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#106 8/23/07
miklos: what about all the permalinks out there that linked to orbit dailyphotos?
john: they won't work
john: thankfully
miklos: haha
john: yeah i got some emails recently asking me where they could find a bunch of stupid crap
miklos: are you mad at the world john?
john: 'i was told to come to this site for blah blah blah, do you know how i can reach this info blah blah?'
john: no just foreign weirdos that are trying to find out how to make long exposures or homemade lenses
john: dude i used to have like 5-10 stupid emails a day asking me questions i've already answered to people
john: i have a [shitty point and shoot camera], when i go out and take pictures at night they're all grainy and don't turn out how do you keep your shutter open so long
john: my camera only goes to 30 seconds
john: how do you create those film borders in photoshop can you send me the action?
john: how do you make your grain look so real in photoshop?
john: i tried to use the grain filter but it doesn't look the same
john: what scanner do you use
john: how are you scanning your borders with the film
john: what tripod do you recommend
miklos: so you got annoyed with the world :)
john: i have an old [insert old 70s 35mm slr here] and i'd like to shoot film, what film is the best?
miklos: i asked you all those questions, fucker
john: LOL
miklos: except the photoshop action to get film borders
miklos: can you send me them?
john: you wouldn't believe how many people think i add those in photoshop... i get emails about that a lot
john: people are stupid
john: i don't even respond
#360 6/27/10
Nikki: Hey boy?
Miklos: hey... girl
Nikki: Yes?
Miklos: Hi.
Both: What were you going to say?
Both: [in same tone] Oohhhh.
#534 9/03/14
[pointing at a mole on her jawline]
Nikki: Has this always been there?
Miklos: I've never seen it.
Nikki: Really? It just showed up? Is it cancer?
Miklos: It's not cancer. It's been there forever.
#404 4/22/11
Nikki: look an old grocery list from last year
Miklos: whose handwriting is it written in?
Nikki: mine...
Miklos: how can you be sure?
Nikki: cuz it's not yours and I write in mine every day
#286 7/24/09
Dave: Yeah.... My luck doesn't swing that way.
Dave: If there were 5,000 tickets sold, and I bought 4,999 the person that bought that 1 stinkin' ticket would be the winner.
Miklos: hahaha
Dave: That wasn't a joke.
Miklos: That makes it even funnier.
#278 6/24/09
[on a drive in Niagara Falls]
Nikki: there's a prostitute! except she's carrying a dog...
Miklos: in her lap? [meant to say "in her arms"]
Nikki: when you're walking you can't have a lap
Miklos: listen, Grammar...
#282 7/07/09
Miklos: oh man, I just realized I'm wearing sandals with socks
Nikki: who gives a shit, you're going to 7-Eleven, in Welland. This ain't The Ritz.
Miklos: is The Ritz like Trappers?
[Trappers is a dirty bar in Welland]
#480 9/01/13
[while talking about bodily differences and 'cycles']
Nikki: I love how men really don't have to deal with anything their whole lives.
Miklos: We have to deal with you.
Nikki: Yeah right. You basically stare off into space your whole lives and at the end you might get butt cancer.
Miklos: But probably not.
#397 2/17/11
Miklos: i love our humble little life
Nikki: do you even know what that word means?
Miklos: yes
Nikki: if we were humble, we'd be sleeping on dirty blankets, two dishes to eat off of which we'd probably wash without any soap - just water -, we'd each own one pair of pants, maybe three shirts to our name
Nikki: oh and we'd have a dirt floor too. less likely to have the 42" inch tv.
#515 5/09/14
Miklos: Pogacsa's all gone. Marek ate most of it.
Nikki: Do they have pogacsa in Poland?
Miklos: I don't think so.
Nikki: Really? They love potatoes. By that I mean that I've seen one war-time movie where all they had to eat was potatoes.
#308 10/26/09
Miklos: You know what I need?
Nikki: What?
Miklos: (mumbling, kind of) Serial port on my computer.
Nikki: You know what I thought you just said? "Cereal poured on my computer."
#463 2/12/13
[after waiting for cable tech to come all day]
Miklos: Oh look, the tech's out there on the wire.
Nikki: Ah, no!
Miklos: Oh wait, it's just a little squirrel.
[squirrel standing on wire, wiggling its tail]
#373 8/17/10
Miklos: Pledge me for the MS Bike Tour!
Matt: Gimme 20 bucks and I will...
Miklos: How much will you pledge me then?
Matt: $10
#229 12/11/08
matt: you know how our company gives us a $100 christmas bonus?
matt: well, I give my employees a $300 gift certificate to a restaurant
miklos: but you only have 2 employees
matt: yeeaaahhh
miklos: and one of them is your wife
matt: yeeeaaahhh
matt: we get to go to The Keg
#178 3/04/08
Dave: nothing but "Play Again" from good old Tim Hortons [roll up the rim to win]
Dave: you know what they should do? if you collect 10 "Play Again"s you get a free coffee or donut
Miklos: that'd be awesome
Dave: that actually would be a smart marketing move
Miklos: you're a genius
Dave: and call the slogan "it pays to lose"
#48 8/01/07
Alex: wtf
Alex: why is mom and dad's phone busy
Alex: who could they possibly be on the phone with
Miklos: anyone
Alex: haha
Miklos: what a silly question
Alex: i guess it was wasn't it
#341 4/02/10
Nikki: Did you see that? That street was called "Chalk Line"
Miklos: Yeah I saw I was already thinking about the .com
Nikki: Probably taken.
Miklos: You assume a lot...
Nikki: And you assume the internet is a week old.
#484 9/22/13
Nikki: Lots of things aren't vegan.
Nikki: Do you want to know what's in bagels?
Miklos: What?
Nikki: Bird feathers. It's used as a softening agent.
Miklos: That's not so bad. Who cares, we're all gonna die the same way anyway.. it's not that gross.
Nikki: No, I hate bird feathers!
#247 2/16/09
[on the way to the autoshow]
miklos: so where is this thing anyway?
alex: rogers centre?
miklos: umm i need a more definite answer than that
alex: rogers centre.
#426 12/14/11
miklos: i see, ok god
miklos: +o
curtis: no god is correct
miklos: you're right, no god is correct
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