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#9 4/02/07
Alex: I'm constantly quotable, you know that.
#269 5/11/09
Alex: I don't want to be a billionaire, I just want to be a comfortabillionaire.
#333 2/18/10
Alex: wow where does time go?
Eric: by... i think
#648 7/19/18
Alex: You know, there is probably a universe out there where the keyboard types on us
#651 8/15/18
Alex: oh well as long as i can get to sex.com that's all that matters.
#13 5/04/07
alex: I have some bigger issues right now than to worry about my taxes.
#531 8/26/14
Pearl: There's two birds hanging out on that tree.
Alex: Where's the one stone?
#390 12/20/10
Brian: It's almost like you have to watch that one with caps lock on.
Alex: You mean closed captioning?
#503 3/18/14
(While approaching Jess with a bent straw)
Alex: Come here! Come here! I just want to put this up your nose!
#505 3/18/14
Alex: I'm a modern day Romeo! I say it like it is and I fuck like I can't!
Jessica: Wait- what?
#556 1/23/15
Curtis: I have Taylor Swift looping in my head again
Alex: Just shake it off
#410 7/06/11
Alex: If I was videotaped, it wouldn't be a documentary. It would be an instructional video for the rest of mankind.
#459 12/21/12
Alex: I think my sanity had an apocalypse. I just tried to order Wendy's at a Tim Hortons drive thru.
#514 5/08/14
Curtis: We did it already
Alex: But I didn't explode
(Clearly referencing a request to fist bump)
#589 3/19/16
Alex: Soirée. Doesn't that sound fancy?
Jessica: No, it sounds French.
#665 4/30/19
Alex: Omg I just realized I have my underwear on backwards. No wonder why it felt really uncomfortable on the elliptical this morning.
#167 12/09/07
[Passing a TomTom GPS system back and forth, standing beside each other]
Miklos: Look, there are 3 satellites by you, and 7 by me...
Alex: I'd be worried if I were you.
#268 5/11/09
Alex: If I could somehow make an engine run by itself, which nobody has done yet you know because of the laws of physics and thermodynamics, it would be Nobel prize worthy for sure.
#398 2/22/11
(While looking at a small triangular LED light)
Alex: How do they fit 3 AAA batteries into that?
Miklos: Probably ingeniously.
#145 10/23/07
Curtis: well the sum 41 finger 11 concert was just cancelled
Alex: damnit, guess the numbers didn't add up
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