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#311 10/28/09
Nikki: OH my GOD i woke up with a snake tattoo
miklos: OH MY GOD and I think that my tongue's pierced toO!
Nikki: OH my GOD! OH! my GOD!
miklos: It's the sunday morning after
miklos: and baby who the HELL are you?
miklos: yeah that'd be a rough morning...
Nikki: why the hell are things allowed on the radio
miklos: they're not anymore
#470 6/28/13
Nikki: I wish there was a feature in the car that said, "Welcome to the proper side of the road".
Miklos: It'd be called the Saturn Sarcasm.
Nikki: No, it'd be the... Automatic Wife.
#317 11/18/09
Miklos: Ahh...
Nikki: What?
Miklos: I googled Google.
Nikki: Did the world explode? That's what I always thought would happen.
#481 9/07/13
[Nikki's philosophy on using a Macbook]
Nikki: I hate navigating through Finder on that thing... "and if you swoosh your two hands together, you might be able to navigate to the next screen. But probably not. Because everything's a big fuckin' show...!"
#280 7/04/09
Nikki: The fart [that woke me up] sounded like this: *ppphhhhoooooooo*
Nikki: It sounded like something fell off of a ship, in the distance.
#483 9/14/13
Nikki: Ugh. You stink.
[Miklos farts loudly again]
Nikki: UGH!! That's it! I'm calling the police!
#270 5/13/09
Nikki: is it the top dvd player or the bottom?
Miklos: uhh, doesn't matter, remember? it was a dvd? ...oh wait nevermind, wrong reference.
Nikki: yeahh, time to be quiet.
#279 6/25/09
miklos: i love storms
miklos: i love them almost as much as i love flashlights
Nikki: haha
Nikki: i love storms much more than flashlights
Nikki: you barely love flashlights, you just like saying you love things
miklos: that's what makes it funny
miklos: we both clearly know my love for flashlights
Nikki: is moderate at best
#437 5/25/12
Nikki: your hands are gross, you should use soap...
Miklos: i use soap frequently
Nikki: you should use it consistently!
#486 10/16/13
Nikki: When people say they'll pray for you... do they really pray for you --
Miklos: Nope.
Nikki: -- or are they just being fuckin' assholes? That's what I think anyway.
#529 8/05/14
[Miklos making breakfast in the kitchen, Nikki feeding Johnny in the living room]
Nikki: Is pee ok, spider?
Miklos: What??
Nikki: Is pee ok, spider? In your native language.
Miklos: Oh! P-o-k! Yeah that's spider... I would've never guessed what the hell you were talking about if you didn't say "native language".
#506 3/18/14
Nikki: Just do it. Don't be a pussy.
Nikki: ... I don't use that word. Now I've tried it once, it doesn't work.
#418 8/31/11
Nikki: Did you know that there's new evidence that penguins might've existed before dinosaurs?
Miklos: I bet you they're going to find a whole bunch of new things out. Like there never were dinosaurs. They were just... horses.
Nikki: ...Are you a Creationist?
Miklos: I'm creative
#224 11/24/08
Jesse James says:
ugh this weather!
Nikki says:
i know!
Jesse James says:
and its not going to get better
Nikki says:
you think YOU got problems. my fibre-optic xmas tree won't light up!
#385 10/15/10
miklos: I know I'm insensitive
miklos: jann arden wrote a song about me
Nikki: "Good Mother"?
Nikki: (swish)
#603 2/01/17
Nikki: I don't even roll my eyes at your pun posts
Nikki: I think my eyes just vibrate in place as if they did a full roll to save time
#464 3/29/13
Nikki: Hey you know what'd be a good way to freak someone out, if you weren't concerned about animal cruelty?
[long pause]
Miklos: Alright, nice setup... go on...
[long pause]
Nikki: ... put a bird in their car.
#325 1/09/10
Nikki: You know what you should do? Try the Kelloggs diet.
Miklos: No diets.
Nikki: It's not a diet ...
#318 11/30/09
Nikki: I gotta go to the bathroom. Turn on some music... something in the key of G.
Miklos: Is G minor ok? (Starting to play Adagio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz4dpbk8YBs)
Nikki: No! That's too depressing.. Try key of D...
Miklos: Nah this is good...
#564 4/16/15
Nikki: why do I see "1 comment" on your post and then when I open it nothing is there?
Miklos: that was my comment but it got deleted.
Nikki: it ... got deleted?
Miklos: I deleted it.
Nikki: wow the mods were all over that comment of yours
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