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#248 · Feb 20, 2009
Nikki: two notable quotes by Nik from tonight
Nikki: Suzie cut this big burn on her hand open on the register somehow and it started pouring blood
Nikki: Wendy's like "Don't just stand there, get some gauze or something!"
Nikki: I whisper at Wendy "Ugh, don't let her touch you, she has vegetarian blood..."
Nikki: other one was....... uhhhhhhhhhhh.... uhhhhhhhh forgettable
Nikki: OH
Nikki: Heroin Andy comes in with his infant
Nikki: and she's coughing this weird hacking cough and he's telling Eva how he's been to the doctor and the doctor says there's nothing wrong with her, just a cough, otherwise she's behaving normally...
Nikki: so after he leaves, I'm like "Probably crack-smoker's cough..."
miklos: you ARE a horrible person.
#246 · Feb 12, 2009
Dr Chewy: speaking of showering. I'm gonna get ready for work
Nikki: yeah, don't shower though. seeya.
Dr Chewy: and fortunate for me, no one does it in the washroom
Nikki: your mom and dad do
Nikki: BYE
#245 · Feb 3, 2009
Miklos: What's with that shirt. It looks like a photo shirt.
Nikki: This shirt? it is a photo shirt. I've posted it, online... one, with the hair, darker, white shirt... flickr...
Miklos: Are you just naming tags associated with that photo?
Nikki: I'm just going to start speaking in tags. Light, sign, night, road, drive with miki, 2009, winter, tree.
#244 · Feb 3, 2009
Mark: yeah weirddddddddddddddddd what are you going to do about it?
Nikki: restraining order? haha i am going to tell teachers not to pair us up, first of all. i dunno what else i can do
Mark: .. did you meet this girl at the funeral? and you have classes with her?
Nikki: .... i don't pick up at funerals
Mark: doesn't stop her from trying apparently
#243 · Jan 25, 2009
Nikki: you should give it a whirl
miklos: yeah, i'd like to try a few things before that though
miklos: like you know.. have a heterosexual marriage, maybe a couple of kids
miklos: then grow old and die as a heterosexual man
miklos: then maybe after that i'd be good to go.
#239 · Jan 13, 2009
Ellie: he brings home the bacon...hmm...
Nikki: sounds like a husband thing
Nikki: you think she married her brother?
Ellie: i thought she was a...
Nikki: only temporarily
Ellie: oh!
Ellie: well now
Ellie: i didnt know sexual preferences expired
Nikki: they do
Nikki: even i know that
Ellie: now i know they do i might give it a try.
Nikki: yours isn't up yet
Ellie: ohh
Ellie: ok
Ellie: will i get a notification e-mail?
Nikki: yes. the whys of the world will email you notification when you are no longer hetero
Nikki: everything works by email now
#230 · Dec 14, 2008
[Nik sends video of guy whipping his shoes at George W. Bush]
Nikki: ahahahahaha
goran: omg, hahahahaha
Nikki: 2nd favourite thing to happen this year ^^^
goran: what's the first?
Nikki: obama and i made a mulatto child
Nikki: err, obama elected president
goran: hahaha, black people can't crossbreed with whites, silly.
Nikki: yeah, that'd be silly. that's for made up places, like heaven, and scarborough
#228 · Dec 10, 2008
miklos: we're going to rock point tonight
Nikki: what
Nikki: why
miklos: lighthouse
Nikki: oh
Nikki: but
Nikki: it's night time
miklos: http://jui.cc/bP
Nikki: will there be light, for real?
miklos: the lighthouse is on an island
miklos: bring some floaties.
Nikki: ok um, that's a long ways away
Nikki: haha
miklos: just past dumbville
Nikki: ya i know
Nikki: we used to go camping there all the time
Nikki: invented stories about ghosts on the beach
miklos: it's by port maitland!
Nikki: saw a man drown there once too
Nikki: yeah
miklos: how the hell is that a long way away?
miklos: oh you're in st kitts
Nikki: mhmm
miklos: pft
miklos: extra 20 mins
miklos: 45 min drive
Nikki: did you skip the
Nikki: "saw a man drown there once too" part?
Nikki: because I find it remarkable that didn't even get a "oh"
miklos: i totally did
#227 · Dec 8, 2008
miklos: what font did you end up using?
Nikki: well, it's an odd combination.. for regular text I went with Century Gothic
miklos: is that the....
Nikki: it's pointy
miklos: round one? all capitals?
Nikki: no. you're talking about copperplate gothic...
miklos: will you marry me?
#225 · Nov 30, 2008
Ellie: i'm watching TLC on youtube
Ellie: help me
Nikki: ew
Ellie: i have the syndrome you had
Ellie: the one that let you tolerate gwen stefani
Nikki: hahaha
Nikki: down syndrome, I think it's called
#224 · Nov 24, 2008
Jesse James says:
ugh this weather!
Nikki says:
i know!
Jesse James says:
and its not going to get better
Nikki says:
you think YOU got problems. my fibre-optic xmas tree won't light up!
#222 · Nov 11, 2008
Dr.Chewy says:
i miss the water
Dr.Chewy says:
I used to walk along the lake in Kingston
Nikki says:
Nikki says:
you know we have the same lake here right?
#221 · Nov 10, 2008
Nikki: i went to my mum's house today
Nikki: and my neighbour was outside in his hunting gear
Nikki: so I asked him what he was hunting today
Nikki: and he said deer in Fort Erie
Nikki: :'(
miklos: did you tell him to check out my flickr stream?
Nikki: but I was just like "Cool, have fun!"
Nikki: all the while grinding my teeth
miklos: hahah
Nikki: if it doesn't come out of a beer bottle, I doubt he'll know what it is
Nikki: nice guy, but likes his beer.
Nikki: deer rhymes with beer, so he probably knows what those are too
miklos: yeah that's pretty much it
miklos: it's really a simple language
miklos: the hunter's language
miklos: deer, beer, duck, f*k
miklos: done.
Nikki: queer yuck
Nikki: you're right, it works
Nikki: that's that whole mentality summed up
miklos: and loose, moose, goose.
miklos: wow
miklos: i wonder whoever made the language did this on purpose.
Nikki: you know we're right about this.
#220 · Oct 29, 2008
[no conversation before this.]
Jesse James: imma kill some people but for now i ust go out ALONE because assholes cancel last minute
Jesse James: gooday to you!
[Jesse James is offline.]
Nikki: ...blink!
#219 · Oct 29, 2008
Nikki: The <sarcasm> tag never closes.
#218 · Oct 17, 2008
Nikki: glitter is the herpes of the craft supply world
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