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#99 8/10/07
miklos: you've been daghed
miklos: oooh a web 2.0 catch phrase
miklos: of my own
miklos: *heart*
alec: daghed. the opposite of digged
miklos: yeah... there you go...
miklos: at the one end of the spectrum, people seem to care.. at the other... not so much
#232 12/27/08
pircsi: life is screwed up
miklos: life is retarded :)
miklos: there's no point in having kids either
pircsi: lol
miklos: you raise them, shelter them.. then when they're old enough, you expose them to how much of a shit hole this world is
miklos: haha
miklos: and then you die
miklos: then they raise their own
miklos: and the cycle continues
pircsi: yeah
miklos: seriously... the only reason i can see for people to keep having kids is out of selfishness...
miklos: it sure as hell ain't for the benefit of the kid
miklos: "hi, here's this messed up world. go live in it until you get old and die :P"
miklos: speaking of which, i can't wait to have kids. they're so cute..
pircsi: lol
miklos: like daniel.
miklos: he's cute.
#355 6/09/10
<Curtis and Miklos discussing the dagh facebook app>
Miklos: haha it was a work in progress
Miklos: the idea was that you could submit a dagh quote right from facebook
Miklos: i just never got around to finishing it
Miklos: it's still very doable i think. wouldn't even need much! just an add page
Miklos: it would still email the admins for approval though
Miklos: maybe. or it can skip approval if it's from facebook, since it's a real facebook person adding the quote...
Curtis: so approval is just a matter of non-spam?
Miklos: actually the approval was originally for non funny quotes
Miklos: or racist ones etc
Curtis: that's what i thought it still is
Miklos: yeah it still is
Curtis: heh, well alright then
Miklos: this is confusing
Miklos: nothing will change.
Curtis: you'll be ok
Miklos: life is wonderful
[few minutes later]
Nikki: This quote should've gone through the approval process
#14 5/11/07
(Side note: Some people say "this Monday" on a Friday, and actually mean the Monday coming up, not the Monday that just passed... When other people would think that the word "this" was reserved for the week they are on.)

miklos: i can't believe that it's friday already
miklos: this was a fassstt week
miklos: or .. next... was a this week?
miklos: er
miklos: i'm confused
dave: heheh
miklos: only 3 more days till 24
dave: is it a two hour
miklos: no
miklos: next week it is
miklos: :)
dave: this week?
miklos: next week
dave: :P
miklos: this week is over.
miklos: but this monday's still to come
dave: but this monday is in next week?
miklos: yep [...apparently]
#323 12/11/09
Miklos: i printed out the military alphabet
Miklos: and posted it on my wall
Miklos: and i plan to learn it and use it
Miklos: i know most of them
Nikki: oh, your actual wall
Miklos: haha yeah
Miklos: real life.
Nikki: they have those now
#254 3/18/09
miklos: this is the 3rd flock of swans that flew by outside
miklos: the first one had about 25-30 swans
miklos: this last one only had 12
miklos: anyway
Nikki: swans???
miklos: yes
miklos: swans
Nikki: what the fuck
miklos: haha yeah
Nikki: is the world ending?
miklos: they're flying west
Nikki: i don't think i've ever seen a swan fly
miklos: they fly in V shapes like geese
Nikki: weird
miklos: it is
Nikki: they're like 6 feet long sometimes
Nikki: ahahah
miklos: hahah i know
Nikki: that's like a flock of people flying
miklos: yeah pretty much
Nikki: look at poor lonely blacky http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/07/in_pictures_enl_1195144140/img/1.jpg
Nikki: it's like a reverse oreo
miklos: neat
miklos: i don't ever want to see another white swan
miklos: black ones are way better
miklos: it's like they ate the Windows 3.11 "high contrast" color scheme
#100 8/10/07
miklos: 5 jets in the sky
miklos: spelling out
miklos: i got some pics, one sec...
miklos: haha man that was neat. it got the entire department looking, and i almost fell out of the window from the 4th floor trying to take a picture
miklos: i sent it to the tribune
dave: keep it up
dave: you might get a job
miklos: dave your sarcasm cuts deep
miklos: scars me for life
dave: that wasn't sarcasm... I was referring to risking your life for a picture... i guess you have a social esteem issue
#228 12/10/08
miklos: we're going to rock point tonight
Nikki: what
Nikki: why
miklos: lighthouse
Nikki: oh
Nikki: but
Nikki: it's night time
miklos: http://jui.cc/bP
Nikki: will there be light, for real?
miklos: the lighthouse is on an island
miklos: bring some floaties.
Nikki: ok um, that's a long ways away
Nikki: haha
miklos: just past dumbville
Nikki: ya i know
Nikki: we used to go camping there all the time
Nikki: invented stories about ghosts on the beach
miklos: it's by port maitland!
Nikki: saw a man drown there once too
Nikki: yeah
miklos: how the hell is that a long way away?
miklos: oh you're in st kitts
Nikki: mhmm
miklos: pft
miklos: extra 20 mins
miklos: 45 min drive
Nikki: did you skip the
Nikki: "saw a man drown there once too" part?
Nikki: because I find it remarkable that didn't even get a "oh"
miklos: i totally did
#330 2/01/10
Nikki: hey guess what i'm using as a chair
miklos: a chair?
Nikki: that exercise ball!
miklos: oh
miklos: good for posture
Nikki: well
miklos: just needs some more air
Nikki: i'm still slouching, just a new way
Nikki: but it's comfy
miklos: i always condone innovative slouching
miklos: i'm the king of slouching at work, sometimes only my head sticks out from under the desk
miklos: people constantly comment on it
#555 1/21/15
[Nikki stands up, awakening a napping Miklos on the couch]
Miklos: What the hell are you doing?
