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#467 5/20/13
[after counting down to Niagara Falls fireworks which happened to be synced with the atomic clock (according to Miklos' radio controlled watch)]
Miklos: I love that the falls fireworks were so on time last night
Miklos: Made me look like a damn gemius
#570 5/27/15
[Nikki presses car's 'Media' button which begins playing music from Miklos's iPhone]
Nikki: Oh, sweet. You have the new U2 album on your phone!
Miklos: Yeah, it's great. And it was free.
Nikki: Wow, lucky. When'd you get that?
Miklos: Haha... ... ...is this a real conversation?
Nikki: No.
#674 2 days ago
Miklos: John, what do you want to be when you grow up?
John: I don't know.
Miklos: What about a transparent wall technician?
John: What does that even mean?
Miklos: A window washer.
John: Nope. I do not want to be anything like that.
#315 11/02/09
Miklos: Good news is that you get a free $60 bill from me today if you take me to a bank.
Alex: How's that gonna work out?
Miklos: Obviously there's no $60 bill...
Alex: No.. I'm thinking ahead here... $60, that's not divisible by 20.
Miklos: Umm, yes it is.. You're not thinking far enough ahead I guess!
Alex: Well I was thinking the machine will give you a 50 and that's in 20 increments.
Miklos: Umm, no it's not.
Alex: Oh shit, there's no winning here!
#436 5/08/12
Nikki: I thought I'd hate this dog forever, but she's so good now
Miklos: Well she's getting a lot more walks these days.
Nikki: Don't say that word, she's looking at you now
Miklos: I meant Wok ... Wok with Yan?
Miklos: Damn that still sounds the same
Nikki: She doesn't know the difference between W-o-k and w-a-l-k!
#182 3/26/08
dave: szervusz mikrobe bacsi. hogy vagy?
miklos: egy kicsit megfáztam... fáj a torkom.
dave: nem jo
miklos: torkom = my throat
dave: i thought that was stomach
dave: all I know is that faj is hurt and that is nem jo
miklos: torok = throat
miklos: not to be confused with török = turkish (person)
dave: only in hungarian does 4 dots seperate a throat and an entire civilization
#327 1/24/10
Nikki: Tea no good?
miklos: Nah, it's good...
Nikki: Then what are you doing?
miklos: Dumping most of it...
Nikki: Why?
miklos: Not enough honey... (dumping tea down the drain)
Nikki: Haha.. are you serious? Why not just add more?
miklos: oh yeah..
#295 9/08/09
[While watching Ricky Chavis talk in an Alex and Derek King documentary (http://jui.cc/7j)]
Miklos: Oh man, do you know who this guy [Ricky Chavis] reminds me of?
Nikki: Woody Harrelson?
Miklos: Yes! ... mixed with umm...
Nikki: Matthew McConaughey??
Miklos: Yes!
#274 6/12/09
miklos: http://drna.org/search.php
miklos: a little heart for adopted dogs
miklos: a little smile for in process ones
Nikki: aw cute
Nikki: now all the dogs will want a heart-on
#97 8/10/07
Dave: jesus!
Dave: that is stupid
Dave: stupid crazy
Miklos: This world is hilarious
Dave: I don't know if you have taken a step forward or a step backward... mainly because the world is fucking stupid... everywhere you go, everywhere you look there is idiots, even in commercials (the manufacturers aim towards lower IQ individuals) because they are the majority. I used to find it hilarious, now it irritates me like a plague...
Miklos: idiocracy
Dave: exactly
Dave: it is true though... just watch the commercials
Dave: and you know what the really bad part is?
Miklos: i don't watch tv
Miklos: what's that
Dave: canada is actually above average
Dave: which means, other countries are like the cats in the clip you just sent me
Miklos: nah man you're just growing up
Dave: yeah we have... when will everyone else?
#115 9/11/07
Miklos: Hi, I picked up the iMac this morning, the one that was having the power issues?
Mac Outpost: Yep...
Miklos: Well now I noticed that when I eject the CD, it doesn't let it out gently, it spits it out entirely...
Mac Outpost: Yeah that's the problem with those things... sometimes they're too powerful.
Miklos: So.. what can I do then?
Mac Outpost: I dunno... Catch it?
#357 6/14/10
[talking about UFC 115]
Matt: That guy should've finished off Crocop in the first round. It looked like he wanted to keep going with him though.
Miklos: Yeah.. and then they hug in the middle of the round..
Matt: I don't know what kind of mind frame you'd have to be in to be able to do that.. You'd have to be a psycho.
Miklos: Or fight enough times that it really becomes like a job.. Sort of like me and you coding.. And now we're talking.. then back to coding.
Matt: .....yeah. EXACTLY like that...
Miklos: Haha, less blood though...
Matt: So far, less blood...

[Miklos gets random nose bleed 5 minutes later]
#627 12/10/17
Johnny: Dad, what makes my fingers move?
Miklos: Your brain
Johnny: My brain???
Miklos: Yes, it controls everything!
Johnny: Even my toes? My hands? My mouth?
Miklos: Yes, everything.
Johnny: That’s funny. Dad?
Miklos: Yes?
Johnny: What’s a brain?
#305 10/19/09
Miklos: I like this fridge...
Miklos: Hrm... or I could just buy some paint...
Matt: And put ice in it? That's gonna work good...
Miklos: ...and paint my old fridge!
(can't pause for more than a second with Matt)
#118 9/13/07
(Side note: accounting printer, water cooler and entrance to washrooms are all within about 5 feet of each other.)
Miklos: Check out what I found by the accounting printer
Matt: A pen?
Miklos: Yeah, it's nice.. Try it..
Matt: I don't want to.
Some time passes, I'd say about 10-15 minutes... Matt goes to the washroom, and after coming back:
Matt: Where did you find that pen?
Miklos: By the accounting printer.. why?
Matt: What were you doing there?
Miklos: I don't know.. oh! Refilling my water bottle. .. Hrm.. where IS my water bottle?
(Matt laughing)
Miklos: Shit! I left it there. Man, I didn't even use the washroom.
Matt: So you just went to get bottle refilled, got distracted by something shiny, put the bottle down on the cooler, forgot about it and came back?
Miklos: Yeah and I guess I just kept working...
#134 9/25/07
Miklos: I got gas this morning...
Jeff (backing away): Ah geez!
Miklos: NO! For my car! Anyway... it overflowed!
#332 2/10/10
miklos: the 90s with all the family sitcoms
miklos: where'd they go
Nikki: well, i think all the child stars went to rehab
#544 10/21/14
Miklos: Remember Electric Circus?
[Nikki and Miklos simultaneously] What the fuck was the point of that?!
#183 3/26/08
miklos: man i just avoided a serious toilet cloggage by some furious plunging.
miklos: IN MID FLUSH
#154 11/08/07
Miklos: You know what one thing is that irritates me about this place?
Miklos: Elevator chat.
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