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#276 6/15/09
[Driving northbound on the 406 around the left bend before Westchester, Miklos takes the turn from the right lane and crosses over the right shoulder (at 11:30pm, fatigue was a definite factor)]
Nikki: BOY!
Miklos: Whaat... I got it...
Miklos: At these speeds it's hard to take those turns.
Miklos: You should see me drive while I'm sleeping.
Nikki: I bet it's pretty similar!
#227 12/08/08
miklos: what font did you end up using?
Nikki: well, it's an odd combination.. for regular text I went with Century Gothic
miklos: is that the....
Nikki: it's pointy
miklos: round one? all capitals?
Nikki: no. you're talking about copperplate gothic...
miklos: will you marry me?
#490 11/12/13
Miklos: You know why our marriage is effortless?
Nikki: Why's that?
Miklos: Because we both make an effort.
Miklos: Except me..
#311 10/28/09
Nikki: OH my GOD i woke up with a snake tattoo
miklos: OH MY GOD and I think that my tongue's pierced toO!
Nikki: OH my GOD! OH! my GOD!
miklos: It's the sunday morning after
miklos: and baby who the HELL are you?
miklos: yeah that'd be a rough morning...
Nikki: why the hell are things allowed on the radio
miklos: they're not anymore
#98 8/10/07
miklos: this site has some sexy code behind it
alec: yeah?
miklos: yeah object oriented
miklos: which means "plug and play" modules
alec: um. yeah.
alec: All my subheads for this nursing migration annual report have to follow a theme of global credibility.
miklos: hmm
alec: ZACKly
alec: so is that the object oriented whoozie whatsit you're talking about?
miklos: say what?
alec: huh?
alec: is this thing on?
alec: HELLO...HELLO...Testing 123.
miklos: object oriented to a webpage is like dead silence to a copywriter. only the opposite...
#101 8/10/07
miklos: man, on the way home from the island i took the 407
miklos: and i got the bill for it today
miklos: $17.28 ... $11.38 - toll charges, $3.55 - video toll charge, $2.35 - account fee
miklos: first off
miklos: I didn't ask them to take a video photo of me
miklos: secondly, i didn't ask them to put me in their stupid database
dave: that is bullshit
miklos: for 67km of highway use
miklos: i accept charges for using the highway
miklos: but the technology they use to track me to send me my bill should be free of charge, and not come out of my pocket ...
dave: i'm surprised that it didn't say.... 59cents for the stamp... 25 cents for the envelope... 10 cents for the paper and 5 cents for the ink... and a folding/licking fee
dave: hehe this is like a bad mastercard commercial
dave: and being fucked in the ass for using a provincial highway that originally took tax dollars to build: priceless
dave: there's some things money can't buy.... for everything else...
#157 11/23/07
Dave: i just had a crazy nose bleed
Dave: still holding a kleenex to my nose
Miklos: were you picking at it?
Dave: no, i was just sittging here
Dave: sitting
Miklos: weird
Dave: and i felt you
Dave: you = it
Miklos: hahah
Miklos: freudian slip?
#136 10/01/07
miklos: teletubbies
Peter: that's good
Peter: bbc's best program
miklos: "agaaaaiiiinnnn"
Peter: hm?
miklos: isn't that what they always say?
Peter: i don't know
miklos: doesn't matter
Peter: i've only seen it once
Peter: when a vacuum cleaner chased one of them around
Peter: and for me that was enough to not want to watch it anymore...
#141 10/15/07
[Miklos throws a punch in the air and makes some stupid noises]
Miklos: Did you see that?
Miklos: That was a side-cut, not to be confused with an upper-cut.
Dave: You mean a "hook"?
#241 1/21/09
Curtis: what's funny about this is, i forget what i previously said
miklos: do you close the window down after like 2 minutes of inactivity from the other person?
Curtis: pretty much
miklos: I used to do that
miklos: still do
#131 9/20/07
miklos: you should order 2 sets of dumbbells - 2 x 60 and 2 x 70
baxo: umm
baxo: maybe when i have a job
miklos: there ya go
miklos: cherish that optimism, sanyi
#21 7/23/07
miklos: my bum hurts
miklos: I tried something new this weekend
dave: oh my GOD
dave: i promised you I'd shoot you when this happens
miklos: yeah.. i rode my bicycle for like 4 hours
dave: ohhhhhhhhhh, your bike
#425 11/23/11
Miklos: Very nice watch, wear it always!
Alex: It needs less links.
Miklos: Really? Fit me good, a bit loose but that's how it should be.
Alex: It needs like 1 link gone, it looks too gangster.
Miklos: How skinny is your wrist?
Alex: 0.95em
#103 8/16/07
Alex: miklos
Alex: grab me
Alex: Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix
Miklos: Oh, the enter key was a semicolon...
Miklos: and not a period
#354 6/08/10
Miklos: Alright, what are we going to buy .. hang on, I have a list.
[Miklos finds someone's grocery list on top of a shopping cart at the grocery store]
Miklos: Wow this person wants lots of milk.
Nikki: Really, they put that down?
Miklos: Well, we have "yogurt", melba, milk, banana, apples, cookies, milk, t-cream, white cake mix, granola bars
Nikki: Actually that sounds like a pretty solid list to me...
Miklos: Definitely not a first time shopper.
Nikki: Yeah, totally devoid of ramen noodles.
#137 10/04/07
Tim Riley: your php work inspires me!
Tim Riley: I will be doing php in my new job
miklos: haha
miklos: YOURs inspired ME
Tim Riley: it's a cycle!!
miklos: yep
miklos: it's a try/catch 22
#195 6/12/08
Peter: http://www.autoblog.com/2008/06/10/bmw-gina-light-visionary-model-revealed/
Peter: did you send me this link?
Miklos: yes
Peter: it's like something is moving under its skin
Peter: I don't think it looks good
Miklos: no
Miklos: and yes it moves
Miklos: the headrests...
Miklos: watch the video
Peter: I did
Peter: it opens its eyes
Peter: what's it made of?
Peter: "swim caps"!
Peter: Vorlons in Babylon 5 had a spaceship that was somewhat organic
Peter: this is like that
Peter: eventually cars will fully come to life, like they won't open their eyes all the way if they're tired...
Peter: they'll stretch when they wake up in the morning
Peter: then jump over the fence
Peter: and chase after cats on the street
#129 9/17/07
(Miklos fighting marketing devil that was presenting the new all-in-one iMac on Apple's site)
Miklos: Wow.. I want one.. *pause* Man.. I'm stupid. I gotta close this site down. I don't want nothing.
(Miklos: 1, Devil: 2940385)
#153 11/08/07
[In the elevator, Matt standing in one corner, Miklos in the other. Gord gets in on the 3rd floor]
Gord: Ok, who's driving?
Miklos (without hesitation): I AM!
[Matt, closer to the buttons, quietly presses it to close the door]
Miklos: Oh, I guess he took over...
#191 5/29/08
miklos: well i'm not going to buy an $800 bike to mod it right away
miklos: i'll mod it as time goes on
Paul: hah its true
Paul: you don't see any lowered Audi TT's driving around with groud effects
miklos: that's cuz alex doesn't own one yet
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