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#635 · Mar 11, 2018
Johnny: Mom, what's this song called?
Nikki: Your mom. Oh great, I'm saying your mom to my own son now.
#629 · Dec 29, 2017
Miklos: It's called Weir Road.
Johnny: Weir Road.
Miklos: Not 'Weird' Road.
Johnny: I DIDN'T SAY Weird Road. I said Weir Road!
Miklos: Okay, sorry.
Johnny: ... Heh, but it is a funny, weird road.
#628 · Dec 22, 2017
[During a quiet moment while eating lunch after the dog's toenail broke, spurting blood everywhere, following a morning of other small disasters]
Johnny: Mom... I think it's time we sell this house.
#627 · Dec 10, 2017
Johnny: Dad, what makes my fingers move?
Miklos: Your brain
Johnny: My brain???
Miklos: Yes, it controls everything!
Johnny: Even my toes? My hands? My mouth?
Miklos: Yes, everything.
Johnny: That’s funny. Dad?
Miklos: Yes?
Johnny: What’s a brain?
#626 · Dec 2, 2017
Nikki: Wow, it's taking a long time to turn onto this street.
Johnny: Uhh YEAH... King Street is a really busy street.
#625 · Dec 2, 2017
Johnny: Mommy, thanks for giving me my sucker. It's got a beautiful taste.
#624 · Nov 26, 2017
[playing Mario Kart]
Johnny: Why is his name Bowser dad?
Miklos: I don’t know, why is this guy’s name Mario?
Johnny: Because! His mother named him Mario when he was a baby!
#623 · Nov 18, 2017
Johnny: Can you make me a real motorcycle dad?
Miklos: How do I do that?
Johnny: Just use the tools in the shed. It’ll make it easier.
#619 · Sep 17, 2017
[while running to the bathroom]
Johnny: Pause this, I have to go poo!
#618 · Sep 11, 2017
Johnny: Dad is this Toyota expensive?
Miklos: Yeah it'd be expensive if you were to buy it on your own.
Johnny: Dad, you can buy it with me any time you want.
#616 · Sep 6, 2017
Johnny: What's a king? Does a king have a crown?
Miklos: Yes a king has a crown.
Johnny: What does a queen have?
Miklos: A crown too but a smaller one.
Johnny: Isn't that called a tiara?
Miklos: Yes, how do you know that word?
Johnny: I know EVERY word!
Miklos: Is that right?
Johnny: Yes, a tiara.
#614 · Aug 31, 2017
Nikki: Do you have a poop?
Johnny: No.
Nikki: Do you HAVE to poop? You have really gross toots.
Johnny: Nope I don't have to and yes I do, I'm very sorry but I still love you though.
#611 · Aug 3, 2017
[Turning onto Vimy Rd in Port Colborne]
Johnny: Dad, this is called wiggling woods because the trees are wiggling. Trees are wood. I want to call them whistling woods but the birds don't want to listen to me.
#594 · May 16, 2016
[Looking at an alphabet book with Johnny]
Miklos: They put 4 letters on one screen? Okay...
Nikki: They're called pages, by the way.
#539 · Sep 30, 2014
Nikki: I told [6-month-old] Johnny don't ever get dogs. They're nice but a lot of work. He said "bbbbblllloooooon" so I said yes balloon dogs might be easier
#529 · Aug 5, 2014
[Miklos making breakfast in the kitchen, Nikki feeding Johnny in the living room]
Nikki: Is pee ok, spider?
Miklos: What??
Nikki: Is pee ok, spider? In your native language.
Miklos: Oh! P-ó-k! Yeah that's spider... I would've never guessed what the hell you were talking about if you didn't say "native language".
#475 · Jul 19, 2013
Nikki: This queen's stupid. She knights everyone willy-nilly. She knighted Anthony Hopkins a long time ago. She knighted Elton John, she knighted Ben Kingsley...
Miklos: She knighted Furniture Warehouse...
Nikki: No, YOU-nited Furniture Warehouse!
#415 · Aug 28, 2011
[referring to Steve Jobs]
Dad: You know that guy, what the hell is his name? Johnny Workman?
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