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#24 7/24/07
Peter: You know what I'm waiting for? An Apple digital camera.
Peter: Where you can choose exactly what kind of picture you want ahead of time, and from a selection of pre-made photographs, it will copy it to your "Pictures you took Today" folder.
Peter: It won't have any lenses.
Peter: Just a giant dial.
Peter: And the entire back of the camera will be a 3-4-5" LCD.
Peter: Maybe it'll be a snow white camera, with just one giant transparent button that takes up the entire top of the camera.
Peter: And you can only copy your photos to your computer using iPhoto, and of course, in its own format, which Photoshop probably won't understand.
Peter: It'll have a 1TB built in Hard Drive.
Peter: Oh yeah, there will probably be a shuffle-size version. No LCD, just one button, a little lens and a USB connection.
Peter: Brave New iWorld.
#21 7/23/07
miklos: my bum hurts
miklos: I tried something new this weekend
dave: oh my GOD
dave: i promised you I'd shoot you when this happens
miklos: yeah.. i rode my bicycle for like 4 hours
dave: ohhhhhhhhhh, your bike
#17 7/17/07
m1: I have no idea why he's in this meeting. He has nothing to do with it.
m2: Well, did you tell the boss that?
m1: You can tell anyone anything until you're blue in the face, and they won't listen. They think they're right.
m2: Yeah
m1: And in the end what they think is good, ends up being not so good.
m2: Yeah.. so why _are_ we still here?
m1: Gravy.
#16 7/17/07
Miklos: You know something's wrong with your job when "making puppies" seems like a chore...
#15 5/28/07
Miklos: Hey look, that idiot has a lighthouse in his backyard!
Dave: That's an airport... and I believe that you're referring to the control tower.
#14 5/11/07
(Side note: Some people say "this Monday" on a Friday, and actually mean the Monday coming up, not the Monday that just passed... When other people would think that the word "this" was reserved for the week they are on.)

miklos: i can't believe that it's friday already
miklos: this was a fassstt week
miklos: or .. next... was a this week?
miklos: er
miklos: i'm confused
dave: heheh
miklos: only 3 more days till 24
dave: is it a two hour
miklos: no
miklos: next week it is
miklos: :)
dave: this week?
miklos: next week
dave: :P
miklos: this week is over.
miklos: but this monday's still to come
dave: but this monday is in next week?
miklos: yep [...apparently]
#13 5/04/07
alex: I have some bigger issues right now than to worry about my taxes.
#12 4/25/07
miklos: I don't think I have ADD. ... Maybe I do have ADD... Hrm.. Nah, I can't have ADD.. Well, if ADD is...
dave: You've been talking about ADD for over a minute. You DON'T have ADD.
#11 4/16/07
(Filling out the sheet at Moore's when we picked out the tuxedos for Dave's wedding, they asked for the time of the ceremony, dave put down "15h00")
Miklos: what's the H for? what are you? french?
Dave: no... it's military time.
Miklos: no, it's french time. We use colons. French people use H.
(...a while later, while driving, Dave looking it up on his blackberry...)
Dave: grrrrr
Miklos: what?
Dave: shut the f* up. I feel like punching you in the face. ALL MY LIFE... i've used H...
#9 4/02/07
Alex: I'm constantly quotable, you know that.
#8 3/31/07
Miklos: I blogged a little girl.
Matt: What does that MEAN!?!
#7 3/31/07
(Coming back from the U.S., the lady in the car in front of us at the border was talking and looked like she was making hand motions as she talked.)
miklos: That lady looks like she's a mute.
dave: How can she be driving?
miklos: She's not deaf! ... ... *pause* ... or BLIND!
#6 3/31/07
dave: shit miklos!
[hot chocolate falls]
miklos: is it all over the car?
dave: no my pants got the majority of it
miklos: there's some tissues in the glove box
dave: what the fuck is a tissue gonna do miklos?
dave: now if you have some shout....
dave: I could shout it out.
miklos: jesus... you're a breathing commercial.
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