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#612 8/07/17
Pearl: Netflix has movies
#611 8/03/17
[Turning onto Vimy Rd in Port Colborne]
Johnny: Dad, this is called wiggling woods because the trees are wiggling. Trees are wood. I want to call them whistling woods but the birds don't want to listen to me.
#610 7/24/17
Miklos: Has he found the Rudi yet?
Nikki: He never does. I'd rather you eat it than him. What chance do you have of being healthy compared to him?
Miklos: 100%.
[Bites into a Rudi chocolate bar wrapped in white bread]
#609 7/05/17
Miklos: Is it "Tobermory" or "Toby-mory"?
Nikki: Yeah, it's "Toby-mory".
#608 6/21/17
(After waiting in a drive thru on the way to work)
Alex: ffs train
Curtis: Dafuq? Which Tims do you go to?
Alex: McDonalds
#607 5/26/17
Nikki: Did you know that they're selling eyebrows now? Like real human eyebrows? You just stick them on. People are paying for eyebrows like mine.
Miklos: Do you think they would pay for eyebrows like mine?
Nikki: Maybe if they were on a movie set...
#606 4/11/17
[while looking at #princessrico photos on instagram]
Miklos: Rico's a girl's name?
Nikki: Could be. Anything goes now. Trump is f'n president.
#605 4/02/17
[Miklos queues up a Susan Sarandon-narrated Youtube video at the lunch table]
Nikki: Can we just have a lunch without Susan Sarandon?
#604 2/06/17
Alex: I've never seen the Wizard of Oz but what's the point of watching it? I already know there's a scarecrow, a tin man, and a wolf man. What else is there to know?!
#603 2/01/17
Nikki: I don't even roll my eyes at your pun posts
Nikki: I think my eyes just vibrate in place as if they did a full roll to save time
#602 10/24/16
Pearl: Did you say praise the lord?
Jess: ....? No
Pearl: What did you say?
Jess: Train's still going
#601 9/26/16
(Backing out of a driveway onto a highway)
Pearl: What am I gonna hit?
*Curtis looks around briefly and sees nothing*
Pearl: The road, Jack!
#600 9/23/16
Pearl: What's Icelandic for GPS?
Curtis: What does GPS even stand for in English?
Pearl: (after some thought) General Purpose Stuff?
#599 9/05/16
Curtis: Why did No Frills take their sign down?
Pearl: Because they have frills now
#598 6/14/16
Nikki: Do you have to pee or anything? I have to wash my hair.
#597 6/13/16
Miklos: Hol van a távirányító?
Nikki: I heard Dorito. And yes. A thousand times yes.
#596 5/31/16
Curtis: I kinda hate Cogeco's new beta website
Curtis: *Provides link*
Alex: Oh yeah, me too - there's a lot of work they'd still need to do
Alex: For example, a complete overhaul
#595 5/27/16
Nikki: the Twitter notifications are non-stop. This is like being Snoop Dogg's son's cousin. But not the blood-related one.
#594 5/16/16
[Looking at an alphabet book with Johnny]
Miklos: They put 4 letters on one screen? Okay...
Nikki: They're called pages, by the way.
#593 5/02/16
Alex: Don't you like that Baxo guy? He tells it like it is.
Well..he tells it like he'd like it to be.
#592 4/10/16
Pearl: Would it look weird if I stuck my nose in your exhaust pipe?
#591 3/27/16
Michelle: damn walking dead... who the heck eats an apple when they first get up in the morning
Miklos: sounds pretty unrealistic... in a show about zombies.
#590 3/19/16
Jessica: I have to peeee!
Mikkel: You know, you can do something about that.
Jessica: No, I can't! I don't have a "peenis"!
#589 3/19/16
Alex: Soirée. Doesn't that sound fancy?
Jessica: No, it sounds French.
#588 3/18/16
*Alex falls asleep reading something on Jessica's phone*
Jessica: Can I have my phone back if you're gonna fall asleep?
Alex: Yeah, just pull the cord.
*Jessica pulls the cord and it gets stuck*
Alex: Ahh! That's my face!
#587 2/13/16
Nikki: Some people have a weird confidence. Those people are usually less talented than me.