Nikki: What are you talking about?
Miklos: Oh. [bored voice] I thought you were floating in the air for a minute.
Nikki: ...that's going on Facebook.
Miklos: What did you say? I thought you were floating. Like a stick.
[Nikki looks at Miklos, confused]
Miklos: Stephen Harper...
[Falls back asleep]
#406 4/27/11
Nikki: i have a bone to pick. you have to stop responding to me when you're half asleep
miklos: half asleep?
miklos: i'm fully awake!
Nikki: last night I came to bed and said "hah, the washer played me a little song!" and you said "OK.." as if I had asked you to do a chore.
miklos: hahaha
Nikki: then I said "do you even know what I just said?"
Nikki: and you said "no"
Nik : and I said "well wake up for a minute and I'll repeat it." then I repeated it and you said "oh alright"
Nikki: clearly still not understanding
Nikki: anyway, pff!
miklos: i literally laughed out loud at this
miklos: cuz
miklos: i do not remember that conversation at all
miklos: i was asleep
Nikki: your eyes were open
miklos: brain was not.
Nikki: and you were half sitting up
miklos: hrm
miklos: weird
Nikki: that needs to change!
miklos: i can't change something i'm not aware of
Nikki: yes you can
Nikki: i have hope for you
#260 4/15/09
Nikki: ok so
Nikki: am I going to my convocation?
Nikki: i don't think i am
miklos: does that mean work?
Nikki: i have no pride in this school
Nikki: haha
miklos: oh
miklos: i like words.
Nikki: no that would be vocational
miklos: yeah i go on vacation every day when i come here.
Nikki: sigh
Nikki: talking to you is sometimes just like watching you try to do a crossword
Nikki: :)
miklos: hehe
miklos: like i said, i like words.
#192 6/04/08
miklos: so i put on a tie on monday, right?
miklos: and i'm like... wtf the back of this is too short to go through the little loop
miklos: so the back end of it was just hanging there all retarded
miklos: i decided to get one of my dad's tie clips to hold them together
miklos: the first thing was yelling into my sister's room "google 'tie clip proper position'..."
miklos: "two thirds of the way down"
miklos: "ok thanks"
miklos: .. i ended up not even wearing the clip
miklos: moral of the story: please don't take away google.
dave: that's nuts
dave: i don't know how people lived before google
dave: jenna and i bought rainbow trout, and didn't realize that we didn't know how to cook it until we got it home....
dave: again, google saved us
miklos: see... if it weren't for google, I'd have looked like a slob that day, and you'd probably have died of hunger.
#243 1/25/09
Nikki: you should give it a whirl
miklos: yeah, i'd like to try a few things before i turn gay though
miklos: like you know.. have a heterosexual marriage, maybe a couple of kids
miklos: then grow old and die as a heterosexual man
miklos: then maybe after that i'd be good to go.
#6 3/31/07
dave: shit miklos!
[hot chocolate falls]
miklos: is it all over the car?
dave: no my pants got the majority of it
miklos: there's some tissues in the glove box
dave: what the fuck is a tissue gonna do miklos?
dave: now if you have some shout....
dave: I could shout it out.
miklos: jesus... you're a breathing commercial.
#271 5/21/09
Nikki: i no i no
Nikki: that's how my cousin cam talks on msn
miklos: ?
Nikki: "i no"
miklos: haha i don't get it
Nikki: "i know"
Nikki: yeah, sometimes we're a little too smart to understand things like that.
miklos: yeah but it sounds the same and on cam, who would know the difference?
Nikki: his name is cam :|
miklos: WTF
Nikki: hahahha
miklos: i thought "cam talks" was something she did
miklos: SHE being the whore.
Nikki: HE
miklos: hahaha
miklos: pls to be capitalizing pronouns.
Nikki: *palm-face*
#221 11/10/08
Nikki: i went to my mum's house today
Nikki: and my neighbour was outside in his hunting gear
Nikki: so I asked him what he was hunting today
Nikki: and he said deer in Fort Erie
Nikki: :'(
miklos: did you tell him to check out my flickr stream?
Nikki: but I was just like "Cool, have fun!"
Nikki: all the while grinding my teeth
miklos: hahah
Nikki: if it doesn't come out of a beer bottle, I doubt he'll know what it is
Nikki: nice guy, but likes his beer.
Nikki: deer rhymes with beer, so he probably knows what those are too
miklos: yeah that's pretty much it
miklos: it's really a simple language
miklos: the hunter's language
miklos: deer, beer, duck, fuck
miklos: done.
Nikki: queer yuck
Nikki: you're right, it works
Nikki: that's that whole mentality summed up
miklos: and loose, moose, goose.
miklos: wow
miklos: i wonder whoever made the language did this on purpose.
Nikki: you know we're right about this.
#181 3/13/08
alex: i was entering a test record into a database and came up with the best postal code.. checked to see if it actually is a real location but came inconclusive.
alex: L0L 0M6
miklos: not original
miklos: http://www.firehall.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13621
miklos: that is [seemingly] the only other reference of that postal code on the web
miklos: so you're still safe.
miklos: you should get in touch with that person and share your creative knowledge
#261 4/20/09
miklos: alex is going to sign again
miklos: the house we looked at yesterday
Nikki: really.
miklos: yeah
Nikki: he sure likes signing things
Nikki: maybe he should become a guarantor
miklos: or the president
Nikki: or a pen
#180 3/08/08
paul: miklos\
miklos: sir
paul: know of any cool photoalbums online that don't use php
miklos: what should they use
paul: xml maybe?
miklos: have you thought this through?
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