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#239 1/13/09
Ellie: he brings home the bacon...hmm...
Nikki: sounds like a husband thing
Nikki: you think she married her brother?
Ellie: i thought she was a lesbo
Nikki: only temporarily
Ellie: oh!
Ellie: well now
Ellie: i didnt know sexual preferences expired
Nikki: they do
Nikki: even i know that
Ellie: now i know they do i might give it a try.
Nikki: yours isn't up yet
Ellie: ohh
Ellie: ok
Ellie: will i get a notification e-mail?
Nikki: yes. the whys of the world will email you notification when you are no longer hetero
Nikki: everything works by email now
#225 11/30/08
Ellie: i'm watching TLC on youtube
Ellie: help me
Nikki: ew
Ellie: i have the syndrome you had
Ellie: the one that let you tolerate gwen stefani
Nikki: hahaha
Nikki: down syndrome, I think it's called