#586 1/17/16
Alex: Thank god we have seats at the concert tonight. I sat for so long today that I don't feel like standing anymore
#583 10/27/15
Miklos: You know the years before they had like 18 cameras filming... how did they know who was safe and who wasn't? Who actually won all those old World Series?
Nikki: Not me.
#582 10/18/15
(Random interruption after Jessica is talking to Alex for 5 minutes)
Alex: Okay I'm having a brain fart. What was Clinton's first name?
#581 10/18/15
Alex: Justin Trudeau: you may think he's shifty but everything he says is "True-deau."
Jessica: Where do you come up with this stuff?
Alex: Out of my own head.
Alex: Do you use Pillbury when you bake?
Jessica: No..
Alex: Because that's the only true dough.
#580 8/14/15
Brian: What's the date today? 13?
Alex: Thursday the 13th.
Brian: So tomorrow's Friday the 13th.
Alex: umm...
#579 7/26/15
Pearl: I'm lost. Well not really lost - I know where we are and I know where we need to be, I just can't connect the two
#578 7/21/15
Pearl: First we need to get off on Victoria... poor Victoria
#577 7/09/15
[after 45 minutes backing up a folder, Windows 8 pops up an error message]
Nikki: 'Catastrophic failure' ...!
Miklos: Only you.
#576 7/08/15
Curtis: Come across any memorable humour recently in agents of shield?
Alex: Oh a lot
Curtis: Share 3 with me so I can reminisce
Alex: I'd have to remember
#572 6/09/15
Brian: He does nothing on the computer apart from the few things he does
#571 5/31/15
(Upon Curtis pointing out roadkill guts on the side of a highway)
Pearl: Guts! Glory. Ram.
#570 5/27/15
[Nikki presses car's 'Media' button which begins playing music from Miklos's iPhone]
Nikki: Oh, sweet. You have the new U2 album on your phone!
Miklos: Yeah, it's great. And it was free.
Nikki: Wow, lucky. When'd you get that?
Miklos: Haha... ... ...is this a real conversation?
Nikki: No.
#569 5/26/15
[Miklos pushes the call button on the steering wheel to call for chinese food]
Miklos: Call Lily's coo-zine ...Cuisine! Ugh, I don't think I even have it in my contacts. Ugh! Stop listening!!!
#568 5/12/15
Nikki: Found some pants on old navy's website which are referred to as "pull-on pants". Considering buying some since I am always wasting an hour in the morning sewing pieces of fabric around my legs.
#565 4/22/15
Nikki: Hal Johnson's probably in a home by now
Miklos: "Augh! My body's breakin'."
#564 4/16/15
Nikki: why do I see "1 comment" on your post and then when I open it nothing is there?
Miklos: that was my comment but it got deleted.
Nikki: it ... got deleted?
Miklos: I deleted it.
Nikki: wow the mods were all over that comment of yours
#563 3/24/15
[After referencing a car on the side of the 406]
Pearl: I wonder if the owls are there
Curtis: In the car?
Pearl: By the hospital
[The hospital then appears beside the highway]
Curtis: Ahhh right (switches to left lane to pass a car)
Pearl: Are you gonna make the exit?
Curtis: What exit?
Pearl: Fourth Ave - to get to the hospital
Curtis: Ohhh you actually want to go there
Pearl: *facepalm*
#562 3/09/15
Miklos: Wtf... fireworks. On Victory Ave.
Nikki: Is it welfare day?
#561 3/01/15
Nikki: What do you think of this for a business name: Fucking Cute Nursery Items
#560 2/05/15
[While talking about the Saved By The Bell reunion on The Tonight Show]
Alex: Of course they couldn't get Screech in there because he's in jail
Alex: Oh wait, apparently he's bailed out
Curtis: Saved by the bail
#559 1/31/15
Nikki: I looked it up and she's my first cousin once removed
Miklos: Once removed? Those words don't make sense to me.
Nikki: Have you ever heard the phrase "twice removed"?
Miklos: No. [pauses] I've heard of "re-fried", like re-fried beans?
#558 1/31/15
miklos: what's that front bathroom called [like in rich houses]
nikki: the powder room?
#557 1/25/15
Miklos: Hey, what's the Artist Formerly Known as Prince... currently known as?
Nikki: Prince.
Miklos: What the... How?
#556 1/23/15
Curtis: I have Taylor Swift looping in my head again
Alex: Just shake it off