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#250 2/26/09
pircsi: hey i was right about that mole on your face
miklos: what mole
pircsi: exactly
pircsi: i debated for months if i should cut it off while you sleep
pircsi: and you didnt even notice
#401 4/03/11
pircsi: i lost the remote to my ipod dick
pircsi: dock
pircsi: not dick
pircsi: lol
kyle: u have a music playing dildo
#213 9/29/08
pircsi: u like my picture?
miklos: what picture
pircsi: of the rose
miklos: what rose
pircsi: on my display
miklos: what display
pircsi: oh shut up
miklos: i don't have a display
pircsi: sometimes i feel like punching you
#232 12/27/08
pircsi: life is screwed up
miklos: life is retarded :)
miklos: there's no point in having kids either
pircsi: lol
miklos: you raise them, shelter them.. then when they're old enough, you expose them to how much of a shit hole this world is
miklos: haha
miklos: and then you die
miklos: then they raise their own
miklos: and the cycle continues
pircsi: yeah
miklos: seriously... the only reason i can see for people to keep having kids is out of selfishness...
miklos: it sure as hell ain't for the benefit of the kid
miklos: "hi, here's this messed up world. go live in it until you get old and die :P"
miklos: speaking of which, i can't wait to have kids. they're so cute..
pircsi: lol
miklos: like daniel.
miklos: he's cute.
#226 12/07/08
pircsi: miki I love your camera
pircsi: if someone came to me and said "i'm going to kill your brother" ... "at least then you can have his camera"
pircsi: I would have to say "I love him.... but I guess it was his time"
#489 11/03/13
Pircsi: look mom i can multi task. I'm doing two things at once, cooking and playing the piano
Mom: actually you are doing three things
Pircsi: what's the third?
Mom: pissing me off
#485 9/30/13
3yr old: What is your middle name?
Pircsi: I don't have one.
3yr old: For real life?
Pircsi: Yes. I was born in a country called Hungary. We don't have middle names there.
3yr old (rolling her eyes): Oh geez louise.
#645 5/26/18
[Pircsi playing a board game with Johnny, he keeps rolling the dice onto his pieces knocking them out of place]
Pircsi: you’re never going to win if you keep doing that
Johnny: I’m going to win because I’m cheating
#249 2/25/09
pircsi: i need you like water
Nikki: i need water like you
Nikki: all hairy and random water
pircsi: i like hairy things
Nikki: then you'll LOVE my water.
#251 2/27/09
pircsi: aw I hope I'm not pregnant because I don't want to eat pickles dipped in ice cream.
#646 6/17/18
(After popping a balloon)
Pircsi: You’re killing them
Miklos: No, I’m murdering them
#336 3/06/10
Pircsi: how do i have a tv channel thats 63.99 [that's not a price, it's the actual channel]
miklos: it's your bday
miklos: it's a party... it doesn't have to make sense