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#492 1/02/14
Miklos: How am I at 9300 steps already today? Oh right, I was hammering.
Nikki: Why are you wearing that (Fitbit) on your dominant hand anyway? You hammer with it, you write with it. Why not just put it on your non-dominant hand [like they tell you to]? Because [name withheld] made a comment on your watch and Fitbit picture? 'OH NO, don't wear it on your non-dominant hand with your watch! They won't get along! They're going to fight! Your watch is going to cry! It's not modern enough for the Fitbit!' I don't think so. Go away, [name withheld], I don't even know you.
#140 10/10/07
Miklos: I can't believe you called me bull-headed.
Dave: I called you bull-headed AND dumb
Dave: Come to think of it, I called you bull-headed twice this week.
Dave: You should be happy, I don't call many people bull-headed.
Dave: No, actually, just you.
#248 2/20/09
Nikki: two notable quotes by Nik from tonight
Nikki: Suzie cut this big burn on her hand open on the register somehow and it started pouring blood
Nikki: Wendy's like "Don't just stand there, get some gauze or something!"
Nikki: I whisper at Wendy "Ugh, don't let her touch you, she has vegetarian blood..."
Nikki: other one was....... uhhhhhhhhhhh.... uhhhhhhhh forgettable
Nikki: OH
Nikki: Heroin Andy comes in with his infant
Nikki: and she's coughing this weird hacking cough and he's telling Eva how he's been to the doctor and the doctor says there's nothing wrong with her, just a cough, otherwise she's behaving normally...
Nikki: so after he leaves, I'm like "Probably crack-smoker's cough..."
miklos: you ARE a horrible person.
#231 12/22/08
Curtis: paul said to kill time i should write a poem or short story,
Curtis: so i asked him to list 5 random things to be included, then i proceeded to write
Curtis: would you like to see the final product?
Miklos: ok
Short story that includes: Magnesium Alloy AZ31, the Ocean, China, Canada, General Motors
Once upon a time (when else would it be?), there was an accountant who decided he wanted his life to
encompass dual careers. Half his time would be spent on accounting, while the other half would pursue
science. I mean, what accountant wouldn't have this dream? The problem was, he didn't know where to
start. Should he go to school? Should he google everything? Should he steal patented information? It was
all quite the dilemma, till one day while banging his head on his desk trying to decide...he saw the answer
right in front of him. He saw his encylopeida opened to a page about Magnesium Alloy AZ31. He had no
idea what that was, nor could he understand the jargon in the description, but there was something about
that name that seemed cool and important. He decided to take this information to his buddy in China who
happens to be one of those genius monks you find on top of mountains. The monk told him that this
information will not be found anywhere except in the encyclopedia that he possessed. The accountant
wondered how in the world he ended up with such rare information. The monk was actually unsure, but
continued to tell a story of lost treasure. Apparently, back in the day, a treasure hunter was on a secret
mission to find some undisclosed treasure. He left on this mission and never returned, but a few years later,
random scuba divers found an empty treasure chest at the bottom of Canada's Pacific Ocean. The
accountant never knew his father...could this have been him? Did he leave behind this treasure? The monk
suggested that if he left behind the encyclopedia, chances are that some magnesium alloy AZ31 was also left
behind. The accountant went home and checked his house, and sure enough he found an unusual substance
in a dusty box in his basement. He thought to himself that with how rare this is, it must be worth a fortune to someone.
He wasn't sure who to go to with this, but his first instinct led him to General Motors. Upon a
science guy there observing the MA AZ31 and its description, he was stunned. He brought it to the
attention of management and they immediately issued a bagillion dollar cheque to the accountant and shortly
afterward hired back all the bagillion people they previously laid off. The accountant never found out what
kind of wonders this thing actually brought to GM, and realized that such chain of events didn't end up
having anything to do with pursuing science, but he realized that if it weren't for banging his head on his desk
figuring out how to pursue science, he would have never ended up rich upon this fluke discovery.
Paul: hahahaha I love it
Paul: this exceeded my expectations 10 fold!
Paul: now for the real story
Paul: So Mg AZ31 stems from primary Magnesium which is actually derived from the ocean
Paul: using a pigeon process, which, developed in Canada or the US (not sure) is quite labour intensive and so its done mainly in China
Paul: GM, wants to use Magnesium in their cars, beacuse Magnesium is quite lite and will save fuel
Paul: however, regular magnesium is flammable, so the AZ31 derivative from Magnesium is to be used because its quite stable
Paul: but your story is so much better.
Curtis: i had no idea all these items were related
Paul: yeah, I actually just thought of a single thought, and wrote down ever other word basically
Paul: I planned on telling you after you wrote your story
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