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#228 12/10/08
miklos: we're going to rock point tonight
Nikki: what
Nikki: why
miklos: lighthouse
Nikki: oh
Nikki: but
Nikki: it's night time
miklos: http://jui.cc/bP
Nikki: will there be light, for real?
miklos: the lighthouse is on an island
miklos: bring some floaties.
Nikki: ok um, that's a long ways away
Nikki: haha
miklos: just past dumbville
Nikki: ya i know
Nikki: we used to go camping there all the time
Nikki: invented stories about ghosts on the beach
miklos: it's by port maitland!
Nikki: saw a man drown there once too
Nikki: yeah
miklos: how the hell is that a long way away?
miklos: oh you're in st kitts
Nikki: mhmm
miklos: pft
miklos: extra 20 mins
miklos: 45 min drive
Nikki: did you skip the
Nikki: "saw a man drown there once too" part?
Nikki: because I find it remarkable that didn't even get a "oh"
miklos: i totally did

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