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#380 9/25/10
Miklos: Why is toilet paper so expensive?
Nikki: I know... That's why you buy it when it's $4 at Shoppers and I have a dollar off coupon.
Miklos: I had to borrow 3 rolls from my mom today, we were out.
Nikki: Why don't you ever look in the storage room?
Miklos: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting it's more than just a server room.
Nikki: I'm stocked up on everything! I'm not some... hoochie mama.
Nikki: If there was an apocalypse tomorrow and we happened to be the last people alive, I have everything we'd need at least until we could break into a Walmart.
#430 3/20/12
[peter tells me he will be taking upper-intermediate english lessons]
miklos: soon you'll speak better english than a canadian-born person
peter: i'll be your next president
miklos: we have a prime minister, but even that's too much
miklos: but I wouldn't let you be either
peter: ok, i wouldn't wanna be anyway.. i wouldn't want to argue with the eskimos over how many polar bears they can eat per year
#326 1/19/10
Miklos: I think you're a gaybo ... who uses that word in 2010?
Nikki: Apparently you do.
Miklos: I got so mad at that bald cop [on '24'] yesterday that I called him a 'faggot'!
#42 7/30/07
Miklos: I helped Dave get his boat license... Do you want yours? I'm in the mood to give.
Matt: Alright, get out your credit card, let's do it, if you're really in the mood to give.
Miklos: Umm... Not that much.
Matt: So when you said you're in the mood to give you meant...
Miklos: Take.
#139 10/09/07
... about a year and a half ago
Alex: Where's the 9??? (Frantically confused while handling a phone)
Miklos: Go back to your cubicle, where things make sense...
... now, about a year and a half later
Alex (randomly): I hate passlock
Miklos (randomly): where's the 9?
Alex: above the 6
Miklos: apparently you still don't know
Dave: set a reminder in outlook to try again (next year)
#253 3/09/09
[talking about Maximum Overdrive (a 1986 Stephen King movie)]
alex: i can't believe the woman worked the title of the movie in at the oddest time
miklos: what a horrible movie
alex: "i was hicthin my way to hollywood, I was on my way to becoming a star.. that is until all the machines in the world went into Maximum Overdrive"
miklos: hahah
miklos: that's exactly what i would've said too
#11 4/16/07
(Filling out the sheet at Moore's when we picked out the tuxedos for Dave's wedding, they asked for the time of the ceremony, dave put down "15h00")
Miklos: what's the H for? what are you? french?
Dave: no... it's military time.
Miklos: no, it's french time. We use colons. French people use H.
(...a while later, while driving, Dave looking it up on his blackberry...)
Dave: grrrrr
Miklos: what?
Dave: shut the f* up. I feel like punching you in the face. ALL MY LIFE... i've used H...
#223 11/18/08
Peter: Miki... I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but...
Peter: This guy said that he was all done with this project...
Peter: I've been looking at it for about 15 minutes, and I've already found 2 mistakes
Peter: and all I've done was some clicking
miklos: :)
miklos: fire him
Peter: done
miklos: haha
Peter: pretty soon it will be "fire at him" if I keep finding mistakes...
#213 9/29/08
pircsi: u like my picture?
miklos: what picture
pircsi: of the rose
miklos: what rose
pircsi: on my display
miklos: what display
pircsi: oh shut up
miklos: i don't have a display
pircsi: sometimes i feel like punching you
#336 3/06/10
Pircsi: how do i have a tv channel thats 63.99 [that's not a price, it's the actual channel]
miklos: it's your bday
miklos: it's a party... it doesn't have to make sense
#491 12/25/13
Al: Now if I could just shit...
Miklos: don't worry i've shit for the both of us today
Al: Trying to be as empty as possible so the anesthesia doesn't gum up the pipes too bad
Miklos: i have no advice on shitting
#317 11/18/09
Miklos: Ahh...
Nikki: What?
Miklos: I googled Google.
Nikki: Did the world explode? That's what I always thought would happen.
#339 3/20/10
[After Miklos almost pulled his dad under the car when he was still getting in the back door]
Miklos: Sorry Daddy.
Dad: It's okay junior, you just almost killed me that's all.
#610 7/24/17
Miklos: Has he found the Rudi yet?
Nikki: He never does. I'd rather you eat it than him. What chance do you have of being healthy compared to him?
Miklos: 100%.
[Bites into a Rudi chocolate bar wrapped in white bread]
#287 7/24/09
[Miklos whistles 'Fa-La-La-La-La']
[Nik sings]: "don we now our gay apparel..."
Miklos: ...what does that mean?
Nikki: I guess 'we now don our gay apparel'
[Miklos stares blankly]
Nikki: ...apparel would be 'clothing'
#649 8/04/18
[driving by a funeral home]
Johnny: Dad, why is that funeral guy there?
Miklos: There is a funeral going on right now.
Johnny: A funeral? Why?
Miklos: Yes, there are funerals all the time. You know, people die every day, it’s just a part of life.
Johnny: Funerals are so embarrassing.
Miklos: Embarrassing? Why?
Johnny: Because. You just sit there. And it’s embarrassing.
Miklos: It’s not embarrassing, it’s sad.
Johnny: It’s sad and embarrassing.
#279 6/25/09
miklos: i love storms
miklos: i love them almost as much as i love flashlights
Nikki: haha
Nikki: i love storms much more than flashlights
Nikki: you barely love flashlights, you just like saying you love things
miklos: that's what makes it funny
miklos: we both clearly know my love for flashlights
Nikki: is moderate at best
#529 8/05/14
[Miklos making breakfast in the kitchen, Nikki feeding Johnny in the living room]
Nikki: Is pee ok, spider?
Miklos: What??
Nikki: Is pee ok, spider? In your native language.
Miklos: Oh! P-o-k! Yeah that's spider... I would've never guessed what the hell you were talking about if you didn't say "native language".
#307 10/22/09
Miklos: it's just like Holden Caulfield.
Nikki: ... wait, Holden Caulfield? from Catcher in the Rye? How??
Miklos: you know, how they tried to keep kids from growing up to be adults because adulthood was bad and evil and so they grew up thinking life was a fairy tale
Nikki: that was Peter Pan
Miklos: wow, well then my English teacher was way off the mark
Nikki: I'd say so... unless she was really reaching for a metaphor there, but Holden Caulfield??
[moments later]
Nikki: I still don't get how your ex is like Peter Pan
#7 3/31/07
(Coming back from the U.S., the lady in the car in front of us at the border was talking and looked like she was making hand motions as she talked.)
miklos: That lady looks like she's a mute.
dave: How can she be driving?
miklos: She's not deaf! ... ... *pause* ... or BLIND!
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