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#290 8/24/09
Brittany: i broke the internetsa
Curtis: how did you break the internetsa???
Brittany: i dont know but the technition dude came in and tried to fix it and he was like wtf and i was barfing so not paying much attention but he had to go all the way downtown cuz my modem wasnt broken that badly it was the ports
Brittany: i exploded the ports
Curtis: lol are you sure you did it
Curtis: i didn't even know ports can explode
Brittany: it was broken so i assume that i did it
Curtis: they're just things you plug the cable into isn't it?
Brittany: i dunno what a port looks like. i dont know how the internet works
Brittany: i just use it
Curtis: nothing you do on your computer's gunna trigger a shortage of hardware
Brittany: its more fun to assume that my epic surfing overheateded it

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