#583 · Oct 27, 2015
Miklos: You know the years before they had like 18 cameras filming... how did they know who was safe and who wasn't? Who actually won all those old World Series?
Nikki: Not me.
#445 · Oct 27, 2012
[dad misreading things again]
Dad: It said something about it being tabletop or something like that
Miklos: counterfeit you mean?
Dad: yeah, that's it....
#422 · Oct 27, 2011
Lauren: hey curtis i have a question
Curtis: yes lauren
Lauren: nevermind
Lauren: i was emailing a resume
Lauren: it asked if i wanted to send them as online documents
Lauren: but then i thought what if their office doesn't have internet access
lauren: so i didn't haha
Curtis: ummmm
Lauren: you never know
Curtis: you know email is part of the internet right?
Lauren: hahaha omg
Lauren: i'm dumb
#309 · Oct 27, 2009
Brittany: is it weird that paper shredding smells like christmas?