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#454 12/04/12
miklos: hrm I just took a pushpin from the right side of my cubicle and I was gonna put it on the left side of the cubicle (to the left of my computer) and I dragged my mouse with the intention that I was going to click on the left side panel of my cubicle to bring the panel into focus but it didn't work cuz THE CURSOR BELONGS INSIDE THE COMPUTER..
Nikki: what the hell is happening
#609 7/05/17
Miklos: Is it "Tobermory" or "Toby-mory"?
Nikki: Yeah, it's "Toby-mory".
#264 5/04/09
Nikki: imagine NO internet??
miklos: i can't
miklos: i only imagine BECAUSE of the internet.
#409 6/25/11
[hanging pictures on the wall]
miklos: there, now it's level
miklos: now we're cooking...cooking with diesel
Nikki: Vin Diesel? ..."Cooking With Vin Diesel"?
#492 1/02/14
Miklos: How am I at 9300 steps already today? Oh right, I was hammering.
Nikki: Why are you wearing that (Fitbit) on your dominant hand anyway? You hammer with it, you write with it. Why not just put it on your non-dominant hand [like they tell you to]? Because [name withheld] made a comment on your watch and Fitbit picture? 'OH NO, don't wear it on your non-dominant hand with your watch! They won't get along! They're going to fight! Your watch is going to cry! It's not modern enough for the Fitbit!' I don't think so. Go away, [name withheld], I don't even know you.
#355 6/09/10
<Curtis and Miklos discussing the dagh facebook app>
Miklos: haha it was a work in progress
Miklos: the idea was that you could submit a dagh quote right from facebook
Miklos: i just never got around to finishing it
Miklos: it's still very doable i think. wouldn't even need much! just an add page
Miklos: it would still email the admins for approval though
Miklos: maybe. or it can skip approval if it's from facebook, since it's a real facebook person adding the quote...
Curtis: so approval is just a matter of non-spam?
Miklos: actually the approval was originally for non funny quotes
Miklos: or racist ones etc
Curtis: that's what i thought it still is
Miklos: yeah it still is
Curtis: heh, well alright then
Miklos: this is confusing
Miklos: nothing will change.
Curtis: you'll be ok
Miklos: life is wonderful
[few minutes later]
Nikki: This quote should've gone through the approval process
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