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#571 · May 31, 2015
(Upon Curtis pointing out roadkill guts on the side of a highway)
Pearl: Guts! Glory. Ram.
#563 · Mar 24, 2015
[After referencing a car on the side of the 406]
Pearl: I wonder if the owls are there
Curtis: In the car?
Pearl: By the hospital
[The hospital then appears beside the highway]
Curtis: Ahhh right (switches to left lane to pass a car)
Pearl: Are you gonna make the exit?
Curtis: What exit?
Pearl: Fourth Ave - to get to the hospital
Curtis: Ohhh you actually want to go there
Pearl: *facepalm*
#553 · Jan 18, 2015
Pearl: I like the timing of my birthday because it means spring is around the corner
Pearl: Spring is my second favourite, next to fall
Curtis: Yeah, same here
Pearl: Yeah I like when things bloom, but I like it better when they die
#549 · Dec 12, 2014
Pearl: So I was thinking...wait no I wasn't
#538 · Sep 27, 2014
[While waving to the car in front of her]
Pearl: Bye!!!
Pearl: They took so long to turn that I felt like I got to know them.
#536 · Sep 11, 2014
Curtis: So my landlord decided that I needed a new fridge, so I just got an upgraded one tonight with a lot more space.
Pearl: Oh nice, so when do you move?
Curtis: ....what?
Pearl: Wait, what?
#531 · Aug 26, 2014
Pearl: There's two birds hanging out on that tree.
Alex: Where's the one stone?
#524 · Jul 13, 2014
Pearl: Look!! (points to bird on overhead wire)
Curtis: What is it?
Pearl: It's a HAWWWK!
Curtis: Ahhh (continues driving passed it)
Pearl: ............
Pearl: ............
Pearl: ............why aren't we turning around?
Curtis: Oh. Will it still be there?
Pearl: Well it won't be if we keep driving away from it.
#519 · Jun 15, 2014
Pearl: Sometimes I can't tell if it's me talking or the radio
#518 · Jun 15, 2014
(When talking about being in an area where there are always foxes)
Pearl: I thought I saw a fox over there last time we were here, but then I convinced myself that it was probably nothing and my mind just made me think it was a fox
Curtis: If there is movement around these parts, it's probably a fox
Pearl: Or it could be a toyota
Pearl: I mean coyote
#509 · Mar 29, 2014
Pearl: Keep driving.. a little farther.. okay this is it.. wait no I lied.. okay slow down.. nope just kidding that's not it.. okay I think we may have passed it by now
Curtis: [While driving passed another house] Is that it? It looks abandoned
Pearl: Oops that was actually the second house I was looking for.
Curtis: So want me to turn around?
Pearl: Naw it's snowing so it's in the past.
(A day in the life of photography with Pearl)
#508 · Mar 29, 2014
Alex: A straw just went up my throat.
Pearl: I think things go down your throat, not up.
Alex: Shut up, Pearl! I just deep throated a straw!
#501 · Mar 18, 2014
(After Pearl points out a ton of ducks in the Niagara River)
Curtis: Whoa, that's a shit load of things that flock
#489 · Nov 3, 2013
Pircsi: look mom i can multi task. I'm doing two things at once, cooking and playing the piano
Mom: actually you are doing three things
Pircsi: what's the third?
Mom: pissing me off
#485 · Sep 30, 2013
3yr old: What is your middle name?
Pircsi: I don't have one.
3yr old: For real life?
Pircsi: Yes. I was born in a country called Hungary. We don't have middle names there.
3yr old: [rolling her eyes] Oh geez louise.
#336 · Mar 6, 2010
Pircsi: how do i have a tv channel thats 63.99 [that's not a price, it's the actual channel]
miklos: it's your bday
miklos: it's a party... it doesn't have to make sense
#251 · Feb 27, 2009
pircsi: aw I hope I'm not pregnant because I don't want to eat pickles dipped in ice cream.
#250 · Feb 26, 2009
pircsi: hey i was right about that mole on your face
miklos: what mole
pircsi: exactly
pircsi: i debated for months if i should cut it off while you sleep
pircsi: and you didnt even notice
#249 · Feb 25, 2009
pircsi: i need you like water
Nikki: i need water like you
Nikki: all hairy and random water
pircsi: i like hairy things
Nikki: then you'll LOVE my water.
#232 · Dec 27, 2008
pircsi: life is screwed up
miklos: life is silly :)
miklos: there's no point in having kids either
pircsi: lol
miklos: you raise them, shelter them.. then when they're old enough, you expose them to how bad this world is
miklos: haha
miklos: and then you die
miklos: then they raise their own
miklos: and the cycle continues
pircsi: yeah
miklos: seriously... the only reason i can see for people to keep having kids is out of selfishness...
miklos: it sure ain't for the benefit of the kid
miklos: "hi, here's this messed up world. go live in it until you get old and die :P"
miklos: speaking of which, i can't wait to have kids. they're so cute..
pircsi: lol
miklos: like daniel.
miklos: he's cute.
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