#188 · Apr 19, 2008
julius: am I talking over your head again?
alex: I guess so
julius: no wonder you're going bald
#187 · Apr 17, 2008
miklos: I don't think my mp3 player has a random function.
matt: yes it does. what mp3 player doesn't have it?
miklos: I don't know. you find it then.
[messing with the mp3 player, sarcastically]:
matt: yeah... you're right, there's no random... this stupid thing called it a _shuffle_.
#186 · Apr 15, 2008
Brian: do you know that target="_blank" for a php submit form doesn't work for ie????
#185 · Apr 15, 2008
Brian: wowzers. lol i was just going to ask you where i may be able to find a link to insert a small statement for newsletter from databased emails to a php but seems you have a much larger problem.
#184 · Apr 3, 2008
miklos: I always like driving down by the falls, I mean it is one of the wonders of the world.
alex: I know how it happened.. no mystery.
alex: Water caused the erosion.
miklos: Yeah, 3 buckets of water, sheepskin, and an axe.
alex: No, that was mistyped, it was an ox.
#183 · Mar 26, 2008
miklos: man i just avoided a serious toilet cloggage by some furious plunging.
miklos: IN MID FLUSH
#182 · Mar 26, 2008
dave: szervusz mikrobe bacsi. hogy vagy?
miklos: egy kicsit megfáztam... fáj a torkom.
dave: nem jo
miklos: torkom = my throat
dave: i thought that was stomach
dave: all I know is that faj is hurt and that is nem jo
miklos: torok = throat
miklos: not to be confused with török = turkish (person)
dave: only in hungarian does 4 dots seperate a throat and an entire civilization
#181 · Mar 13, 2008
alex: i was entering a test record into a database and came up with the best postal code.. checked to see if it actually is a real location but came inconclusive.
alex: L0L 0M6
miklos: not original
miklos: http://www.firehall.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13621
miklos: that is [seemingly] the only other reference of that postal code on the web
miklos: so you're still safe.
miklos: you should get in touch with that person and share your creative knowledge
#180 · Mar 8, 2008
paul: miklos\
miklos: sir
paul: know of any cool photoalbums online that don't use php
miklos: what should they use
paul: xml maybe?
miklos: have you thought this through?
#179 · Mar 7, 2008
Peter: I don't know how to do it, but I'll figure it out.
Peter: Programming is sort of like magic.
Peter: You always get that "I want to know [how to do] that trick" feeling...
#178 · Mar 4, 2008
Dave: nothing but "Play Again" from good old Tim Hortons [roll up the rim to win]
Dave: you know what they should do? if you collect 10 "Play Again"s you get a free coffee or donut
Miklos: that'd be awesome
Dave: that actually would be a smart marketing move
Miklos: you're a genius
Dave: and call the slogan "it pays to lose"
#177 · Feb 29, 2008
Alex: If I lived in Fonthill I'd give streets names like Courier, Times New Roman Road, Arial Ave...
#176 · Feb 20, 2008
Scott G: In Knight Rider the beginning starts with two lesbians.
Scott C: What, there are lesbians!?
Helen: Yes, guys like you turn them into lesbians.
#175 · Feb 15, 2008
Scott G: Lost? That's like Gilligan's Island ... for idiots.
#174 · Feb 9, 2008
Aaron: did you buy me all that shit off my wishlist yet?
baxo: every single one
baxo: besides what did YOU get me for my birthday?
Aaron: finally
Aaron: someone cares about me
Aaron: a job you fucking hippie
#173 · Jan 28, 2008
Miklos: Man, I played violin with old people all weekend long.
Matt: Umm.. that's great.. heh
Matt: What do you say to that really?
#172 · Jan 14, 2008
mulberry: yeah i kind of fell out with my old "career"
mulberry: too much time with people :)
mulberry: now i want teh people back
mulberry: a bit
Mikachu: maybe you can start a firm that hires former murderers to make asp.net webpages?
mulberry: Mikachu: and i coudl be their leader?!
Mikachu: sure
Mikachu: maybe you could wear a scarf too
mulberry: i totally have lots of scarves, it is a dream job
#171 · Jan 14, 2008
Curtis: i pitched to the people in my 'people should do stuff' group the question about what if neo didn't take either pill
Curtis: the first response i got was brilliant
Curtis: "blue screen of death?"
#168 · Dec 10, 2007
Orbit1: greedy dumbfucks
Orbit1: dude that's how i think organic organisms *evolve*
Orbit1: eventually we all become machines
Orbit1: we're witnessing the early stages of that now
Orbit1: it will take thousands of years
Orbit1: and then we will manifest ourselves into a type of AI and evolve from there
Orbit1: populate the universe with machinery
Orbit1: we already immerse ourselves into electronica (text messaging, games etc)
Orbit1: eventually we'll upload ourselves into a network
Orbit1: our minds
Orbit1: silicon and carbon baby
Orbit1: there's actually a paradox there
Orbit1: if you upload your *mind* into a computer... who's the real you?
