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#624 11/26/17
[playing Mario Kart]
Johnny: Why is his name Bowser dad?
Miklos: I don’t know, why is this guy’s name Mario?
Johnny: Because! His mother named him Mario when he was a baby!
#350 5/27/10
Miklos: If Apple jumped off a bridge, would the world follow?
Goran: So long as the bridge is prettier, sleeker, but arguably less functional than comparable bridges.
Miles: And they had to pay a hefty premium toll to get onto the bridge.
Alex: And if it's a bigger bridge that has the same features as a smaller bridge and gets opened to Americans sooner than Canadians
#393 1/05/11
*while watching hockey*
Nikki: Look, it's Globe-u-lev. [Golubev] I think he has Down's Syndrome.
Miklos: No that's just a Chernobyl offspring. They don't have Down's Syndrome in Russia.
Nikki: Ahhh you just don't hear enough Chernobyl cracks these days. Thank you for being from the other side of the world.
#607 5/26/17
Nikki: Did you know that they're selling eyebrows now? Like real human eyebrows? You just stick them on. People are paying for eyebrows like mine.
Miklos: Do you think they would pay for eyebrows like mine?
Nikki: Maybe if they were on a movie set...
#328 1/28/10
Miklos: "Tainted Love"; or its original title, "Love in the Taint".
#135 9/26/07
Alex: man the most amazing thing happened to me last night
Alex: the lighning crashed down like RIGHT BESIDE me
Miklos: right on
Alex: man not right on
Alex: this was like.. amazing
Alex: i felt like i was in that movie powder
Alex: white balding guy, playing with lightning
#513 4/09/14
[Entering the living room after a nap, noticing]
Nik: You still have tea! Probably ice tea by now.
Miklos: Room tea
Nik: Soon it will be emp-tea.
#301 10/01/09
alex: so tell me if this ever happened to you..
alex: i had to piss.. and it's sometimes natural to fart during a piss, but this time i felt like it was gonna be shit.. so i was in a dillema.. i had to keep the piss going so it can finish but the pushing also was causing the shit to come out.. so i had to pinch to stop the pee.. turn around and sit down and do both at the same time.
miklos: nope.
#12 4/25/07
miklos: I don't think I have ADD. ... Maybe I do have ADD... Hrm.. Nah, I can't have ADD.. Well, if ADD is...
dave: You've been talking about ADD for over a minute. You DON'T have ADD.
#412 7/07/11
Nikki: look there is a man wearing a cape with a bouquet of flowers...
Nikki: is he a judge? Yea he's a judge..
Miklos: "aw, I am so sorry I...."
Nikki: "judged you" hahahah
#475 7/19/13
Nikki: This queen's stupid. She knights everyone willy-nilly. She knighted Anthony Hopkins a long time ago. She knighted Elton John, she knighted Ben Kingsley...
Miklos: She knighted Furniture Warehouse...
Nikki: No, YOU-nited Furniture Warehouse!
#209 9/22/08
Alex: I would say it would be more like a "Navy Green" if that existed.
Miklos: They call that "Forest Green"...
Alex: La-de-da Crayola...
#443 10/20/12
Nikki: Miklos later brought up the point that it's my fault dud was there, after all, I introduced him to this artist. I opted to instead blame my friends for introducing me to the artist in 2002... and then further opted to blame him for being born. Just horrible. I know nobody else who such weird things happen to. And it's BECAUSE I said "morning angel" to you yesterday!
Nikki: this isn't rape, you can't invite someone to this
#378 9/17/10
Nikki: i went to my purse to get a pen
Nikki: and instead i ended up swiffering and sweeping (still haven't swiffer wet-mopped)
Nikki: then makeupping
Nikki: then hairing
Nikki: then packing food and bathroom stuff
Nikki: (including towels and toothbrushes)
Miklos: hell of a detour
Nikki: and then finding my bag to pack my clothes in
Nikki: and now I'm back at the laptop realizing i haven't got that pen yet
#142 10/17/07
Dave: You know what pisses me off?
Miklos: What's that
Dave: how on god's green earth do "older" men consistently miss the fucking urinal??? honestly, how do you miss a urinal? you practically stick yourself right in there! but somehow people still piss all over the floor and all over the wall... it is disgusting... why am I pissed off??? because of 3 main reasons. 1. it looks like shit 2. it smells even worse, and 3. I have to make sure that my laces and pant legs aren't remotely close to touching the ground. *end of rant*
#126 9/14/07
Dave: You are on Miklos' quotes page
Jenna: Really, about what?
Dave: Yeah, the conversation we had about your blind turtle.
*Dave reads the quote to Jenna, and starts to laugh*
Jenna: It really isn't funny, would you still laugh if I said I had to put Emerald down?
Dave: You did?
Jenna: Not quite... I told you how we got rid of them
Dave: How?
Jenna: We sold them at a garage sale.
*Dave with more laughter*
Jenna: I'm glad that I can provide entertainment for you.
#454 12/04/12
miklos: hrm I just took a pushpin from the right side of my cubicle and I was gonna put it on the left side of the cubicle (to the left of my computer) and I dragged my mouse with the intention that I was going to click on the left side panel of my cubicle to bring the panel into focus but it didn't work cuz THE CURSOR BELONGS INSIDE THE COMPUTER..
Nikki: what the hell is happening
#609 7/05/17
Miklos: Is it "Tobermory" or "Toby-mory"?
Nikki: Yeah, it's "Toby-mory".
#492 1/02/14
Miklos: How am I at 9300 steps already today? Oh right, I was hammering.
Nikki: Why are you wearing that (Fitbit) on your dominant hand anyway? You hammer with it, you write with it. Why not just put it on your non-dominant hand [like they tell you to]? Because [name withheld] made a comment on your watch and Fitbit picture? 'OH NO, don't wear it on your non-dominant hand with your watch! They won't get along! They're going to fight! Your watch is going to cry! It's not modern enough for the Fitbit!' I don't think so. Go away, [name withheld], I don't even know you.
#140 10/10/07
Miklos: I can't believe you called me bull-headed.
Dave: I called you bull-headed AND dumb
Dave: Come to think of it, I called you bull-headed twice this week.
Dave: You should be happy, I don't call many people bull-headed.
Dave: No, actually, just you.
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