notable quotes by Nik from tonight
Nikki: Suzie cut this big burn on her hand open on the register somehow and it started pouring blood
Nikki: Wendy's like "Don't just stand there, get some gauze or something!"
Nikki: I whisper at Wendy "Ugh, don't let her touch you, she has vegetarian blood..."
Nikki: other one was....... uhhhhhhhhhhh.... uhhhhhhhh forgettable
Nikki: OH
Nikki: Heroin Andy comes in with his infant
Nikki: and she's coughing this weird hacking cough and he's telling Eva how he's been to the doctor and the doctor says there's nothing wrong with her, just a cough, otherwise she's behaving normally...
Nikki: so after he leaves, I'm like "Probably crack-smoker's cough..."
miklos: you ARE a horrible person.
#570 5/27/15
[Nikki presses car's 'Media' button which begins playing music from Miklos's iPhone]
Nikki: Oh, sweet. You have the new U2 album on your phone!
Miklos: Yeah, it's great. And it was free.
Nikki: Wow, lucky. When'd you get that?
Miklos: Haha... ... ...is this a real conversation?
Nikki: No.
#261 4/20/09
miklos: alex is going to sign again
miklos: the house we looked at yesterday
Nikki: really.
miklos: yeah
Nikki: he sure likes signing things
Nikki: maybe he should become a guarantor
miklos: or the president
Nikki: or a pen
#254 3/18/09
miklos: this is the 3rd flock of swans that flew by outside
miklos: the first one had about 25-30 swans
miklos: this last one only had 12
miklos: anyway
Nikki: swans???
miklos: yes
miklos: swans
Nikki: what the fuck
miklos: haha yeah
Nikki: is the world ending?
miklos: they're flying west
Nikki: i don't think i've ever seen a swan fly
miklos: they fly in V shapes like geese
Nikki: weird
miklos: it is
Nikki: they're like 6 feet long sometimes
Nikki: ahahah
miklos: hahah i know
Nikki: that's like a flock of people flying
miklos: yeah pretty much
Nikki: look at poor lonely blacky http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/07/in_pictures_enl_1195144140/img/1.jpg
Nikki: it's like a reverse oreo
miklos: neat
miklos: i don't ever want to see another white swan
miklos: black ones are way better
miklos: it's like they ate the Windows 3.11 "high contrast" color scheme
#400 3/13/11
[Nikki's alarm clock goes off for the 4th time]
Miklos: Is that the final one?
Nikki: Yep.
Nikki: Nope...
#462 2/09/13
Nikki: Look at these pictures of these cats.
Nikki: Oh.. this [first] one is the snow outside, looks like a vagina..
Miklos: How?
Nikki: Shut up. Look at this cat picture.
#419 9/01/11
Nikki: this dog is SLEEPY
Nikki: she does nothing all day
Nikki: the government should give her a paycheck
#330 2/01/10
Nikki: hey guess what i'm using as a chair
miklos: a chair?
Nikki: that exercise ball!
miklos: oh
miklos: good for posture
Nikki: well
miklos: just needs some more air
Nikki: i'm still slouching, just a new way
Nikki: but it's comfy
miklos: i always condone innovative slouching
miklos: i'm the king of slouching at work, sometimes only my head sticks out from under the desk
miklos: people constantly comment on it
#484 9/22/13
Nikki: Lots of things aren't vegan.
Nikki: Do you want to know what's in bagels?
Miklos: What?
Nikki: Bird feathers. It's used as a softening agent.
Miklos: That's not so bad. Who cares, we're all gonna die the same way anyway.. it's not that gross.
Nikki: No, I hate bird feathers!
#230 12/14/08
[Nik sends video of guy whipping his shoes at George W. Bush]
Nikki: ahahahahaha
goran: omg, hahahahaha
Nikki: 2nd favourite thing to happen this year ^^^
goran: what's the first?
Nikki: obama and i made a mulatto child
Nikki: err, obama elected president
goran: hahaha, black people can't crossbreed with whites, silly.
Nikki: yeah, that'd be silly. that's for made up places, like heaven, and scarborough
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