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#412 7/07/11
Nikki: look there is a man wearing a cape with a bouquet of flowers...
Nikki: is he a judge? Yea he's a judge..
Miklos: "aw, I am so sorry I...."
Nikki: "judged you" hahahah
#225 11/30/08
Ellie: i'm watching TLC on youtube
Ellie: help me
Nikki: ew
Ellie: i have the syndrome you had
Ellie: the one that let you tolerate gwen stefani
Nikki: hahaha
Nikki: down syndrome, I think it's called
#353 6/03/10
Nikki: You're boring today.
Miklos: I'm not boring, I'm restful.
Nikki: You're supposed to rest at NIGHT.
Miklos: It's 2 in the morning in Hungary.
Nikki: Oh right. So I could say "It's 2 in the morning somewhere else, so I guess I don't have to be at work right now," and then go home and no one would fire me for being retarded.
#537 9/13/14
[Reading Mansion House sign]
Nikki: Ooh, "The Captain is coming"!
Miklos: What about Tennille?
Nikki: I don't know what that is.
Miklos: What? Captain and Tennille. Am I that old?
Nikki: Well, it finally happened. You referenced something that's too old for me to understand.
#516 6/01/14
Nikki: I have a sunburn on my wrist even though I was wearing a watch.
Miklos: I have the opposite.
Nikki: A moonburn?
#281 7/07/09
Nikki: I blocked him long ago.
Miklos: You can block people from Google Calendar?
Nikki: Oh, how sweet it is!
#455 12/12/12
miklos: nobody appreciates my humour here, they just think i'm odd
Nikki: I know
Nikki: you're an immigrant, luckily, so instead of institutionalizing you, they attribute it to culture
#528 8/04/14
Nikki: There's something called No-Nails. It's good for wiggly bannisters and stuff.
Miklos: Is it like a tape?
Nikki: No, it's like a caulk ...
[Realizes what that sounded like]
Both: ........
#456 12/18/12
Nikki: she's so strange
Nikki: then again i've been drawing wolves for 45 minutes
#407 6/04/11
[Signing onto an online site, reading security question]
Miklos: what is your childhood best friend's name?
Nikki: teeebor
Nikki: why am i so funny this morning?
#543 10/14/14
[Reading a receipt that is almost completely faded]
Nikki: When is this even from? 0...1...?
Miklos: January 30, 2012?
Nikki: 2011. Christmas the 23rd. Wait. December.
#545 10/31/14
Nikki: [taking fake vampire teeth out of her mouth] how do people with dentures do this shit?
Miklos: I think they have properly fitted ones
Nikki: ah, not dollar store ones?
#440 8/31/12
Nikki: I am so tired
Nikki: Curtis, what the hell?
Curtis: Whatcha tired from?
Nikki: Being awake
#277 6/22/09
[in the bathroom, Nik is refilling hand soap]
Nikki: You want to get some paper towels from downstairs for cleaning later?
Miklos: You mean tomorrow morning?
Nikki: Yeah tomo-- [looks over] ...why are you peeing with me in here??
#259 4/15/09
Heather: i hate that project. i fucking hate my life. i'd love to just, drink motor oil or something
Nikki: LET'S DO IT
Heather: but that'd prolly be gross
Nikki: motor oil date. we can shit our pants after
Heather: switch it to guinness, i hear it's about the same
Nikki: and there's a ball in the can!
Heather: ok, i'll be back. i want that ball
#548 11/15/14
[channel surfing and stumbling upon the music video Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One]
Miklos: ugh this guy is white?
Nikki: I know eh? He sounds like a sweet black man.
Nikki: now I don't like him hehe
#452 11/22/12
Nikki: I'm connected to Ben Gunning from the Local Rabbits on LinkedIn now, but I can't view his profile because we don't know anyone in common. pff
Miklos: befriend kevin bacon
Nikki: ohhh good idea
#552 12/31/14
Nikki: if the boy gets up and won't settle in the middle of the night, I would go in and try to settle him but he thinks I am the milk man.
Miklos: Not a problem, I am Milkless
Nikki: how appropriate...
#441 9/13/12
Nikki: I don't even know how to get toothpaste out of a shirt
Miklos: Water... it's how i get it out of my mouth.
Nikki: [holds shirt up after rinsing it] You're a genius!
#637 3/15/18
Nikki: What the fuck. Did you see that commercial?? Chocolate pizza? Why the...
Miklos: The Lock [pizza shop] is doing that too.
Nikki: ...it's a good idea.
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