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#418 8/31/11
Nikki: Did you know that there's new evidence that penguins might've existed before dinosaurs?
Miklos: I bet you they're going to find a whole bunch of new things out. Like there never were dinosaurs. They were just... horses.
Nikki: ...Are you a Creationist?
Miklos: I'm creative
#206 8/20/08
miklos: i think i'm sick of the web
john: the web jumped the shark 3 yrs ago
miklos: osenoa is 3 years old on aug 30th
john: well, i'll just start calling you fonzie
#340 3/22/10
Tom: i just wanna wash my cup, it's got some brown stuff in it
Miklos: is it poo?
Tom: well if it is, it's the sweetest poo i ever tasted
Miklos: oh.. you have something to compare it to?
#385 10/15/10
miklos: I know I'm insensitive
miklos: jann arden wrote a song about me
Nikki: "Good Mother"?
Nikki: (swish)
#164 11/28/07
Miklos: I'm going to make it a point to travel to a different country every year starting next year. Maybe I'll start with Africa.
[Fully aware that miklos needs paperwork in order to get into USA, sarcastically]:
Matt: Why don't you start with the States?
#557 1/25/15
Miklos: Hey, what's the Artist Formerly Known as Prince... currently known as?
Nikki: Prince.
Miklos: What the... How?
#158 11/23/07
Tom: Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in November because of something to do with harvest and God or something...
Tom: Plymouth rock...
Miklos: What's Plymouth rock?
Tom: You know, Plymouth rock.. the Pilgrims.. early settlers... There were a-hundred-and-something of them and a year later it was like 60 or something, because they died...
Tom: Christopher Columbus, etc.. You know?
Tom: They were supposed to land somewhere in Georgia but they missed their course.
Miklos: And ended up in Canada?
Tom: No.. Plymouth rock.. haha.. yeah.. it's in California!
Tom: Don't you know your geography/history man?
Miklos: I wasn't born here. I just came here and started feeding off the land.
Tom: Heathen.
#318 11/30/09
Nikki: I gotta go to the bathroom. Turn on some music... something in the key of G.
Miklos: Is G minor ok? (Starting to play Adagio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz4dpbk8YBs)
Nikki: No! That's too depressing.. Try key of D...
Miklos: Nah this is good...
#364 7/10/10
Miklos: I'm gonna make a more secure wireless network, WPA-Enterprise.. with a certificate server... so nerdy.
Miklos: I just don't feel secure with the way it's set up...
Nikki: Do you think the people next door are smart enough to figure it out as is?
Nikki: If they were, they'd have a job.
#659 10/20/18
Miklos: Johnny beat me at Trouble. He sent me back to the beginning twice.
Johnny: Yep! So let's call that game 'Trouble for Miklos.'
#527 8/04/14
Nikki: Did you know an aneurysm can just happen at any time? We could be talking right now and one of us could have an aneurysm and end up dead.
[Miklos, sipping from a glass, dribbles milk onto his shirt]
Nikki: Whoops...
Miklos: Looks like I'm well on my way.
Nikki: That was more of a stroke.
#138 10/09/07
Dave: Want a piece of my dental gum?
Dave: It tastes good and also whitens your teeth.
Miklos: Sure, if it'll help get this cashew out.
Dave: Maybe, but if it does anything, it'll turn the cashew white.
Miklos: We're not eating PAINT!
#533 8/28/14
[While Alex and Miklos are talking to each other, Curtis thinks he hears his name which didn't actually happen]
Curtis: Hmm? What are you talking about?
[They fill him in on the subject]
Curtis: Ah, so how am I involved in this?
Miklos: ......you interjected yourself into the conversation
#184 4/03/08
miklos: I always like driving down by the falls, I mean it is one of the wonders of the world.
alex: I know how it happened.. no mystery.
alex: Water caused the erosion.
miklos: Yeah, 3 buckets of water, sheepskin, and an axe.
alex: No, that was mistyped, it was an ox.
#641 3/25/18
Miklos: So who do you play with at school?
Johnny: Logan, Audrey, Liam, Pogey...
Miklos: Pogey?
Johnny: Pogey lived on Jupiter but moved to Earth to go to my preschool.
#105 8/22/07
Dave: It drives me nuts how these so called adults (people over 30) are all into facebook and talk about it like little teenie-boppers. "I added you to my favourites".... facebook is actually a virtual frat club.
Miklos: everyone and their brother is on facebook
Dave: I'm not, are you?
Miklos: no
#569 5/26/15
[Miklos pushes the call button on the steering wheel to call for chinese food]
Miklos: Call Lily's coo-zine ...Cuisine! Ugh, I don't think I even have it in my contacts. Ugh! Stop listening!!!
#532 8/26/14
Nikki: [talking to the TV] Your credit card didn't go through because you spend too much money...
Miklos: [looking at phone] No, it's because I couldn't remember my PIN because I haven't used it in so long.
Nikki: Not you, the girl on TV.
Miklos: [still not paying attention] Ohh, me.
Nikki: NO, NOT you. The girl on TV!
#384 10/12/10
Nikki: you got your keys?
miklos: I don't need them
Nikki: how about your YMCA card.... which doesn't look like you anymore at all
miklos: you mean i don't look like that now?
Nikki: haha no you do not have a face like a human hamburger.
#106 8/23/07
miklos: what about all the permalinks out there that linked to orbit dailyphotos?
john: they won't work
john: thankfully
miklos: haha
john: yeah i got some emails recently asking me where they could find a bunch of stupid crap
miklos: are you mad at the world john?
john: 'i was told to come to this site for blah blah blah, do you know how i can reach this info blah blah?'
john: no just foreign weirdos that are trying to find out how to make long exposures or homemade lenses
john: dude i used to have like 5-10 stupid emails a day asking me questions i've already answered to people
john: i have a [shitty point and shoot camera], when i go out and take pictures at night they're all grainy and don't turn out how do you keep your shutter open so long
john: my camera only goes to 30 seconds
john: how do you create those film borders in photoshop can you send me the action?
john: how do you make your grain look so real in photoshop?
john: i tried to use the grain filter but it doesn't look the same
john: what scanner do you use
john: how are you scanning your borders with the film
john: what tripod do you recommend
miklos: so you got annoyed with the world :)
john: i have an old [insert old 70s 35mm slr here] and i'd like to shoot film, what film is the best?
miklos: i asked you all those questions, fucker
john: LOL
miklos: except the photoshop action to get film borders
miklos: can you send me them?
john: you wouldn't believe how many people think i add those in photoshop... i get emails about that a lot
john: people are stupid
john: i don't even respond
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