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#434 5/03/12
Curtis: There's a city in nova scotia called Musquodoboit
Curtis: I can't believe how close that is to mosquito bite
Alex: Yeah, it's like someone got bitten in the mouth, then tried to say it as they were asked "So what should we call this town?"
#476 7/22/13
Curtis: St. Catharines Standard - Kate Middleton is in labour. Follow our live coverage
Curtis: really? society needs a play by play?
Alex: yeah
Alex: I mean, I'm glued to the coverage
Curtis: that's crazy
Alex: well its like, people watch hockey hoping to see fights or watch NASCAR racing hoping to see crashes
Alex: I'm sure people are watching this hoping to see a black baby
#241 1/21/09
Curtis: what's funny about this is, i forget what i previously said
miklos: do you close the window down after like 2 minutes of inactivity from the other person?
Curtis: pretty much
miklos: I used to do that
miklos: still do
#652 8/16/18
Curtis: Next season of Santa Clarita Diet will probably be in April
Pearl: Dammit. I can’t wait till September
Curtis: What? Why?
Pearl: Because it’s closer to April
#319 12/01/09
Brian: cool. so your down. p.s. dont say anything to eric!
Curtis: dont tell him about his surprise party? you're kidding!
Brian: wtf?
Brian: you didn't say anything did you?
Curtis: obviously not
Brian: good.
#509 3/29/14
Pearl: Keep driving.. a little farther.. okay this is it.. wait no I lied.. okay slow down.. nope just kidding that's not it.. okay I think we may have passed it by now
Curtis: [While driving passed another house] Is that it? It looks abandoned
Pearl: Oops that was actually the second house I was looking for.
Curtis: So want me to turn around?
Pearl: Naw it's snowing so it's in the past.
(A day in the life of photography with Pearl)
#440 8/31/12
Nikki: I am so tired
Nikki: Curtis, what the hell?
Curtis: Whatcha tired from?
Nikki: Being awake
#643 4/20/18
*After listening to voicemail from parents*
Curtis: I'd better call them back now, seems important
Pearl: Why, what did they say?
Curtis: "Please call us back, it's important"
#297 9/14/09
Alex: curteye am so bored
Curtis: I'll be playing call of duty later if you want to join
Alex: deal
Curtis: alright. just know that we'll be doing this after I eat so I'll likely get a call of duty while playing call of duty
#237 1/12/09
Curtis: i forgot to tell you the story on how when i went to buy spiderman, the cashier forgot to put my gift card through, so she had to reverse it on my m/c to charge me again, and the new price was the amount of the gift card and so i saved 10 bucks
Curtis: wanna hear it?
Alex: yes
Curtis: ok, well when i went to buy spiderman, the cashier forgot to put my gift card through, so she had to reverse it on my m/c to charge me again, and the new price was the amount of the gift card and so i saved 10 bucks
Alex: haha nice!
#449 11/09/12
Nikki: seems to repeat itself every 5 years or so
Nikki: victor divorces someone, goes missing, dies, comes back
Nikki: marries another person, divorces them, goes missing, marries someone while missing, goes missing from there and back to genoa city
Nikki: then marries someone, forgetting he never divorced someone
Nikki: usually the first person he had ever married
Nikki: alternate as needed
Curtis: hahahaha you're well in the loop eh?
Nikki: i know a thing or two
Nikki: and one of the wives was blind
Nikki: the one he met while missing. Grace. now everyone go to hell
Curtis: Hope
Nikki: same thing
#556 1/23/15
Curtis: I have Taylor Swift looping in my head again
Alex: Just shake it off
#514 5/08/14
Curtis: We did it already
Alex: But I didn't explode
(Clearly referencing a request to fist bump)
#145 10/23/07
Curtis: well the sum 41 finger 11 concert was just cancelled
Alex: damnit, guess the numbers didn't add up
#501 3/18/14
(After Pearl points out a ton of ducks in the Niagara River)
Curtis: Whoa, that's a shit load of things that flock
#620 10/13/17
Curtis: So if memory serves me right, Spinney might be around Hamilton for sushi on Friday or Monday
Alex: And if the waitresses serve us right, we should get everything we ordered
#428 1/24/12
Lauren: my stove just caught on fire
Lauren: i'm shaking
Curtis: well get over there, it'll warm you up
#571 5/31/15
(Upon Curtis pointing out roadkill guts on the side of a highway)
Pearl: Guts! Glory. Ram.
#608 6/21/17
(After waiting in a drive thru on the way to work)
Alex: ffs train
Curtis: Dafuq? Which Tims do you go to?
Alex: McDonalds
#447 10/30/12
Curtis: you were/are/forever will be da man
Miklos: i can live with this
[recorded forever]
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