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#249 2/25/09
pircsi: i need you like water
Nikki: i need water like you
Nikki: all hairy and random water
pircsi: i like hairy things
Nikki: then you'll LOVE my water.
#354 6/08/10
Miklos: Alright, what are we going to buy .. hang on, I have a list.
[Miklos finds someone's grocery list on top of a shopping cart at the grocery store]
Miklos: Wow this person wants lots of milk.
Nikki: Really, they put that down?
Miklos: Well, we have "yogurt", melba, milk, banana, apples, cookies, milk, t-cream, white cake mix, granola bars
Nikki: Actually that sounds like a pretty solid list to me...
Miklos: Definitely not a first time shopper.
Nikki: Yeah, totally devoid of ramen noodles.
#364 7/10/10
Miklos: I'm gonna make a more secure wireless network, WPA-Enterprise.. with a certificate server... so nerdy.
Miklos: I just don't feel secure with the way it's set up...
Nikki: Do you think the people next door are smart enough to figure it out as is?
Nikki: If they were, they'd have a job.
#522 7/04/14
Nikki: Why do guys scratch their balls and then sniff their hands?
Miklos: I don't know? That's how monkeys do it.
Nikki: Like what are you gonna do based on the smells? "Ok.. I gotta now go make lunch..." or "This tells me that 2 days ago I had cabbage."
#275 6/12/09
Goran: there's a woman fellating a penis in my followers list
Nikki: yeah i had that woman too, i deleted her
Nikki: or blocked
Goran: as did i
Goran: yet hornysophie remains, due to her classy photo
#656 9/05/18
[reading a cleaning tutorial]
Nikki: This person sure likes Pine Sol to clean things.
Miklos: Wouldn't that get sticky?
Nikki: It's Pine Sol, not pine sap
#360 6/27/10
Nikki: Hey boy?
Miklos: hey... girl
Nikki: Yes?
Miklos: Hi.
Both: What were you going to say?
Both: [in same tone] Oohhhh.
#534 9/03/14
[pointing at a mole on her jawline]
Nikki: Has this always been there?
Miklos: I've never seen it.
Nikki: Really? It just showed up? Is it cancer?
Miklos: It's not cancer. It's been there forever.
#614 8/31/17
Nikki: Do you have a poop?
Johnny: No.
Nikki: Do you HAVE to poop? You have really gross toots.
Johnny: Nope I don't have to and yes I do, I'm very sorry but I still love you though.
#278 6/24/09
[on a drive in Niagara Falls]
Nikki: there's a prostitute! except she's carrying a dog...
Miklos: in her lap? [meant to say "in her arms"]
Nikki: when you're walking you can't have a lap
Miklos: listen, Grammar...
#450 11/19/12
Tom: You know in a year you'll see that guy and he'll have one of these [motions with hands indicating a fat lower torso area]
Nikki: The male 'gunt'?
Tom: Hah! Yes. The male gunt.
Nikki: The 'genis'?
#393 1/05/11
*while watching hockey*
Nikki: Look, it's Globe-u-lev. [Golubev] I think he has Down's Syndrome.
Miklos: No that's just a Chernobyl offspring. They don't have Down's Syndrome in Russia.
Nikki: Ahhh you just don't hear enough Chernobyl cracks these days. Thank you for being from the other side of the world.
#480 9/01/13
[while talking about bodily differences and 'cycles']
Nikki: I love how men really don't have to deal with anything their whole lives.
Miklos: We have to deal with you.
Nikki: Yeah right. You basically stare off into space your whole lives and at the end you might get butt cancer.
Miklos: But probably not.
#515 5/09/14
Miklos: Pogacsa's all gone. Marek ate most of it.
Nikki: Do they have pogacsa in Poland?
Miklos: I don't think so.
Nikki: Really? They love potatoes. By that I mean that I've seen one war-time movie where all they had to eat was potatoes.
#607 5/26/17
Nikki: Did you know that they're selling eyebrows now? Like real human eyebrows? You just stick them on. People are paying for eyebrows like mine.
Miklos: Do you think they would pay for eyebrows like mine?
Nikki: Maybe if they were on a movie set...
#308 10/26/09
Miklos: You know what I need?
Nikki: What?
Miklos: (mumbling, kind of) Serial port on my computer.
Nikki: You know what I thought you just said? "Cereal poured on my computer."
#222 11/11/08
Dr.Chewy says:
i miss the water
Dr.Chewy says:
I used to walk along the lake in Kingston
Nikki says:
Nikki says:
you know we have the same lake here right?
#276 6/15/09
[Driving northbound on the 406 around the left bend before Westchester, Miklos takes the turn from the right lane and crosses over the right shoulder (at 11:30pm, fatigue was a definite factor)]
Nikki: BOY!
Miklos: Whaat... I got it...
Miklos: At these speeds it's hard to take those turns.
Miklos: You should see me drive while I'm sleeping.
Nikki: I bet it's pretty similar!
#323 12/11/09
Miklos: i printed out the military alphabet
Miklos: and posted it on my wall
Miklos: and i plan to learn it and use it
Miklos: i know most of them
Nikki: oh, your actual wall
Miklos: haha yeah
Miklos: real life.
Nikki: they have those now
#295 9/08/09
[While watching Ricky Chavis talk in an Alex and Derek King documentary (http://jui.cc/7j)]
Miklos: Oh man, do you know who this guy [Ricky Chavis] reminds me of?
Nikki: Woody Harrelson?
Miklos: Yes! ... mixed with umm...
Nikki: Matthew McConaughey??
Miklos: Yes!
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