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#413 7/13/11
Waitress: What would you like to drink?
Curtis: Iced Tea.
Alex: Uhh, I'll have a Coke.
Waitress: Did you say vodka and Coke?
#510 3/31/14
Alex: That guy looks like a buffoon! And I've never used the word buffoon, but that man is a buffoon!
#434 5/03/12
Curtis: There's a city in nova scotia called Musquodoboit
Curtis: I can't believe how close that is to mosquito bite
Alex: Yeah, it's like someone got bitten in the mouth, then tried to say it as they were asked "So what should we call this town?"
#533 8/28/14
[While Alex and Miklos are talking to each other, Curtis thinks he hears his name which didn't actually happen]
Curtis: Hmm? What are you talking about?
[They fill him in on the subject]
Curtis: Ah, so how am I involved in this?
Miklos: ......you interjected yourself into the conversation
#191 5/29/08
miklos: well i'm not going to buy an $800 bike to mod it right away
miklos: i'll mod it as time goes on
Paul: hah its true
Paul: you don't see any lowered Audi TT's driving around with groud effects
miklos: that's cuz alex doesn't own one yet
#389 12/20/10
Brian: (repeating a few times) You are the weakest link... goodbye
Brian: what was the name of that show anyway?
Alex: The Weakest Link
#350 5/27/10
Miklos: If Apple jumped off a bridge, would the world follow?
Goran: So long as the bridge is prettier, sleeker, but arguably less functional than comparable bridges.
Miles: And they had to pay a hefty premium toll to get onto the bridge.
Alex: And if it's a bigger bridge that has the same features as a smaller bridge and gets opened to Americans sooner than Canadians
#261 4/20/09
miklos: alex is going to sign again
miklos: the house we looked at yesterday
Nikki: really.
miklos: yeah
Nikki: he sure likes signing things
Nikki: maybe he should become a guarantor
miklos: or the president
Nikki: or a pen
#377 9/17/10
Alex: then, when the theater is done.. i'm going to start on my winter project of making actual robots that play live music instruments
Teja: i think its time you start your humping project
Teja: You have already invested in your junior for almost 25 years its time for rewards now
#295 9/08/09
[While watching Ricky Chavis talk in an Alex and Derek King documentary (http://jui.cc/7j)]
Miklos: Oh man, do you know who this guy [Ricky Chavis] reminds me of?
Nikki: Woody Harrelson?
Miklos: Yes! ... mixed with umm...
Nikki: Matthew McConaughey??
Miklos: Yes!
#381 9/25/10
(Eric reads an advertisement on a truck: "Maintenance by the yard")
Eric: I wonder what [they] charge by the yard. Like 5 cents or something?
Alex: Well I got a front yard and a back yard, would that be 10 cents?

#498 2/07/14
(While discussing car license plate sticker renewals and hydro bills)
Curtis: when you get notified just treat it as a bill you gotta pay
Curtis: nevermind the deadline that's so far away
Curtis: and if even your hydro bill is that high, fuck im dreading getting mine
Alex: wlol easy there poet
Curtis: wlol didn't even notice
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