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#342 4/04/10
Nikki: i ate some horseradish a few weeks ago after a lifelong resistance to it as well
Goran: is it not delicious?
Nikki: i'd say it was "pretty good"
Goran: mmm. i can see endless possibilities of tastiness
Nikki: i wonder if a lot of people avoid it until they're nearly 26
Goran: :O it's like a right of passage
Nikki: rite. i think it's rite, though i could be rong
#380 9/25/10
Miklos: Why is toilet paper so expensive?
Nikki: I know... That's why you buy it when it's $4 at Shoppers and I have a dollar off coupon.
Miklos: I had to borrow 3 rolls from my mom today, we were out.
Nikki: Why don't you ever look in the storage room?
Miklos: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting it's more than just a server room.
Nikki: I'm stocked up on everything! I'm not some... hoochie mama.
Nikki: If there was an apocalypse tomorrow and we happened to be the last people alive, I have everything we'd need at least until we could break into a Walmart.
#294 9/03/09
[discussing qualms with 'Texting While Driving' with Goran]
Nikki: but anyway
Nikki: how often are you driving with a car full of broads, none of them paying attention to anything but you
Nikki: wait, bad example ... that's your whole life
#331 2/02/10
Nikki: According to that site [http://learnsomethingeveryday.co.uk/] some whales kill themselves.
Nikki: I believe it, cuz they're smart...
Nikki: hahah isn't that funny, how all the smart animals want to commit suicide?
#246 2/12/09
Dr.Chewy: speaking of showering. I'm gonna get ready for work
Nikki: yeah, don't shower though. seeya.
Dr.Chewy: and fortunate for me, no one shags in the washroom
Nikki: your mom and dad do
Nikki: BYE
#555 1/21/15
[Nikki stands up, awakening a napping Miklos on the couch]
Miklos: What the hell are you doing?
Nikki: What are you talking about?
Miklos: Oh. [bored voice] I thought you were floating in the air for a minute.
Nikki: ...that's going on Facebook.
Miklos: What did you say? I thought you were floating. Like a stick.
[Nikki looks at Miklos, confused]
Miklos: Stephen Harper...
[Falls back asleep]
#391 12/22/10
[After having lasagna for lunch]
Miklos: Maybe you should take the rest of this to work tonight.
Nikki: I don't want to be eating lasagna all day.
Nikki: I feel like Garfield.
Nikki: Why does that cat like lasagna so much?
#630 1/19/18
[brushing the cat]
Nikki: Okay, this is getting risky. I can't do this anymore.
Miklos: Why?
[cat bites Nikki]
Nikki: OW! Because she bit me!
Miklos: That was a love bite.
Nikki: Yeah, well I don't love bites!
#527 8/04/14
Nikki: Did you know an aneurysm can just happen at any time? We could be talking right now and one of us could have an aneurysm and end up dead.
[Miklos, sipping from a glass, dribbles milk onto his shirt]
Nikki: Whoops...
Miklos: Looks like I'm well on my way.
Nikki: That was more of a stroke.
#532 8/26/14
Nikki: [talking to the TV] Your credit card didn't go through because you spend too much money...
Miklos: [looking at phone] No, it's because I couldn't remember my PIN because I haven't used it in so long.
Nikki: Not you, the girl on TV.
Miklos: [still not paying attention] Ohh, me.
Nikki: NO, NOT you. The girl on TV!
#384 10/12/10
Nikki: you got your keys?
miklos: I don't need them
Nikki: how about your YMCA card.... which doesn't look like you anymore at all
miklos: you mean i don't look like that now?
Nikki: haha no you do not have a face like a human hamburger.
#404 4/22/11
Nikki: look an old grocery list from last year
Miklos: whose handwriting is it written in?
Nikki: mine...
Miklos: how can you be sure?
Nikki: cuz it's not yours and I write in mine every day
#397 2/17/11
Miklos: i love our humble little life
Nikki: do you even know what that word means?
Miklos: yes
Nikki: if we were humble, we'd be sleeping on dirty blankets, two dishes to eat off of which we'd probably wash without any soap - just water -, we'd each own one pair of pants, maybe three shirts to our name
Nikki: oh and we'd have a dirt floor too. less likely to have the 42" inch tv.
#436 5/08/12
Nikki: I thought I'd hate this dog forever, but she's so good now
Miklos: Well she's getting a lot more walks these days.
Nikki: Don't say that word, she's looking at you now
Miklos: I meant Wok ... Wok with Yan?
Miklos: Damn that still sounds the same
Nikki: She doesn't know the difference between W-o-k and w-a-l-k!
#244 2/03/09
Mark: yeah weirddddddddddddddddd what are you going to do about it?
Nikki: restraining order? haha i am going to tell teachers not to pair us up, first of all. i dunno what else i can do
Mark: .. did you meet this girl at the funeral? and you have classes with her?
Nikki: .... i don't pick up at funerals
Mark: doesn't stop her from trying apparently
#307 10/22/09
Miklos: it's just like Holden Caulfield.
Nikki: ... wait, Holden Caulfield? from Catcher in the Rye? How??
Miklos: you know, how they tried to keep kids from growing up to be adults because adulthood was bad and evil and so they grew up thinking life was a fairy tale
Nikki: that was Peter Pan
Miklos: wow, well then my English teacher was way off the mark
Nikki: I'd say so... unless she was really reaching for a metaphor there, but Holden Caulfield??
[moments later]
Nikki: I still don't get how your ex is like Peter Pan
#227 12/08/08
miklos: what font did you end up using?
Nikki: well, it's an odd combination.. for regular text I went with Century Gothic
miklos: is that the....
Nikki: it's pointy
miklos: round one? all capitals?
Nikki: no. you're talking about copperplate gothic...
miklos: will you marry me?
#327 1/24/10
Nikki: Tea no good?
miklos: Nah, it's good...
Nikki: Then what are you doing?
miklos: Dumping most of it...
Nikki: Why?
miklos: Not enough honey... (dumping tea down the drain)
Nikki: Haha.. are you serious? Why not just add more?
miklos: oh yeah..
#341 4/02/10
Nikki: Did you see that? That street was called "Chalk Line"
Miklos: Yeah I saw I was already thinking about the .com
Nikki: Probably taken.
Miklos: You assume a lot...
Nikki: And you assume the internet is a week old.
#322 12/11/09
Goran: what movie shall i watch for the afternoon?
Nikki: haha
Nikki: i hate you and your job
Nikki: watch that movie.
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