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#355 6/09/10
<Curtis and Miklos discussing the dagh facebook app>
Miklos: haha it was a work in progress
Miklos: the idea was that you could submit a dagh quote right from facebook
Miklos: i just never got around to finishing it
Miklos: it's still very doable i think. wouldn't even need much! just an add page
Miklos: it would still email the admins for approval though
Miklos: maybe. or it can skip approval if it's from facebook, since it's a real facebook person adding the quote...
Curtis: so approval is just a matter of non-spam?
Miklos: actually the approval was originally for non funny quotes
Miklos: or racist ones etc
Curtis: that's what i thought it still is
Miklos: yeah it still is
Curtis: heh, well alright then
Miklos: this is confusing
Miklos: nothing will change.
Curtis: you'll be ok
Miklos: life is wonderful
[few minutes later]
Nikki: This quote should've gone through the approval process

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