Orbit1: does that create another self aware cloned being of you?
#167 · Dec 9, 2007
[Passing a TomTom GPS system back and forth, standing beside each other]
Miklos: Look, there are 3 satellites by you, and 7 by me...
Alex: I'd be worried if I were you.
#166 · Dec 8, 2007
Carl: There should be a rule for your quotes page. You should have to be able to repeat it and see if it's still funny before you put it up.
#165 · Nov 28, 2007
Peter: I bought a newspaper this morning
Peter: I wanted to read something while I was on the bus
Peter: And there was an article in there about some Chinese explorer
Peter: there were some Chines ones too, just not as famous as for example Columbus or Magellan...
Peter: the one that is featured in the article is called Zeng He
Peter: http://www.semarang.nl/chinees-jpg/boot.gif
Peter: this photo is interesting
Peter: the black ship is Colombus' ship
Peter: the white one is the Chinese
Peter: 80 years before Colombus, he sailed around India and surroundings, all the way to Africa
Peter: http://www.semarang.nl/chinees-jpg/map-chengho.gif
Miklos: hmm
Miklos: it would've been awesome living in those days
Miklos: discovering all sorts of shit...
Peter: you can't even go 3 days without photoshop...
#164 · Nov 28, 2007
Miklos: I'm going to make it a point to travel to a different country every year starting next year. Maybe I'll start with Africa.
[Fully aware that miklos needs paperwork in order to get into USA, sarcastically]:
Matt: Why don't you start with the States?
#158 · Nov 23, 2007
Tom: Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in November because of something to do with harvest and God or something...
Tom: Plymouth rock...
Miklos: What's Plymouth rock?
Tom: You know, Plymouth rock.. the Pilgrims.. early settlers... There were a-hundred-and-something of them and a year later it was like 60 or something, because they died...
Tom: Christopher Columbus, etc.. You know?
Tom: They were supposed to land somewhere in Georgia but they missed their course.
Miklos: And ended up in Canada?
Tom: No.. Plymouth rock.. haha.. yeah.. it's in California!
Tom: Don't you know your geography/history man?
Miklos: I wasn't born here. I just came here and started feeding off the land.
Tom: Heathen.
#157 · Nov 23, 2007
Dave: i just had a crazy nose bleed
Dave: still holding a kleenex to my nose
Miklos: were you picking at it?
Dave: no, i was just sittging here
Dave: sitting
Miklos: weird
Dave: and i felt you
Dave: you = it
Miklos: hahah
Miklos: freudian slip?
#156 · Nov 21, 2007
Joanne: well, who really has the time to be talking on MSN at work??
#154 · Nov 8, 2007
Miklos: You know what one thing is that irritates me about this place?
Miklos: Elevator chat.
#153 · Nov 8, 2007
[In the elevator, Matt standing in one corner, Miklos in the other. Gord gets in on the 3rd floor]
Gord: Ok, who's driving?
Miklos (without hesitation): I AM!
[Matt, closer to the buttons, quietly presses it to close the door]
Miklos: Oh, I guess he took over...
#152 · Nov 6, 2007
Carol: J. Werhun is taking his Access finals tonight, and is wondering if you'd know where a course on Sequence might be offered?
Miklos: I've not heard of "Sequence" ... do you mean SQL (often times mispronounced as "SEQUEL")?
#151 · Nov 5, 2007
Orbit1: i can see you're striving to make sense
#149 · Oct 26, 2007
Brian: WHY
Brian: in photoshop, do i have to go over the pixels several times to color something from white to a color?
#148 · Oct 26, 2007
alex: and I tell [my dog] peanut my deepest secrets that I sometimes have to get off my chest..
alex: she's so attentive, always looks into my eyes when i'm talking to her
alex: i also KNOW she can't tell anyone.. it's great
#147 · Oct 26, 2007
Guy on phone: Hi.. can i speak to a "Mikolosh Bashhco"?
Alex: He's actually at work.
Guy on phone: Then can i speak to a "Sandor Bashhco"?
Alex: Him you're speaking to...
Guy on phone: Oh hello, I was just calling to see if you would consider voting for the conservative party in the next federal election?
Alex: When is the next federal election?
Guy on phone: We are considering sometime in the springtime to have a federal election.
Alex: Okay I will consider it I just have to see what my schedule is like.
Guy on phone: Okay, do you think that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are on the right track?
Alex: I don't really follow politics so I couldn't tell you.
Guy on phone: So you still live at [insert address here]?
Alex: Yes.
Guy on phone: Thank you for your time, have a good day.
