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#422 10/27/11
Lauren: hey curtis i have a question
Curtis: yes lauren
Lauren: nevermind
Lauren: i was emailing a resume
Lauren: it asked if i wanted to send them as online documents
Lauren: but then i thought what if their office doesn't have internet access
lauren: so i didn't haha
Curtis: ummmm
Lauren: you never know
Curtis: you know email is part of the internet right?
Lauren: hahaha omg
Lauren: i'm dumb
#428 1/24/12
Lauren: my stove just caught on fire
Lauren: i'm shaking
Curtis: well get over there, it'll warm you up
#427 12/27/11
Lauren: I like my laptop
Lauren: I just hate that it doesn't work
#293 9/01/09
Lauren: call centres give me great experience for dealing with customers face to face