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#221 11/10/08
Nikki: i went to my mum's house today
Nikki: and my neighbour was outside in his hunting gear
Nikki: so I asked him what he was hunting today
Nikki: and he said deer in Fort Erie
Nikki: :'(
miklos: did you tell him to check out my flickr stream?
Nikki: but I was just like "Cool, have fun!"
Nikki: all the while grinding my teeth
miklos: hahah
Nikki: if it doesn't come out of a beer bottle, I doubt he'll know what it is
Nikki: nice guy, but likes his beer.
Nikki: deer rhymes with beer, so he probably knows what those are too
miklos: yeah that's pretty much it
miklos: it's really a simple language
miklos: the hunter's language
miklos: deer, beer, duck, fuck
miklos: done.
Nikki: queer yuck
Nikki: you're right, it works
Nikki: that's that whole mentality summed up
miklos: and loose, moose, goose.
miklos: wow
miklos: i wonder whoever made the language did this on purpose.
Nikki: you know we're right about this.

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