(Political mafia coming to get us!?)
#146 · Oct 25, 2007
Orbit1: it's like conspiracy shit man
Orbit1: i can't get enough... it's more entertaining than anything else on the web
Orbit1: some of it is very thought provoking and that's the most entertaining... but a lot is just crazy stuff... at the root of most of it are money making schemes
Orbit1: books, conferences, web sites with ads, guest speaking etc
Orbit1: it's like professional wrestling except more people think it's real
#145 · Oct 23, 2007
Curtis: well the sum 41 finger 11 concert was just cancelled
Alex: damnit, guess the numbers didn't add up
#144 · Oct 23, 2007
dave: i'm going to call up oxford or websters and tell them that I have an addition to the definition of spontaneous..... YOU
#143 · Oct 17, 2007
Brian: I have a host with my website hoster with mysql on it. i tried to get the mail listings on it and i prob fucked up their end with the database setup cause i have no clue what i'm doing.
#142 · Oct 17, 2007
Dave: You know what pisses me off?
Miklos: What's that
Dave: how on god's green earth do "older" men consistently miss the fucking urinal??? honestly, how do you miss a urinal? you practically stick yourself right in there! but somehow people still piss all over the floor and all over the wall... it is disgusting... why am I pissed off??? because of 3 main reasons. 1. it looks like shit 2. it smells even worse, and 3. I have to make sure that my laces and pant legs aren't remotely close to touching the ground. *end of rant*
#141 · Oct 15, 2007
[Miklos throws a punch in the air and makes some stupid noises]
Miklos: Did you see that?
Miklos: That was a side-cut, not to be confused with an upper-cut.
Dave: You mean a "hook"?
#140 · Oct 10, 2007
Miklos: I can't believe you called me bull-headed.
Dave: I called you bull-headed AND dumb
Dave: Come to think of it, I called you bull-headed twice this week.
Dave: You should be happy, I don't call many people bull-headed.
Dave: No, actually, just you.
#139 · Oct 9, 2007
... about a year and a half ago
Alex: Where's the 9??? (Frantically confused while handling a phone)
Miklos: Go back to your cubicle, where things make sense...
... now, about a year and a half later
Alex (randomly): I hate passlock
Miklos (randomly): where's the 9?
Alex: above the 6
Miklos: apparently you still don't know
Dave: set a reminder in outlook to try again (next year)
#138 · Oct 9, 2007
Dave: Want a piece of my dental gum?
Dave: It tastes good and also whitens your teeth.
Miklos: Sure, if it'll help get this cashew out.
Dave: Maybe, but if it does anything, it'll turn the cashew white.
Miklos: We're not eating PAINT!
#137 · Oct 4, 2007
Tim Riley: your php work inspires me!
Tim Riley: I will be doing php in my new job
miklos: haha
miklos: YOURs inspired ME
Tim Riley: it's a cycle!!
miklos: yep
miklos: it's a try/catch 22
#136 · Oct 1, 2007
miklos: teletubbies
Peter: that's good
Peter: bbc's best program
miklos: "agaaaaiiiinnnn"
Peter: hm?
miklos: isn't that what they always say?
Peter: i don't know
miklos: doesn't matter
Peter: i've only seen it once
Peter: when a vacuum cleaner chased one of them around
Peter: and for me that was enough to not want to watch it anymore...
#135 · Sep 26, 2007
Alex: man the most amazing thing happened to me last night
Alex: the lighning crashed down like RIGHT BESIDE me
Miklos: right on
Alex: man not right on
Alex: this was like.. amazing
Alex: i felt like i was in that movie powder
Alex: white balding guy, playing with lightning
#134 · Sep 25, 2007
Miklos: I got gas this morning...
Jeff (backing away): Ah geez!
Miklos: NO! For my car! Anyway... it overflowed!
#131 · Sep 20, 2007
miklos: you should order 2 sets of dumbbells - 2 x 60 and 2 x 70
baxo: umm
baxo: maybe when i have a job
miklos: there ya go
miklos: cherish that optimism, sanyi
#130 · Sep 18, 2007
Orbit1: if you'd apply yourself you'd probably have vast deep knowledge of some important topic like say... physics OR you might speak like 12 languages
Orbit1: but instead you know how to build gimmicky web junk
Orbit1: i applaud you sir
Orbit1: /golfclap
miklos: up yours
#129 · Sep 17, 2007
(Miklos fighting marketing devil that was presenting the new all-in-one iMac on Apple's site)
Miklos: Wow.. I want one.. *pause* Man.. I'm stupid. I gotta close this site down. I don't want nothing.
(Miklos: 1, Devil: 2940385)
#128 · Sep 17, 2007
Matt: Are you even looking for a job?
Alex: I have job. It's called being lazy. Doesn't pay well, but the benefits are great.