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#624 11/26/17
[playing Mario Kart]
Johnny: Why is his name Bowser dad?
Miklos: I don’t know, why is this guy’s name Mario?
Johnny: Because! His mother named him Mario when he was a baby!
#48 8/01/07
Alex: wtf
Alex: why is mom and dad's phone busy
Alex: who could they possibly be on the phone with
Miklos: anyone
Alex: haha
Miklos: what a silly question
Alex: i guess it was wasn't it
#442 10/12/12
Nikki: I kept having nightmares. Walt [from Breaking Bad] was my dad and he lived separately from my mom in a house that was nice during the day but terrorized by neighbour kids at night and also a mean ghost
Nikki: Ps you should ask your local english major this: is it generally assumed that all ghosts other than casper are mean ghosts thus making what I said redundant and thus the reason he is so specifically named or can ghosts have an in-between personality as well and I've read too much into this?
#650 8/04/18
Johnny: Dad, when bad people die that’s good. Because when bad people die they aren’t alive anymore.
Miklos: Oh? And why is that good?
Johnny: Because when bad people die they are dead. And they can’t do bad things anymore.
Miklos: Where did you learn this from?
Johnny: From my brain.
#649 8/04/18
[driving by a funeral home]
Johnny: Dad, why is that funeral guy there?
Miklos: There is a funeral going on right now.
Johnny: A funeral? Why?
Miklos: Yes, there are funerals all the time. You know, people die every day, it’s just a part of life.
Johnny: Funerals are so embarrassing.
Miklos: Embarrassing? Why?
Johnny: Because. You just sit there. And it’s embarrassing.
Miklos: It’s not embarrassing, it’s sad.
Johnny: It’s sad and embarrassing.
#192 6/04/08
miklos: so i put on a tie on monday, right?
miklos: and i'm like... wtf the back of this is too short to go through the little loop
miklos: so the back end of it was just hanging there all retarded
miklos: i decided to get one of my dad's tie clips to hold them together
miklos: the first thing was yelling into my sister's room "google 'tie clip proper position'..."
miklos: "two thirds of the way down"
miklos: "ok thanks"
miklos: .. i ended up not even wearing the clip
miklos: moral of the story: please don't take away google.
dave: that's nuts
dave: i don't know how people lived before google
dave: jenna and i bought rainbow trout, and didn't realize that we didn't know how to cook it until we got it home....
dave: again, google saved us
miklos: see... if it weren't for google, I'd have looked like a slob that day, and you'd probably have died of hunger.
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