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#476 7/22/13
Curtis: St. Catharines Standard - Kate Middleton is in labour. Follow our live coverage
Curtis: really? society needs a play by play?
Alex: yeah
Alex: I mean, I'm glued to the coverage
Curtis: that's crazy
Alex: well its like, people watch hockey hoping to see fights or watch NASCAR racing hoping to see crashes
Alex: I'm sure people are watching this hoping to see a black baby
#502 3/18/14
Jessica: My foot itches.
Alex: Welcome to my world.
Jessica: Why? Your foot itches?
Alex: Constantly.
Jessica: It does?
Alex: Well...not right now.
Jessica: That makes no sense.
Alex: It doesn't in a logical sense, but in a physiological sense...
#352 5/29/10
Alex: what's that guy's deal?
Eric: I think that's a girl.
Alex: really?
Eric: Yeah, look at the hips. And sports bra.
Alex: Oh yeah! Eww, then I know what his deal is.
#499 3/09/14
Alex: Oh my god I love that house!
Alex: Wait nevermind, I just saw a for sale sign and got excited.
#582 10/18/15
(Random interruption after Jessica is talking to Alex for 5 minutes)
Alex: Okay I'm having a brain fart. What was Clinton's first name?
#608 6/21/17
(After waiting in a drive thru on the way to work)
Alex: ffs train
Curtis: Dafuq? Which Tims do you go to?
Alex: McDonalds
#525 7/22/14
Alex: Is today Wednesday or Thursday?
Jessica: It's Tuesday..
Alex: So, it's neither?
#588 3/18/16
*Alex falls asleep reading something on Jessica's phone*
Jessica: Can I have my phone back if you're gonna fall asleep?
Alex: Yeah, just pull the cord.
*Jessica pulls the cord and it gets stuck*
Alex: Ahh! That's my face!
#215 10/14/08
Alex: i'll be in zurich, switzerland for 4.5 hours waiting for a connecting flight.. do you want me to deposit some cash into an offshore account for you?
Brian: 20 bucks cool?
Alex: it's your investment...
#139 10/09/07
... about a year and a half ago
Alex: Where's the 9??? (Frantically confused while handling a phone)
Miklos: Go back to your cubicle, where things make sense...
... now, about a year and a half later
Alex (randomly): I hate passlock
Miklos (randomly): where's the 9?
Alex: above the 6
Miklos: apparently you still don't know
Dave: set a reminder in outlook to try again (next year)
#351 5/29/10
<Alex is showing Gareth the Audi>
Gareth: Fuckin' sweet. I like the floor mats - are those stock?
Alex: Fuck man, everything on this car is stock.
Gareth: Sweet.
Alex: Wait, did you say floor mats? Cuz those aren't factory.
#314 11/02/09
Brian: hey.. would you know..
Brian: if it's possible
Brian: to create a simple as can be webpage that lists all .avi's and .mp4's etc.. (anything i want to list) in a webpage and have that sit on the background of any pc. so all you have to do is double click and it launches the avi or mp4.. now it's gotta be able to refresh in case i add some movies....
Alex: why would you want a webapp for it?
Alex: why not just create a folder on the desktop with a bunch of shortcuts?
Brian: cause that's too much work. lol
Alex: and you think this wouldn't be?
#374 9/08/10
Alex: I was at marshville demonstrating shingle making over the weekend.
Brian: Oh yeah how did it go? Was it Pop-Lar?
Alex: Yes actually, Every Shingle Time!
#576 7/08/15
Curtis: Come across any memorable humour recently in agents of shield?
Alex: Oh a lot
Curtis: Share 3 with me so I can reminisce
Alex: I'd have to remember
#198 7/03/08
alex: so last night i've been watching magic tricks revealed videos on youtube, i'm gonna start learning some
alex: you never know when a little impressive magic can come in handy
#207 8/24/08
[went mountain biking in the woods, on the very first little hill, Alex _walked_ his bike dowhill with difficulty]
Alex: I don't know why the hell I sign up for something I clearly don't enjoy.
#596 5/31/16
Curtis: I kinda hate Cogeco's new beta website
Curtis: *Provides link*
Alex: Oh yeah, me too - there's a lot of work they'd still need to do
Alex: For example, a complete overhaul
#298 9/18/09
alex: you know what i realized at the u2 concert yesterday
alex: the fact that that Giant ass crab stage goes with them everywhere.. and that thing is so complicated yet they put it up lightyears faster than it takes me to finish a fuckin kitchen... that's pathetic haha
#361 6/29/10
Brett: This property is like what, 15 acres?
Alex: Sixteen
Chey: How big is an acre anyway?
Alex: 1/16th of this property.
#386 10/31/10
Alex: pizza and wings go together. You can't eat one without the other.
Curtis: well I usually only eat one or the other, not together.
Alex: do you also listen to 'We Will Rock You' without listening to 'We Are The Champions'?
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